Jane’s favorite things

Christos Panayides

We all have a product (or 10) that are our favorites each season, and Jane is no exception! Here are a few of her favorites for this time of year to keep her skin looking hydrated and beautiful and her face party ready.


lovely red woman lips isolated on white1 & 2. Jane never leaves her home in the winter without Dream Tint and PurePressed Base on her face. Dream Tint is a leightweight tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 that keeps your skin feeling hydrated.

lovely red woman lips isolated on whitePurePressed Base provides a foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits all in one with SPF 20.


3. Jane always wears PureLash Extender and Conditioner no matter what the occassion is. A single coat of Lash Conditioner before applying mascara will help strengthen, lengthen and thicken your lashes, making the mascara twice as effective.

Longest Lash4. While she usually wears Espresso Longest Lash Mascara, for a really glam party she will switch to Black Ice. Longest Lash Mascara is designed to make lashes look thicker and longer naturally. Packaged in a squeezable tube with a NEW oversized brush that works with this formula to separate and define lashes, prevent clumping, create natural looking lashes

Moonglow5. Jane Loves Moonglow for her cheeks, décolleté and even her legs. Moonglow is a golden bronzer, that can be used to subtly create the “Golden Goddess” look.

puregloss6. Jane always has Red Currant PureGloss in her bag during this season. PureGloss Lip Glosses have a luxurious formula that feels lusciously creamy on the lips, are remarkably long-lasting and are free of petroleum-based products. Red Currant is a shimmering red rose shade.

24K gold Champagne7. Of course for the holidays she loves Champagne 24-Karat Gold Dust. Apply it to the cheeks, eyes and lips for a delicately gilded look. Mix it with a moisturizer for the décolletage; or into your favorite hair product for luminous locks!

What are your favorite products this season? Tell us below.

sultry makeup looks for the holiday season

It’s party time! I find this to be the most fun time of year to play with my makeup and really amp things up. Keep reading for three sultry party looks to fit any event on your calendar this year. Be sure to click the model image to try the look on in our makeover room!

holiday flames

holiday flames

  • Start by applying your shade of Glow Time BB Cream to your face using your fingertips.
  • Apply Mocha PurePressed Blush to your cheeks using the Dome Brush.
  • Apply Double Espresso Eye Shadow to your entire lid using the Chisel Shader Brush.
  • Apply Shady Lady Eye Shadow to your crease and the outer corner of your eye using the Crease Brush.
  • Apply Bone Eye Shadow to your brow bone using the Eye Contour Brush.
  • Line your top and bottom lash line and your bottom inner rim using the Brown Jelly Jar Eyeliner and the Smudge Brush.
  • Apply PureLash Extender and Conditioner and lots of Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara.
  • Line and fill in your lips with the Crimson Lip Pencil.
  • Apply Margi Lipstick followed by Soft Peach Lip Gloss.

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Our favorite Thanksgiving recipes and traditions

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s all about good food, great family and friends and taking a step back from everything to truly be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives, no matter how big or how small. We all have different traditions for thanksgiving. The tradition my husband and I started when we bought our first home is that we host the holiday for our family. We also have a friend who smokes turkeys so we always get our turkey from him every year, which frees up my two ovens to make delicious sides!

One of my family’s favorite recipes is my mom’s homemade mac & cheese. I’ve played with the recipe a bit over the years and it’s turned out pretty amazing. I’ll share it with you below, shhhh don’t tell my mom! You can also read some of the other holiday traditions and yummy recipes, both new and old, from a few of the gals at jane iredale. So keep reading!

baked mac and cheeseMom’s homemade mac & cheese

  • 1/4 c. butter
  • 1 small onion
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. black pepper
  • 1/4 c. flour
  • 1 3/4 c. milk
  • 16 oz. cheese
  • 1 1/2 c. uncoocked elbow pasta
  • Italian breadcrumbs
  1. Heat oven to 375 degrees F.
  2. Boil elbow pasta according to directions.
  3. In a pan over medium heat, sautee butter and onions until onions are tender and tanslucent. Then add salt and pepper.
  4. Add flour and mix until bubbly.
  5. Add milk and heat until it comes to a boil, stirring constantly.
  6. Remove from heat and stir in cheese until melted. You can use any cheese you like but my favorite is a combination of Sharp Cheddar, Colby, Montery Jack and American.
  7. Pour cooked pasta into an ungreased 1 1/2 quart caseserole dish.
  8. Stir cheese sauce into the pasta.
  9. Sprinkle with Italian seasoned breadcrumbs and bake uncovered for 30 minutes.

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Smoky eye tutorials and a giveaway!

The holidays are here and this year we are spicing things up with the NEW Where there’s smoke… collection. The gorgeous Limited Edition Smoke & Mirrors Smoky Eye Kit was designed to help you create amazing smoky eyes and the NEW Eye Sheres in Opal Silk and Gold Silk add a touch of shimmer on their own for a more natural makeup look, or can help create an even more dramatic eye look when used as a base. Keep reading for three gorgeous smoky eye video tutorials using the new Smoke & Mirrors Kit and for details on how you could WIN a Smoke Gets In Your Eyes Kit and both NEW Eye Sheres!


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Introducing the NEW holiday collection, Where there’s smoke…

We love the holidays; parties, glitzy nights out and glamour! There’s so many different ways to play with your makeup this time of year. The NEW Where there’s smoke… collection is filled with decadent holiday makeup inspired by all the excitement of the holiday season. The new collection includes the Limited Edition Smoke & Mirrors Smoky Eye Kit, NEW sparkly, Limited Edition Eye Shere shades in Opal Silk and Gold Silk, and this season’s Limited Edition Electric Refillable Compact, a deep amethyst decorated with a fuchsia crystal.

Holiday collection

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All about Hydration Sprays

One of the most common makeup questions we get is about Hydration Sprays. Everyone who has tried a Hydration Spray loves them, but what do they actually do? Get ready for a fun lesson in Hydration Sprays, both their official purpose and some of the other creative uses for them!

Hydration Spray

What is a Hydration Spray? Each and every one of the jane iredale Hydration Sprays are a facial spritz formulated to hydrate your skin and set your mineral powder. In addition, each Hydration Spray has it’s own special added benefits. If you are looking to hydrate your skin, you should spritz your Hydration Spray on and let dry before applying your foundation. If you are using your Hydration Spray to set your mineral powder you should spritz after your foundation has been applied, or you can use it both ways!

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City nights around the world, part 2

As November approaches, the nights are decidedly longer (and the makeup more sophisticated) here. While the urge might be to nest and cuddle up on the couch, why not hit the town in style and make the most of it? Here is part two of our city nights blog, brought to you by some of our jane iredale distributors from around the world.

jane iredale City Nights Collection


If your goal is to spend a sophisticated, elegant, and most of all fun night on the town, the cosmopolitan city of Antwerp (Belgium) would be a perfect choice to do so. Antwerp is the Diamond Capital of the World and also widely known for its fashion; so make sure to shine bright like a diamond, be very stylishly dressed and made up when exploring the nightlife of Antwerp.

bartenders at SIPS in Antwerp

Shaking things up at SIPS

The perfect night amongst friends would start with a pre-dinner cocktail in one the many excellent cocktail bars the city has to offer.  For example SIPS where the owner Manuel shakes things up and creates brilliant cocktail masterpieces. He has served his famous genius liquids to many celebrities such as Gene Hackman, Dolly Parton and Tom Cruise.



restaurant UMAMI in Antwerp


Dinner options are countless, Antwerp is quite the “foodie heaven”.  One of my absolute favorites is the restaurant UMAMI where the vibrant atmosphere and bohemian decorations themselves are already setting the mood when walking in. The contemporary Asian cuisine served  is simply mouth-watering and refreshingly creative.

After indulging in this culinary feast you will want to stretch your legs and dance of some calories. At CAFÉ LOCAL there is no way you can resist the Latin grooves and vibes and not strut your stuff on the dance floor.

Dancing at CAFE LOCALE

Dancing at CAFE LOCALE

So what makeup to wear for this type of colorful evening?

I would go for the flawless perfection face and use Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB cream as a base and also as a concealer, contouring with a darker shade of PurePressed Base like Butternut; then add Awake PurePressed Blush on the cheeks to create a fresh, rosy effect. The blush may be applied quite heavily to create a doll-like look which is very hot right now. Make your eyes sparkle even more with a 24K Gold dust of your choice on top of a smokey eye makeup. (use Black Jelly Jar Gel Eye Liner as a base and on the inner rim of the eyes and set with Charcoal from the Daytime Eye Shadow Kit with the Chisel Shader brush to create a very intense effect) The smokey eye of this season is not as blended as we are used to seeing it, it would be more graphic to create a more 60s-like effect. Don’t forget to “wing out” your eyeliner to accentuate this very sexy, feminine look. The lashes need many layers of Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara to match the eye makeup. Why not have fun with your lip product and use the cocktail-inspired lip glosses? The new Kir Royal PureGloss would be perfect for a sparkling, sultry lip.

Your City Night should be like a diamond: bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style.


Alexandria, our marketing and communications manager from Canada sets the mood for us:

We are not all about farming, hockey, seafood, and cold weather up North in Canada; we are much more than that. Some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes and colourful culture can be found here. Montreal at night

From the seashores of the East Coast to the magnificent mountains of the West, and everywhere in between, you will find a booming nightlife, an abundance of restaurants, great music, and many other hidden gems. Whether you are rolling the dice at Casino Nova Scotia in Halifax, bathing in the moonlit pools of the Hot Springs of Banff, Alberta, dancing the night away at Muzik Nightclub in Toronto, or sharing a Cosmo with your girlfriends at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, you are sure to be amazed with our beautiful country. Canada at night

Canada has been credited as being the most diverse and multicultural country in the world, which means we are sure to have something for you to enjoy. Elegance may not be a word used to describe the beauty that Canada has to offer, but as Canadians, we’d rather show than tell. So make sure you go see for yourself!

With jane iredale’s new City Nights collection, you are sure to bring that touch of elegance to your night out. So pull up those printed tights, slip into those cute little ankle booties, and check the mirror to make sure your make up is just perfect before you’re ready to hit the town.

Canada at nightWhen searching for that perfect ‘Cosmopolitan meets European’ feel, you may want to add Montreal, Quebec to your list of “must see places.” Take a stroll with friends or a loved one in the Place Jacques-Cartier, one of Montreal’s most popular and lively squares. Shop for souvenirs and artwork by local artists, sit for a portrait drawing and listen to the live music, or enjoy some French cuisine at one of the many indoor/outdoor cafes. While taking it all in, don’t forget to take a moment to admire the exquisite old architecture or visit one of the many museums like the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or the McCord Museum. After enjoying all the culture Montreal has to offer, head into town, take a sip of your Mai Tai and relax while you listen to the sweet sounds at the Montreal International Jazz Festival that fills the air.

Ruben’s Look:

  • To achieve that perfect ‘Montreal night out’ balance of sophistication and fun, start by applying a chickpea sized amount of Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener to your entire facial contour.
  • Follow with Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream mixed with Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion and apply with your fingers to your entire facial contour.
  • Using the Blending Brush apply a fine veil of Charisma In Touch Cream Blush just off the sides of the apples of your cheeks.
  • Then, using the Kabuki Brush apply a light dusting of Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder over your entire face.
  • Define your lip contour with Plum Lip Definer and follow with Katerina PureMoist Lipstick. Finish with “a little dab’ll do ya” of Kir Royal PureGloss Lip Gloss to the center of your lower lip then press your lips together to transfer the gloss to your upper lip.
  • Using the Sculpting Brush apply a thin wash of Champagne Silk Eye Gloss from your lash line to your brow.
  • Using the Camouflage Brush apply a light wash of Purple Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner from your crease to your lash line filling in the entire lid area below your crease.
  • Apply Mist Eye Shadow from your crease to the underside of your brow using the Large Shader Brush.
  • Once finished, apply Port Eye Shadow with the Large Shader Brush from your crease to your lash line right over the Purple Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner.
  • Using the Crease Brush apply several layers of Toast Eye Shadow to the full length of your crease until the edge of Port Eye Shadow is faded off, creating a seamless blend.
  • Using the Smudge Brush apply Green Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner along the upper and lower lash line.
  • Finish dressing your eyes with PureLash Extender & Conditioner and while it is still wet, immediately follow with Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara.

Et voilà! You’re ready to hit the town!

Middle East

Dubai has no dearth of amazing night out spots. This city has so many places to visit with different styles that you never feel bored. Every weekend you can opt for a different place and still feel you have lots to explore.

One night you could plan a low key dinner with your partner and the other night you can head out with your girls for drinks. Count on this city if you want to experience breath taking and luxurious view. A few of our favorite places include:

  • Barasti Beach Bar. Whether you are just looking for a Dubai restaurant with tasty food, a dynamic beach bar with live sports, or a place to relax with your friends this is the place to be.
  •  Mahiki Restaurant. Discover a fun Polynesian theme at Mahiki restaurant in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. There’s never a boring night at this ultimate destination for cocktail.mahiki restaurant
  • VIP Room. Looking for a fun night at the club then head to VIP Room,located in the world’s tallest hotel, and with celebrity guests such as Wyclef and Jay Z stopping by, this St Tropez branded club more than lives up to its ‘VIP’ name.

The look that Dubai girls flaunt for a night out is bold yet classy. Smoky eye & false lashes can never go wrong when spending an evening in the city.

  1. Start with Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener to prime the skin so the makeup goes on more easily & lasts longer.
  2. Apply Liquid Minerals Foundation to diminish the appearance of lines & wrinkles followed by PurePressed Base and D2O Hydration Spray to set the makeup.
  3. Use Celebrate PurePressed® Eye Shadow Trio from the City Nights collection to create a subtle smokey look.
  4. Apply Green Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner to the lower lash line to define the eyes.
  5. Complete the look by applying Katerina, PureMoist Lipstick and then Kir Royale PureGloss Lip Gloss to give a nice sheen to your lips.

We hope you were inspired by these ideas to forsake the couch and take the night by storm!

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

The following post was written by our Brand Marketing Specialist, Jacqui Bissell, who works closely with our partner for Breast Cancer Awareness, and wanted to share her amazing experience with all of us. Thank you Jacqui!

Every year, Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) hosts Yoga on the Steps to spread the word about healthy living and quality-of-life issues as well as raise funds for and awareness about their educational support resources.  I recently moved to Colorado so had the opportunity to attend the Denver Yoga on the Steps event.  I was really looking forward to exploring my new home state, meeting new people and enjoying the rare opportunity to practice yoga in the middle of a beautiful, outdoor park.  Sounds perfect, right? Plus, supporting Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a professional commitment and personal hobby!

Yoga on the steps for BCA with Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Four years ago I started working for jane iredale and almost immediately began cultivating the partnership we already had with LBBC. At the time, jane iredale had been supporting this amazing organization for three years with a donation made from the sales of a dedicated breast cancer awareness product. This October, we enter our seventh LBBC campaign with the launch of Smell the Roses Hydration Spray and another year that we will donate 100% of the profits from the sales of this product to LBBC.

In addition to the picturesque experience of outdoor yoga, I had an opportunity to personally fundraise on behalf of LBBC. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t very confident in my fundraising capabilities. However, I set a modest goal, thinking I could convince my parents and grandparents to chip in if I couldn’t find support elsewhere. As it turns out, I more than doubled my fundraising goal within two days of sharing that I would be attending the event!  The money I was able to raise helps promote awareness and support for LBBC and the services they provide to women and families affected by breast cancer (and that didn’t even include my parents or grandparents!). This tells me that there is no limit to the amount of support we can each pursue on behalf of any great cause.

Yoga on the steps for breast cancer awareness with LBBC

At the end of the yoga class, I was surprised to realize that I hadn’t noticed the joggers, walkers, dogs, cars and other noises happening all around the park.  I was completely engulfed in the serenity of the moment, no doubt due to the soul and spirit of those around me – all committed to raising awareness, supporting LBBC and each other, and always living in the moment.

City nights around the world, part 1

In celebration of our NEW City Nights collection we chatted with a number of our lovely International Distributors to find out how they like to spend a sophisticated night on the town. Here are three amazing city nights from around the world, complete with a makeup look, to tantalize and inspire you. Stay tuned for more in a couple of weeks!


Melbourne the city itself is undisputedly our main attraction and whether by bike, bus or foot exploring our city is an absolute must! Filled with quirky alley ways, hidden shops, art galleries and indie theatres, it certainly earns its reputation as Australia’s Culture Capital – Melbourne wouldn’t be Melbourne without its laneways, thus simply exploring the city serves as an attraction in itself.

Night life in Melbourne


For an elegant night out in Melbourne start your journey at dusk and witness an unbelievable sunset at Melbourne’s Eureka Skydeck. Located on the southern banks of the Yarra River, this Skydeck Experience was created to reach for the sky; nothing you have ever experienced will prepare you for the awe inspiring view of Melbourne from the Southern Hemisphere’s highest viewing platform. Perfectly positioned for 360 degree floor to ceiling views; encompassing Melbourne’s CBD, sports precinct, Port Phillip Bay, Docklands and everything in between.

Continue the theme and enjoy some pre-dinner drinks at Lui Bar, regarded as Melbourne’s most sophisticated cocktail bar. It is 236 meters above the city on the 55th floor of the Rialto, adjoining the very swish Vue de Monde, with sweeping views across the city and beyond its decadent Melbourne cool.

Melbourne offers a wealth of entertainment options, primarily known for its dynamic, cutting edge arts and culture, a whole world of events awaits you in Melbourne. Whatever the season, our city is buzzing with theatre, exhibitions, concerts and festivals. Melbourne’s busy events calendar is sure to excite, but for tonight we recommend tickets to Her Majesty’s Theatre to see Les Miserables.


more nightlife in Melbourne


Now that you’ve worked up an appetite it’s on to dinner at Prix Fix, located at the Paris end of Collins St and one of Melbourne’s newest restaurants, it is Australia’s only ticketed dining room. Eccentricity, kookiness and love of all things silly will shine through in the monthly changing menus and the polished dining room has a sense of theatre about it. However tonight it’s all about France as Prix Fix celebrates the Australian premier of Les Miserables, this is a menu, which has been in planning for months! Classic French dishes with a modern twist! Oo la la!


Now to the perfect end to a very glamorous evening, I recommend cocktails at Eau de vie. E.D.V. is an intimate, dimly lit, jazz infused bar, with an old speak easy feel, staff in bowties and braces add to the charm, think roaring 20’s style glamour. Let the expert team of bar tenders excite you with their amazing interpretation of drinks and all topped off with great service.

We hope your night out in Melbourne is one to be remembered and to those who aren’t up for an elegant night out, need not apply.

The Look:

  • EYES
  • Apply Purple Gel Liner along the top lash line.
  • Apply Port eye shadow over the lid.
  • Highlight inner corner with Toast and brow bone with a soft wash of Mist.
  • Line lower lash line with Black Pencil.
  • Blend line using Port eye shadow.
  • Apply 2 coasts of Mascara.
  • Apply Awake Blush
  • LIPS
  • Apply Katerina Lipstick & Kir Royal PureGloss.


United Kingdom

London Eye, londoneye.com

London Eye, londoneye.com

A sophisticated city night in the UK would include going somewhere gorgeous for dinner in the shard, followed by a few drinks with good friends and fabulous views of the city all lit up.  You might enjoy a trip to the theater, a ride on the London Eye or a walk around the south bank. Your makeup would reflect a sophisticated yet classic evening look.



  1. Start by getting a flawless foundation, use Glow Time BB Cream and set with your PurePressed Base and preferred Hydration Spray.
  2. Take your new Green Jelly Jar and apply with a Camouflage Brush all over your eyelid for a subtle but smoky lid primer.
  3. Use the gorgeous Celebration Eye Shadow Kit and apply Toast over your eyelid.
  4. Then using a Crease Brush softly apply Port into the socket.
  5. Use Toast as your highlighter under the brow and add definition and shape to your brows using your Bitty Brow Kit.
  6. Apply Copper Wind to your cheeks using the White Fan Brush to give your skin a beautiful matte warmth.
  7. Complete your look with the perfect night time gloss, Kir Royale, and enjoy a cocktail in its namesake too!



You can enjoy a wonderful night view of Singapore’s Mariana Barge for no cost. It’s a great place to chill out, fly some kites or simply lay back and enjoy the magnificent view.  It’s windy and one of the best spots to take pictures. A must visit is the scenic path at the Marina Barrage where the view towards the city skyline and Gardens by the Bay is nothing short of spectacular at the magical blue hour.

You may stroll down to the Garden by the Bay, a man-made garden done on a huge scale. The super trees are really iconic and when it lit up at night it’s really beautiful. Gardens by the Bay is great for tourists and locals who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle from city and enjoy great greenery surroundings. The two paid conservatories are divided into flora and forest/man-made waterfall themes. Evening time would be ideal to explore as there’s lighted treetop show every night



Another lovely destination on your night out is Clarke Quay, Singapore’s top choice for dining and entertainment destination, is a colorful kaleidoscope of buildings housing antiques, restaurants, hip cafes, jazz clubs and more. At night, the entire zone is a sight to behold with all five blocks of restored warehouses lit up and beamed with an array of quirky alternative to mainstream clubs. With an international presence in terms of partying options, this is a convergence point for people around the world to celebrate.

Clarke Quay offers an integrated venue option for everyone: the party is not always confined to the buildings alone. The fountain which grooves to the mood of the night also attracts numerous pub goers. You may even embark on a romantic journey on a River Cruise to view the magnificent views of Singapore by night.

Stay tuned for part two with more sophisticated nights out from around the world, and of course, more looks!