How To: Create Long Lashes Without Faking It

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There’s something so feminine about long fluttering lashes, something spellbinding in the thought of a Hollywood heroine of yesteryear peering up at her male counterpart through a veil of thick eyelashes.

Recreating such a look would have once required the help of a pair (or two) of false lashes, but with the right mascara and lash care you can lengthen and thicken your eyelashes without having to fake it. By opting for mascaras and lash products packed with natural, nourishing ingredients, you can actually strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes rather than simply coating them in pigment. You condition the hair on your head to keep it healthy and to promote growth- the same principles apply to your eyelashes.

Blog Image - Lashes2Our PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner can be applied prior to mascara as a lash primer, but our tip is to keep a tube with your evening skin care products so you remember to apply it each night as an overnight lash treatment. The PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner contains algae extract and a vitamin B complex factor to condition the lashes as well as hydrolyzed wheat protein to thicken and strengthen the lashes from root to tip. We also love using this conditioner on the brows to smooth and encourage growth.

The beauty of choosing a mineral-based product, like ours, is that we not only use natural ingredients to nourish the lashes, our formulas are sensitivity tested too, so they won’t irritate sensitive eyes and skin the way many traditional makeup products often can. Our PureLash Mascara is water resistant and works to nourish the lashes while coating them in even colour, and it has been formulated specifically for those with sensitive eyes as it is free from lacquers, shellac and any petroleum based ingredients.

The PureLash Lengthening Mascara takes the same principles as the original PureLash Mascara but adds the lengthening powers of triple-length cellulose fibres to create the illusion of longer lashes – without the addition of any irritants.

Blog Image - Lashes4For a natural alternative to false lashes, try our Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara. This do-it-all product combines those triple-length cellulose fibres with algae extract and panthenol to add length and volume to the lashes as well as conditioning and evenly dispersing a coat of rich colour.

For products that condition and strengthen the lashes while they work, as well as keeping eye-water-inducing irritants at bay, opt for hypoallergenic makeup products (particularly around the eye area). Our mascaras will leave you with long, thick, dark and healthy lashes, without the toxic fumes and harsh ingredients.

With three different mascara formulas and 10 different shades, which one will you choose? Click here to see all available shades and don’t forget about your brows; frame your face and complete your look!

Concealer: The Unsung Hero Of The Beauty Bag

Blog Images - ConcealersConcealer is so often looked upon as a foundation afterthought – for the blemishes that weren’t covered by our foundation, we can always rely on our favourite concealer. It’s a common misconception that women with blemishes, pigmentation or scarring should opt for thick, high coverage foundations to create the illusion of spot-free skin. Truth be told, foundation is designed to conceal serious imperfections – think of it as a wash of colour to give your skin a beautiful, even finish. Still seeing spots? Enter: the unsung hero of the beauty bag.

Spot concealing will change the way you apply your makeup. By applying concealer only where you need it, your skin will look flawless, but it will still look like SKIN – natural and glowing, never cakey or overly covered. The beauty of opting for a mineral concealer? You’re still allowing your skin to breathe, delivering it the benefits of skin care rather than masking it in heavy makeup and only worsening the breakout.

Blog Images - Concealers 13The newly launched jane iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer is ideal for truly blemish prone skin as it’s packed with pure pigment, botanical ingredients that work to soothe redness and a treatment to fight bacteria whilst covering your spot like a traditional concealer should. The consistency is smooth and so easy to blend on top of any fluid or powder foundation.

The jane iredale Disappear Full Coverage Concealer offers a slightly higher coverage with an opaque finish to really blur and diffuse the look of imperfections, whether it be acne scars, veins, tattoos or a port wine stain. This concealer works well with liquid makeup, but we also love it on bare skin to cover any spots without giving the skin a particularly “made up” look. The Disappear Concealer is also extremely versatile, use it as a liquid base, mix it in with Liquid Minerals or Dream Tint for more coverage or use on its own to conceal, it’s the perfect beauty bag addition for a flawless finish.

To cover darker spots, scarring and pigmentation, you can’t look past the transformative powers of the jane iredale Enlighten Concealer. Originally formulated for dark circles, we are talking about giving your face the look of an extra five hours of sleep when this concealer is used under the eyes, Enlighten is also unbeatable at covering pigmentation patches and even bruising (a must-have for makeup artists). The creamy formula melts to the warmth of your fingers, it may look bright peach, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly it sinks into the skin for a natural, yet full coverage finish. Rich in antioxidant properties, this versatile concealer works to reduce puffiness while revitalising the skin, if you haven’t tried it yet, you are in for a lovely surprise.

Blog Images - Concealers 1If under eye dryness and dark circles are your concern, then using a product that conceals, corrects and conditions like our Circle/Delete Concealer is a must. These handy pots contain two colours that can be used alone or blended for a truly custom coverage. Circle\Delete1 has yellow undertones and covers red, pink tones around the eye area and is great for fair skin. Circle\Delete 2 has peach undertones and covers blue, grey, ashy tones or hyperpigmentation on fair skin. The dark peach shade effectively neutralises blue, so it can be used as a concealer for surgical bruising. The lighter shade can be used as a highlighter anywhere on the face.

Our go to, eye brightener and concealer is Active Light Under Eye Concealer. As its name suggests, this pen brightens the under-eye area and diffuses imperfections for a soft-focus finish, but it can also be used as a very subtle highlighter to bring forward the highest plains of the face – a reverse contour of sorts. Cucumber and white tea extracts work to reduce puffiness, while avocado and sunflower oil gently nourish this delicate area. Active Light 1 & 2 are yellow undertone, Active Light 3 & 4 are peach undertone and Active Light 5 & 6 olive/warm bronze undertone.

Blog Images - Concealers 12Want it all? Feel confident with serious colour correcting? Then add the jane iredale Professional Corrective Colours Palette to your makeup kit. Each of the four hues offers full coverage, and endless custom shade combinations. This palette was originally designed for post surgery to help conceal the “life cycle” of a bruise at every stage; yellow to conceal initial redness, peach to hide blue, purple and grey tones, lilac to cover yellow tones in the healing stage, and beige to hide any post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation left behind. The formula combines green tea extract, beeswax, moringa butter and avocado oil to calm, sooth and assist with healing of the skin, so if you like the idea of an all-in-one concealer for any occasion or distraction, look no further.

Choose the right concealer for your skin – check out our full range now.

We’ve Got Your Face Covered: A Foundation Guide for Every Look

Foundation Blog Image4Whether you’ve decided to make the switch to mineral makeup and don’t know where to start, or you’re after a different foundation for the new season, jane iredale has a base combination that will give you the coverage and finish you’re after. There’s a lot more to creating a custom base than simply choosing a foundation with your desired level of coverage – the beauty of jane iredale makeup is that by ever-so-slightly altering the way you prime your skin, how you physically apply your foundation and how you set your makeup you can completely change the look and feel of your products and adapt them to suit you.

Prepping You Skin with Primer

Beginning with primer is essential in prepping your skin for makeup, regardless of how sheer or full you want your coverage. jane iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer will hydrate dry skin and create a smooth canvas for makeup, while Smooth Affair for Oily Skin will keep any extra shine at bay. Think primer is unnecessary for extremely oily skin? Let Absence Oil Control Primer convince you otherwise – the mineral formula balances out the texture of your skin, ensuring your base doesn’t become oily as the day (or night) goes on.

The next step in customising your base is to think about the finish and coverage you want from the product – that said, each jane iredale product is easily buildable to create the coverage you want and need (but more on that in a moment).

Foundation Blog Image2

Foundation for a Dewy Finish

If you favour a dewy finish, opt for Liquid Minerals. In its bottle, it appears to be made of tiny nude pearls – pump it out, however, and watch each bead transform into a weightless fluid. Apply Liquid Minerals with the jane iredale Flocked Sponge for sheer, natural coverage, or pump the product onto your Metal Palette to truly control the amount of product you use, then apply to the skin using the flat Foundation Brush for medium coverage. Want to more coverage? Apply using the Foundation Brush then apply the PurePressed Base or Amazing Base powders wherever you want to build it up.

Foundation for a Barely There Finish

For a light, your-skin-but-better finished with SPF 15, make Dream Tint your go-to. A tinted moisturiser, this is a sheer alternative to foundation but is buildable enough to give you a soft wash of colour. For sheer coverage, apply Dream Tint using your fingertips as you would a regular moisturiser- the warmth of your fingers will allow the product to really melt into the skin for a natural look. Applying Dream Tint with a Blending Brush will give you medium coverage with an airbrushed appearance (the sparse bristles make for a soft, light finish, whereas a denser brush packs on more product), or build up the coverage by setting the tint with your favourite jane iredale powder. No matter how much you build up the coverage, Dream Tint will always feel like a second skin.

Foundation Blog Image3

Foundation for a Glowing Finish

The jane iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder is ideal for getting a luminous, lit-from-within finish (it’s also a great one to pop in the Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush for on the go touch-ups). For natural coverage, use the Chisel Powder Brush to lightly dust the powder over your face in downward strokes, and use the same brush to layer the powder for extra coverage. When layering, be sure to use Hydration Spray to set each layer. Want to mimic the look of a more traditional liquid foundation? Use the Flocked Sponge to press the powder onto your skin, working in layers, or mix the powder with your favourite Hydration Spray or moisturiser to create a creamy consistency.

Foundation for a Semi-Matte Finish

As versatile as Amazing Base, the jane iredale PurePressed Base will give you a semi-matte finish and, depending on how you apply it, can provide coverage anywhere from sheer to full. Use the Handi Brush for a light dusting of product, or layer for greater coverage. For full, flawless coverage, use your Flocked Sponge to press and roll the pressed powder onto your skin in layers. This product is your-go to if you suffer from breakouts and oily t-zone.

Foundation for Full Coverage

It’s common to associate a full coverage, creamy foundation with cakeyness and an overall feeling of your skin being unable to breathe. Defying all expectations is Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream, the fullest coverage option from the jane iredale base range. With a velvety finish and creamy consistency, Glow Time can be applied using your fingertips in order to warm up the product so it can glide over your skin with ease. The Blending Brush is also a great tool for BB Cream application. Try mixing your Glow Time with your favourite Smooth Affair Primer of choice to allow it to glide onto the skin effortlessly. Conversely, set with your jane iredale powder of choice to amp up the coverage.

Foundation Blog Image

Setting your Foundation with Spritz

As important as primer, is a setting spray to fix your base in place and balance out the skin. Choose D2O Hydration Spray to deliver intense hydration to dry skin, Balance Hydration Spray to save oily and combination skin from over producing natural oils, and POMMISST Hydration Spray for any skin type (a must-have for makeup artists working with a number of different skin types on any given day).

Still not sure exactly which jane iredale foundation formula will suit you best? Visit and complete our foundation quiz to find your personalised foundation prescription, setting spray and method of application to create the custom coverage you’re after.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts

Which Foundation is Right for You?

Foundations Blog ImageLet’s talk about foundation. As the name implies, it is the canvas for your makeup. Aside from your moisturiser and/or serum, it is the closest product to your skin. That’s why we have worked diligently to bring you the healthiest mineral formulations we can possibly create to make sure your base is contributing to your skin health, day in and day out.

We always use the purest minerals to ensure they give you a flawless finish when applied. But, we aren’t called “The Skin Care Makeup” for nothing! Our foundations (and all of our products) also include ingredients that work “behind the scenes” to improve the health of your skin. One of our favourite things to hear is, after using our products regularly, our fans have a more radiant skin naturally.

Choosing the Right Mineral Foundation

Out of our five different mineral foundations and over 60 shades, which one is right for you? The short answer is all of them could work for you depending on your look. If you have to choose only one, here are some tips to help you narrow it down.


AmazingBase - Golden Glow - 72dpi

Finish: Dewy
Coverage: Sheer to full
Use it if… You have normal to dry skin and are looking for a loose mineral foundation that gives a sheer to medium coverage. Amazing Base can be applied using a Chisel Powder Brush for sheer to medium coverage or a Flocked Sponge for full coverage.
Pro Tip: Bring this foundation with you when you travel by putting it in the Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush, a mess-free way to apply loose powder on-the-go.

PUREPRESSED BASE MINERAL FOUNDATION REFILL SPF 15-20Rose Gold Refillable Compact with Refill - 72dpi

Finish: Semi-matte
Coverage: Sheer to full
Use it if… You have normal to oily skin and are looking for a simple, everyday foundation. Our PurePressed Base comes in 24 shades for women of all skin tones, is made from micronised minerals and is free of synthetic chemicals. Need more of a reason to love this powder? It is oil free, weightless and can be used as a foundation, finishing powder and concealer. Apply it with the Handi Brush for sheer to medium coverage or the Flocked Sponge for full coverage.
Pro Tip: PurePressed Base can also be used for highlighting and contouring. Choose colours that are a shade or two darker than your skin tone as a contour powder and a shade or two lighter as a highlighter.


Finish: Velvety
Coverage: Full
Use it if… You have normal to dry skin and are looking for a full coverage foundation to disguise blemishes or dark spots. With Glow Time BB Cream, a little goes a long way. Four small dots of this product will easily cover the entire face and brighten your skin. This nourishing full coverage formula packed with pigment will give your skin a flawless, even finish. Glow Time BB1, BB3, BB5, BB6, BB7 & BB8 offer an SPF 25 while Glow Time BB9, BB11 & BB12 have an SPF rating of 17. The lower rating ensures no ashy finish, which is a common issue when applying SPF on darker skin tones.
Pro Tip: Mix Glow Time BB Cream with a little bit of Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener to help it glide on your skin without diluting the foundation colour.

LIQUID MINERALSLiquid Mineral Foundation - Natural - 72dpi

Finish: Dewy
Coverage: Sheer to medium
Use it if… You want an anti-ageing foundation that doubles as a powerful skin treatment. Ideally suited to mature skins, but anyone with a normal to dry skin searching for a dewy finish should try this formula, it’s like none other. Liquid Minerals is a hydrating treatment serum with pigment that helps to soothe the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores and evens out skin tone. State-of-the-art technology prevents active ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10 from degrading, allowing them to time release into the skin. Not only does this foundation look attractive, it does wonders for the health of the skin.
Pro Tip: If you have extra dry skin during winter, add Liquid Minerals to your makeup routine because it contains Hyaluronic Acid, which attracts moisture and holds up 1,000 times its weight in water. This is our only foundation that doesn’t contain a broad spectrum SPF so be sure to dust a little Amazing Base or PurePressed Base on top for SPF protection.


Finish: Light
Coverage: Sheer to medium
Use it if… You want the no-makeup- makeup look that offers lightweight coverage and a smooth finish to the skin. Dream Tint can be applied with your fingers, just like any other moisturiser. While the coverage is sheer, the results are impactful. Dream Tint gives a soft-focus effect that helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores while protecting the skin with SPF 15. Great for teenagers and men that react to normal sunscreen and women searching for an effective, good-for-you tinted moisturiser.
Pro Tip: Dream Tint is oil free, so it is a great base for oily skin. It can be used to extend the wear of our mineral powders when used as a primer.


We’ve all heard that most women are wearing the wrong foundation shade, but that doesn’t have to be true for you. When testing foundation shades on yourself, follow these three steps:

  1. Apply a stripe of foundation on your jawline (we usually do this with two or three shades for comparison).
  2. Spray it with one of our Hydration Sprays to set the minerals.
  3. If it looks like it’s disappeared on your skin, that’s your shade.

If you want a personalised foundation prescription now, take our Shade Finder Quiz to see which of our mineral foundations is right for you and which shades best match your skin tone.

NEW Autumn 2017 Collection – Makeup On Nude

Autumn Collection Blog Image -GWWith the new season comes a new colour palette. The subtle chill of Autumn has us reaching for luxurious, jewel-inspired tones in the shape of our new Autumn 2017 Collection, Makeup On Nude. Each new hue is designed to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself – think of it as makeup to enhance, not to cover.

Our jane iredale In Touch Cream Blush is available in ‘Candid’ for the new season, a warm rosy neutral to give the skin a natural warmth. Perfect for on the go touch-ups, we find that this creamy blush is best applied with the fingertips, using the warmth of your body to gently heat up the product and allow it to melt into the skin. The cream-to-powder formula gives you the ease and blendability of a cream, and the powdery dry down looks incredibly subtle and natural on the skin.

AutumnCollection4Our PurePressed Eye Shadow Triples have long been a handbag essential; each packed with three versatile shades with which to create countless eye combos. Autumn sees the introduction of Pink Quartz and Soft Kiss – the former containing a matte light pink, shimmery soft pink and shimmery cool plum, and the latter consisting of a matte warm mauve, shimmery port wine and a shimmery smoky brown. Our tip? Use the smoky brown to fill in your brows, add a touch of cool plum to the apples of your cheeks and blend the soft pink with your favourite lip balm to stain your pout.

AutumnCollection6Good enough to eat, our new Peaches and Cream Bronzer Refill takes four wearable, warm, peachy pink cheek colours and combines them into one easy-to-use powder compact. Designed to add a healthy flush to the cheeks, the beauty of our Bronzer Refills are their versatility. Use a finer brush to pick up one specific colour, or use the White Fan Brush to fuse each shade together to create a custom cheek colour.

AutumnCollection5Two new PureMoist Lipsticks round out the jane iredale Autumn offering, including Lisa, a creamy rose beige, and the re-introduction of Susan, a soft cool pink jane iredale favourite that is back by popular demand. The PureMoist Lipsticks are the perfect finishing touch to any natural, Autumn look, with the hydrating formula adding a wash of colour to the lips and drying down to almost a lip stain while still feeling moist and incredibly comfortable to wear.

See what else is new with jane iredale by clicking here.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts

New Collection: Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner


What was once a well-kept secret between makeup artists has since become a highly regarded makeup hack amongst beauty lovers – swapping out your eyeliner for eye shadow applied with a damp, fine brush. The result is a more lived-in look, and while the finished product is always a winner, the process itself can be messy and is just not conducive to travel of any kind.

Enter our new collection of Mystikol Powdered Eyeliners. In the pot, the formula looks and feels to be a creamy gel consistency, making it easy to get it onto your brush without having to wet it, however once applied, the formula dries down to a powder.

The beauty of combining these different textures is really in the multiple ways the product can be applied. The creaminess of the liners means you can create a precise, fine line or wing with ease (as well as giving it the staying power of a liquid liner, meaning your Mystikol look won’t budge all day), while the powder dry-down makes it easy to smudge out for a sexy, smoky look. You can even use your Mystikols as a creamy, long-wear base for powder eye shadows, or as an eye shadow on its own. Smudge some product onto your index finger, then swipe it over your eyelid. Our tip? Focus the majority of the product over the outer third of your eyelid and leave the inner corners as light as possible to widen and brighten the eye area.

Encased in packaging so beautiful that you won’t want to put it away, our Mystikols serve a purpose greater than looking good on a dresser. The gold lid of each Mystikol contains a fine brush with which to apply your liner, meaning everything you need to create a flawless smoky eye has been packed into the one pocket-sized product.

Our new Mystikols are rich, creamy and highly pigmented, however the powder formula makes them easy to sheer out to just a subtle wash of colour if you prefer to keep your look light and fresh for the day.

Available in four jewel-toned shades (the sultry grey Smoky Quartz, royal purple Amethyst, deep jet black Onyx and chocolate brown Dark Topaz), each Mystikol contains stunning light reflecting pigments that subtly shimmer in the daylight and stun by moonlight. As with all of our products, our Mystikol’s are hypoallergenic, so they won’t irritate the highly sensitive eye area.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts

How to Choose the Right Eyeliner

EyelinersEyeliner is one of those basic beauty products that can be polarising. Women either “never leave the house without it,” or they rarely, if ever, wear it. There really isn’t an in between, and that’s because eyeliner is transformative. Similar to wearing lipstick, lining your eye can change your entire look. With the distinct ability to change your look with a flick of your wrist, eyeliners are both simple to use and complex to master. Furthermore, there are a lot of different kinds of eyeliners – pencil, liquid, gel, etc. If you’re like us, then sometimes, options can be confusing. So, here is a simple guide to help you choose the best eyeliner for any occasion.

The Best Casual Eyeliner

If you want to get a simple, natural look, stick with an Eye Pencil. They are by far the easiest type of eyeliner to use because we’ve been using pencils our entire lives. Pencil eyeliner is also very versatile. You can achieve different levels of line definition, depending on the sharpness of the tip. A great trick to remember when applying any eyeliner is to start from the outer corner of your eye, and work your way in. This may feel awkward at first, but it helps you control how much of your eye you want to line. It also ensures your line ends exactly where you want it to end. Pro Tip: If you have downturned eyes, you can rock a cat eye, but in the reverse. Use an eyeliner pencil to create the cat eye from the bottom lash line instead of the top.

The Best Day to Night Eyeliner

Our Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner is the perfect all-in-one liner! It resembles a kohl liner formula, so it starts as a cream but stays put like a mineral powder once dry. The great thing is, you can layer it, so when you want to take your simple daytime look to the next level, all you have to do is add a little more liner with the thin side of the built-in brush and smudge it out into a smoky eye look using the flat side.

The Best Sexy Eyeliner

Winged liner is arguably the sexiest eyeliner look, and for many it is the most difficult to achieve. We’ve all experienced uneven wings from time to time, but there are a few pro tricks that you can incorporate to make sure they are both winging in the same angle and at the same height. Simply use a folded tissue or something similar as your guide, and angle your wing in line with the natural curve direction of your lower lash line. Whether you want a subtle cat eye or a full-on wing, Liquid Eyeliner is the best product for this look. The fine brush and easy to apply formula goes on smooth and is long-lasting. Pro Tip: If you have a monolid a cat eye is a great look for you, and our Liquid Liner makes it so easy to achieve!

The Best Eyeliner for Work

For a simple tight-line that is perfect to sport at work, the Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner is key. Apply it using the Bent Liner Brush to get really close to your lash line. You can diffuse the line slightly using a Smudge Brush for a casual smoky eye that’s perfect for happy hour with your co-workers.

How-to create a classic winged eye liner using the Jelly Jar gel eyeliner

Prepare // Start by creating a marking point of where the highest point of the tail will end, this point will be on the outer corner of the eye and should be in line with a continuation of the lower lash line. Step 1 // Take Jelly Jar Gel Liner in Black and use the Bent Liner Brush to mark a tiny dot to use as your guideline, then line from the tip of that dot back to the centre of the top lash line, if there is a gap between the line and the lash line in the outer corner, fill it in with the gel liner. Step 2 // Next starting from the inner corner of the eye; apply the gel liner from the inner corner along the top lash line to join the liner in the centre of the lid. Be sure to keep the inner corner liner very thin by staying as close to the lash line as possible, that will also prevent there being any gaps in between the liner and your lashes. Correct // If you find that parts of the liner are a little uneven or jagged, use the same brush and wet it with your eye makeup remover, then use it to smooth over and clean up any areas so that your line is nice and smooth. TIP 1: Make sure your brush is in excellent condition, if your brush is splayed you will not achieve a clean and precise line. TIP 2: When lining the inner corner, always use the pointy tapered end of the brush to start on the inner corner and line outwards, when lining the outer corner use the pointy end and guide your brush along the lash line and line inwards. Positioning your brush on an angle so it hugs the curve of your eye lid, this will ensure a smooth effortless looking line.

Practice Makes Perfect

Show us your best eyeliner looks using one of the above products for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page. Make sure to tag @janeiredaleau and #eyeliner to be considered.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts

NEW Pure and Simple Makeup Kit

Photo 20-2-17-4

Our philosophy on makeup is that it should be used to enhance your natural beauty, rather than as a mask to hide behind. Makeup should be fun, something to lift your confidence, never something to agonise over. An everyday makeup routine should be easy – pure and simple.

Enter our Pure & Simple Makeup Kit. Each kit covers all bases (pardon the pun) and is ideal for everyone – from the woman who has only recently acquainted herself with makeup and wants to build up her kit with the essentials, to the beauty lover who needs products that do their job (and do it well) to streamline her everyday makeup routine.

Photo 20-2-17-2

Each kit includes two shades of PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, a PurePressed Blush, two PurePressed Eye Shadows and a Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain, meaning you can quite literally apply a complete face of makeup using just the one beauty-bag sized kit.

Photo 20-2-17-3

You’d be forgiven for assuming a kit so simple could only create one look, but these carefully curated collections have been designed with versatility at the forefront of the mind. For a truly effortless, natural look, apply the mineral foundation that best matches your skin tone; dust the blush over the apples of your cheeks (can’t find them? Grin at yourself in the mirror – the apples are the fleshiest parts of your cheeks), add a wash of the lighter eyeshadow from your duo over your lids, and then apply the lip stain using your finger to add a muted flush to your pout. To dial it up for the evening, use the slightly darker foundation in your kit to add definition to the hollows of your cheeks, work the darker eyeshadow through the crease of your eyelid for a simple smoky eye, use your finger to apply the lip and cheek stain over your powder blush to add more warmth to your complexion, then finish by applying the stain directly to your lips from the bullet for a more concentrated lip colour.

Photo 20-2-17

Each kit also contains a powder brush and dual-ended eye shadow applicator, meaning you don’t have to haul around a brush roll with your new streamlined beauty routine. Unfold the powder brush to create a fan shape for easy foundation application, then fold it back up and create a denser brush to apply your blush with more precision.

Being able to create a complete look using one kit is ideal for travel, but we get even more use out of it for touch-ups during the day. Our tip? Keep our PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation on hand to top up your SPF. Not only is it packed with active skin care benefits, it’s been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen which means you can dust it lightly over your makeup before heading out into the sun (we make sure we do this before we head out to lunch) for additional sun protection without having to wipe off the rest of our face!

Our Pure & Simple Makeup Kit is available in four universal shades to suit every complexion, featuring different foundation blush hues to suit fair to deep skin tones.

Find your Pure & Simple Makeup Kit shade here.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts

5 simple ways to clean out your makeup bag

Clean out your makeup bag  - Jan 2017

Out with the old, in with the new. New year, new beginnings. A fresh start. We’ve heard them all before. As cliché as they may sound, a lot of us have a penchant for organising and decluttering our lives, homes, desks and wardrobes. However, the one item that often gets forgotten is our makeup collection.

Unlike our clothes, shoes and paperwork, cosmetics can cause health issues if not reviewed on a quarterly basis. Mascara can clump, foundation can spoil and lipsticks can crack. Here are our tips on keeping your makeup bag in top condition.

Replace mascara and liquid and gel liners every 6 to 12 weeks

I bet we all wish that first swipe of a new mascara that leaves lashes feeling full, rich and moist could last forever. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and mascaras, along with liquid and gel liners are one of the first products to deteriorate. Why you ask? It’s simple really, these products are continually exposed to air therefore the moisture content depletes making formulas dry and clumpy. Not only does it make it difficult to apply but bacteria can build up which can cause skin irritation and infection.

Check expiration dates

Just like food, makeup has an expiry date and even though some of us like to push our luck with these (“it’s just a guide” – sound familiar?) it’s best to take these deadlines more seriously. An expiry date is there for a reason, to keep formulas and active ingredients fresh. It’s recommended that you check all expiration dates and throw away anything that has expired. Sometimes your nose will tell you that a product is ready for the bin.

Invest in quality products

When it comes to powder based products such as powder foundations, bronzers, blushes and eye shadows it’s best to invest in high quality products that last longer in your makeup bag. All jane iredale powder based products are inert, which means they cannot support or harbour bacteria, so they can remain in your makeup bag for up to two years once opened.

Keep your brushes and tools clean

Would Picasso have ever used dirty brushes? We’d assume not! Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential so that your jane iredale makeup remains pure and your skin healthy. Any oil or dirt that is left on your brushes will transfer onto powders leaving a hard shiny film that prevents product from being picked up and applying evenly onto your skin. We recommend shampooing your brushes once a week minimum, using Truly Pure Shampoo and Conditioner to dissolve any build-up of makeup, oil or dirt, its safe enough to be used on all jane iredale brushes.

Edit your colour palette

Revisit your colour palette to ensure your makeup still matches your complexion; chances are your skin may be looking a little more bronzed or your hair may have lightened a shade or two over Summer. Just like your wardrobe changes for Summer, so should your makeup.

Phew! We made it to the end of our makeup overhaul. Now that the hard part is over it’s time for the fun part. Shopping! It’s the perfect time to invest in some new fresh shades that will not only enhance your features but match your skin tone for the new season ahead.

Check out our new range of colour palettes here.

How to get the perfect Summer party makeup look

The perfect summer party makeup look consists of five key elements: a mattifying primer, foundation with SPF protection, long-lasting eye colour, shimmery bronze cheeks and a soft, supple pout. By adding these things into your summer makeup look, you’ll be selfie-ready, whether attending your neighbourhood BBQ or celebrating Aussie Day with family and friends.

Here are our two summer party makeup looks to try…

Fresh faced & looking natural

  1. Summer-Party-Look---Jan-2017_03Start by applying Smooth Affair for Oily Skin Facial Primer for an all-day matte finish.
  2. Apply Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer with your fingers or a Flocked Sponge for a soft focus finish with broad spectrum SPF 15 sun protection.
  3. Swirl the White Fan Brush in either Copper Wind PurePressed Blush or Moonglow Bronzer and apply to the apples of your cheeks.
  4. Using the Eye Shader Brush apply the Cream shade from the Perfectly Nude Eye Shadow Kit on your eye lid, brow bone and inner corner of your eye.
  5. Using the Chisel Shader Brush, blend the Antique Gold shade from the kit onto your lid, as well.
  6. With the Crease Brush, apply the Copper shade from the kit to your crease and outer corner of your eye.
  7. Apply Basic Brown Eye Pencil to your top lash line and Taupe Eye Pencil to your bottom lash line.
  8. Apply PureLash Extender and Conditioner to your lashes.
  9. Apply Brown Black PureLash Lengthening Mascara to your top lashes only.
  10. Add a subtle stain with Devotion Lip Fixation.
  11. Finish by layering the gloss end of the Lip Fixation on top of the stain.

 Australia Day inspired Makeup Look

  1. Apply Smooth Affair for Oily Skin Facial Primer and Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer in your shade to your entire face.
  2. Swirl the White Fan Brush in either Mystique PurePressed Blush or Sunbeam Bronzer and apply to the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Dab a small amount of Champagne Silk Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow on your hand and apply it to your eye lid using the Sculpting Brush. This will give your eye shadow a long-lasting base.
  4. Using the Eye Shader Brush, apply White PurePressed Eye Shadow to the inner corner of your eye.
  5. With the same brush pat Blue Hour PurePressed Eye Shadow into your crease and outer corner of your eye lid.
  6. Line your top lash line with Black/Grey Eye Pencil, starting at the inner corner and extending outward in a wing.
  7. Apply PureLash Extender and Conditioner to your lashes.
  8. Apply Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara to your top lashes only.
  9. Line and fill in your lips with Terra Cotta Lip Pencil.
  10. Lightly apply Sharon PureMoist Lipstick on top of the lip pencil.
  11. Finish with Red Currant PureGloss Lip Gloss.

For an understated yet gorgeous look that’ll last you well into the night, choose soft neutral shades that enhance your natural beauty and keep your face looking fresh. It’s summer and long-lasting melt-proof makeup is where it’s at!