Rose Shere-brilliance! Introducing jane iredale’s new Eye Sheres…

SHeres groupWe’re all for long-lasting eye shadow at jane iredale; whether you opt for a liquid or powder shadow, we’ve got a range of stunning colours to suit your desired look!

Do you prefer a barely-there eye shadow, or a more intense eye shadow effect? Either way, we’ve got what you need. With a suite of eye products including PurePressed eye shadows, lid primers and shimmer dusts in a range of shades for every complexion and desire, you will be spoilt for choice.

The latest addition to our eye shadow collection offers a revamp of an old favourite – introducing the new EYE SHERE™ LIQUID EYE SHADOW (RRP $36.00)

“Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadows (formerly Eye Gloss) are my go-to favourite. Because of their exceptional staying power, they rarely require touch-ups. Colours can be blended together to create any desired shade making the possibilities endless; or they can be combined with any PurePressed® Eye Shadow to intensify the shade and ensure long wear.” jane iredale global Educator, Natalie Soto-Carlisle

With a new tube, new formula and new name, this liquid shadow will ensure that all eyes are on you, with a quick drying, highly water resistant and luxurious formula it’s super easy to apply and longwearing to last you from day to night.

Available in six shimmering shades – Brown Silk, Grey Silk, Peach Silk, Pink Silk, Aqua Silk, Champagne Silk – Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow can be applied lightly for a more sheer effect or layer it on for a full-coverage, metallic finish.

Featuring key ingredients like macadamia esters to hydrate and soothe, Mica to provide glide and add shimmer and Trimethysiloxsilicate to give it a water resistant feature and to improve coverage without adding heaviness.

Want a one minute nighttime Smoky Eye look? Simply apply Grey Silk; and for a daytime Smoky Eye, use the Brown Silk. Finish off either look by combining with your favorite shade of Jelly Jar Gel Eye Liner. Try using Champagne Silk as a highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes to brighten any look.

Recreate our two favourite eye looks this season:

Simple Rose Gold Eye

rose gold look

Step 1 – Apply Pink Silk Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow from lash line to crease using Sculpting Brush.

Step 2 – To highlight the brow bone, apply Champagne Silk Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow from crease to brow, using the Sculpting Brush.

Step 3 – Press Rose Gold PurePressed Eye Shadow from lash line to crease using Eye Shader Brush. Lightly blend out edges.

Step 4 – Using the Angle Liner Brow Brush, apply Brown or Black Jelly Jar Eyeliner to line upper lashes. Smudge using the Smudge Brush.

Step 5 – Finish with PureLash Extender & Conditioner and two coats of PureLash Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black.

Grey Silk Royal Smoky Eye

grey silk look

Step 1 – Apply Grey Silk Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow from lash line to crease using the Camouflage Brush. Blend out the hard edges using the Sculpting Brush.

Step 2 – Using the Eye Shader Brush, press Amethyst Mystikol® from lash line blending upward.

Step 3 – Highlight under the brow using Champagne PurePressed Eye Shadow using the Deluxe Shader Brush.

Step 4 – Apply Black Jelly Jar to the upper lash line and outer ¾ of the bottom lashes and smudge using Ebony PurePressed Eye Shadow.

Step 5 – Brighten eyes by applying a small amount of Champagne Silk Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow to inner corner of the eyes.

Step 6 – Finish the look with two coats of PureLash Extender and Conditioner and Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Black Ice.

Our new Eye Sheres are easy to use, making them perfect for anyone, from makeup novices to experts alike! They’re also the perfect shadow to add a touch of glamour to your look, with a fuss-free, long wearing formula – there’s nothing better than an easy to apply and long lasting product!

Choosing the right jane iredale concealer is easy with our expert tips…

JI Concealers 2We understand that most people have skin hang-ups and we all have days when we need that little bit of extra help to hide our imperfections. That’s why jane iredale has a range of highly pigmented concealers, which not only hide unwanted inconsistencies and blemishes, but also work to treat the cause, and help you achieve a glowing complexion in the long term.

To help you determine the right concealer for your skin, we’re sharing our simple how-to guide to help you find the right concealer for your concern.

As always, it’s best to start with an even base and fill in any fine lines with a primer, like our SMOOTH AFFAIR® FACIAL PRIMER & BRIGHTENER. Featuring anti-ageing properties, this high-quality primer will help minimise the appearance of pores, even skin tone and increase luminosity.


Disguising bruising can be tricky; as a bruise goes through different stages and turns from red, to purple, blue or grey, to yellow; one product doesn’t always do the trick… unless you arm yourself with our post-surgery CORRECTIVE COLOURS concealer kit. It takes the guesswork out of concealing, with a suite of colours that follow the lifecycle of a bruise. This product ensures you’re prepared, no matter what: Yellow hides redness; Peach hides blue, purple or grey; Lilac covers yellow, and Beige works well on hyperpigmentation. With key ingredients like green tea extract, moringa seed oil, avocado oil, cucumber fruit extract and grape seed extract, all four colours will treat and calm your skin, helping you to achieve a professional camouflage every time.


We’ve all had them; even people blessed with clear complexions have encountered a blemish in their lifetime and when they pop up you want to be prepared to beat the blemish, fast! jane iredale’s ZAP&HIDE® BLEMISH CONCEALER will help you do just that. Zap blemishes with the clear Blemish Balm, which contains beneficial botanicals and antioxidants, then hide them with a highly pigmented concealer that’s easily layered and gentle on your skin – this one’s for the multi-taskers!

How to apply: You can apply Zap&Hide directly to your skin. However, if you are breaking out, you may choose to apply it using a cotton tip or the Camouflage Brush. Wash your brush with mild soap following application to eliminate cross-contamination.


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to make them disappear, dark under eye circles manage to peak through your makeup and appear more prominent, if you’re not using the right concealer. When concealer creeps into the tiny creases under your eye these fine lines can suddenly appear far more visible than they really are, and no one wants that.

To ensure that you’re looking fresh and bright, try using a creamy concealer with buckwheat seed extract to help reduce puffiness and opt for a shade just lighter than your natural skin tone. Our ACTIVE LIGHT® UNDER-EYE CONCEALER conceals while it brightens and helps to treat protruding under eye bags. This soft-focus concealer contains a beautiful blend of avocado oil, cucumber fruit extract, white tea leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract and vitamin c to improve, calm and conceal the eye area.  Similar to our Corrective Colours, Active Light is available in a variety of shades that work to neutralise different colours of the skin, such as redness or blue/grey shades. Find the right shade for you here.

How to apply: Very little product is needed. Place small dots under the eyes and then gently pat to blend. A great trick is to draw short lines, like the rays of the sun, from the under eye area to the tops of cheekbones. This brightens dark circles and highlights at the same time and remember a little goes a long way!


Redness can be hard to hide and it’s important to take a look at your skin care routine to determine if that’s sensitising your skin and causing your rosy cheeks. Using a primer or tinted moisturiser, such as our DREAM TINT® TINTED MOISTURIZER, can help to tone down flushed cheeks, but if you’re after a stronger level of coverage try our DISAPPEAR™ CONCEALER WITH GREEN TEA. Designed to target pronounced acne and extreme discolouration (i.e tattoos) this high-intensity concealer works wonders.

How to apply: Squeeze a little Disappear onto a Camouflage Brush and apply to the area you are trying to cover. This product is also fantastic for covering up tattoos; layer Amazing Base using the Flocked Sponge and Disappear Concealer using the Camouflage Brush to achieve maximum coverage.

Once you’ve mastered the art of camouflaging areas of concern, finish your look with a loose powder like AMAZING BASE® LOOSE MINERAL POWDER to give you an even, glowing complexion.

Create your own winter wonderland inspired makeup looks with jane iredale.

We live by the makeup rule ‘less is more’, but less makeup doesn’t necessarily mean less impact and we think opting for a natural look can play up your best features!

The change in weather inspired us to take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness that comes with each season. Whether it is bright bold colours for spring, darker tones for winter or a rustic autumn palette, lately, we’ve been loving the natural earthy wintery looks straight off the runway.

We’ve got winter covered, with three simple, easy to replicate makeup looks that add a subtle glam to your everyday look. From a simple ‘barely there’ look, through to a healthy natural glow and a classic flaming lip.

Dare to Bare


Start by applying your shade of GLOW TIME® FULL COVERAGE MINERAL BB CREAM with SPF 25 using your fingertips.

Apply Champage Silk Liquid Eye Shadow Eye Shere to your eyelids using the built in applicator. Using the White Fan Brush apply Gold 24-Karat Gold Dust along your hairline and to the top of your cheekbones.

Finish your look with Buff LIPDRINK® SPF 15 LIP BALM on your lips for a sheer tint of colour and added sun protection. A makeup look that takes less than 3 minutes!

Bronzed beauty, without sun!


To achieve the bronzed, sunkissed look despite the lack of rays, start by applying your shade of AMAZING BASE® LOOSE MINERAL POWDER with SPF 20 using the REFILL-ME™ REFILLABLE LOOSE POWDER BRUSH. Use Citrine MYSTIKOL® as a shadow, liner and highlighter on your eyes.

Apply the deeper shade of SO-BRONZE® along your hairline, below your cheek bones and along your jawline and the shimmery peach shade on the apples of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose, using the White Fan Brush. Finish your look with Iced Mocha PUREGLOSS™ LIP GLOSS.


Fiery Lips


Start by applying your shade of PUREPRESSED® BASE MINERAL FOUNDATION to your face, using the Handi Brush.

Apply Complete IN TOUCH® HIGHLIGHTER to the tops of your cheekbones, above your brows and along the bridge of your nose using your fingertips.

Use the PurePressed Daytime Eye Shadow Kit on your eyes for a pretty nude eye look (tip: you can also use these shades for eye liner by applying with a damp eye liner brush). Finish your look with Passion LIP FIXATION®.

What look will you choose this winter?

Beat the winter blues with a gorgeous new jane iredale beauty look…

They say that change is as good as a holiday and winter is the perfect time to change up your jane iredale makeup routine.

As the days grow cooler and longer, we choose to beat the winter blues by experimenting with a warm new beauty look. There’s no better way to heat up your look than with a bold and fiery red lip. We know that in winter it’s easy to turn to dark and sultry shades, but a bold red lip is one of our favourite makeup looks. It never goes out of style and transcends seasons.

Whilst you can’t go wrong with neutral colours, a perfect red pout helps take your look up a notch, so we’re sharing some simple tips to help you warm up your winter beauty look; for a modern twist, we’re teaming our favourite red lip with a navy eye and flushed cheeks.

Sienna Miller - Red Lips

You can easily achieve this look by following our simple guide below:

About Face.

  1. Start by applying our DREAM TINT® TINTED MOISTURIZER using your fingertips or the Blending Brush. For extra sun protection apply a touch of PUREPRESSED® BASE MINERAL FOUNDATION, which features a broad spectrum SPF 20 to protect skin from harsh UVA/UVB rays, which are still around in winter!
  2. Using your fingertips apply Clarity IN TOUCH® HIGHLIGHTER Cream Blush to the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Next, apply Sunbeam QUAD BRONZER along your hairline, top of your cheekbones, jaw line and bridge of your nose using the White Fan Brush. When applying bronzer always keep in mind where the sun would naturally give you a bronzed look and apply just to those places to get the most natural finish.

All About Accentuating Eyes.

  1. Line your top lash line with Lapis Lazuli MYSTIKOL and wing out slightly. Also line the outer 3/4 of your bottom lash line.
  2. Using the highlighter end of Lapis Lazuli MYSTIKOL, highlight the inner corner of your eye.

Rosie Byrne Red Lips

Loving Standout Lips.

  1. Line and fill in your lips with the Crimson LIP PENCIL.
  2. Apply the stain end of Passion LIP FIXATION®, let dry for 30-40 seconds then apply the gloss end.

Finally, to maintain that summer glow all the way through winter try applying our TANTASIA® SELF TANNER & BRONZER and GOLDEN SHIMMER FACE AND BODY LOTION.

red lips face chart

jane iredale’s new LipDrink shades


Did you know that your lip balm might actually be doing you more harm than good? If you’re after soothing, nourishing lip care, then look no further…

jane iredale LipDrink SPF 15 Lip Balm contains no petroleum-derived products (the nasty’s that have been known to dry out lips). If you are a regular user of petroleum-based lip balms you are on a continual drying cycle – the more often you use it, the drier your lips become.

That’s why we recommend a product like LipDrink that isn’t laced with petroleum, mineral oil, phenol, synthetic fragrances, D&C dyes or other harmful chemicals. But rather opt for a formula that is hydrating, soothing, lightweight, and has been a favourite amongst jane iredale fans for years, including their male partners, AKA LipDrink Lip Balm SFP15.


For all our LipDrink devotees this is exciting news, who doesn’t love a new shade in their favourite cosmetic… you can now add a subtle tinted shade to your lip care regime as we welcome two members to our LipDrink family. Crush – a sheer berry and Buff – a sheer nude. These colours join our original LipDrink shade now labeled Sheer – a translucent colour that is unisex and ideal for those natural beauties not wanting to add colour to their pout.

Now in three colour options, these moisturizing lip balms quench lips with long-lasting hydration thanks to the range of natural ingredients; carrot seed oil to smooth, soften and soothe; avocado oil to moisturise; coffee seed, blackberry and green tea leaf extracts for antioxidant benefits, a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamin E & C and lemon peel oil for a delicious fresh taste.


Each LipDrink combines a variety of waxes and oils to provide a protective shield – especially important in winter when lips are exposed to dry air, cold winds and extreme temperatures.

Once you’ve treated your lips to LipDrink you will notice the difference in the way your lips look, feel and smell! Healthy looking lips can be yours to keep. Help protect your pout against future damage and make sure your partners invest in one too, or yours is sure to go missing.

To find your nearest stockist visit:


Winter is Coming… Winter skin care tips from jane iredale

At jane iredale we understand that winter is the season that keeps us in our cosy beds each morning, under layers of warm clothes each day, and of course, glued to the heater at all times!

Winter Skin Model

We know that as the cooler weather creeps in and we rug up, leaving less of our skin exposed, it’s easy to forget our usual skin care regime. However, with our skin enduring the extremities of cold temperatures, high winds, and the contrasting dry air from heaters, it’s so important that we master our winter skin care early and get into a moisture-balancing routine before the worst is upon us!

During winter, our skin can become dull and dry, so to help keep you on the path of well-hydrated skin, we’re sharing some of our favourite winter skin care tips and listing the jane iredale products to help you perfect them.

Winter makeup tips - header

Our first tip: Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you don’t need to stay hydrated.

We’re all pretty good when it comes to moisturising during summer (we usually have a glowing tan as an incentive), and staying hydrated is easy as the warm weather makes us thirsty, but what about hydration in winter? With less skin on show, many of us tend to forget about nourishing our skin in winter and our water consumption can also start to diminish. It’s so important to nourish your skin from the inside and out, and keeping up our water intake is an essential step in achieving a glowing, hydrated complexion. For an easy boost of moisture throughout the day, make sure you keep one of our hydration sprays handy. Our D2O HYDRATION SPRAY is the perfect multi-purpose spray, which can be used on its own throughout the day or before makeup to deliver immediate moisture. It can also be used after applying makeup to set minerals for a long-lasting, flawless finish.

Beat the uneven skin tone that comes with colder weather…

The cold weather and winds in the cooler months can actually result in blotchy skin, which is usually a result of dryness or irritation. To help treat the problem and even out your skin tone at the same time, try using one of our foundations, GLOW TIME® FULL COVERAGE MINERAL BB CREAM or our DREAM TINT® TINTED MOISTURISER both work to help calm and soothe irritated skin and provide coverage to help camouflage any imperfections. For an extra boost, apply Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener, a skin-quenching primer that helps to prevent moisture loss and promotes luminosity and skin radiance.

Protect your skin against UV rays… Yes, even in Winter!

It’s easy to forget about them, but they’re always there! We’re talking about harmful UV rays, and it’s important that you protect your skin against them – even in Winter! Start your beauty regime with our GLOW TIME® FULL COVERAGE MINERAL BB CREAM. This beauty balm will not only protect your skin with its SPF properties, it’s also water resistant for up to 40 minutes, making it particularly handy when the rain pours down!

Healthy-looking hands…

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of luxurious moisturiser hitting dry hands. Trapped under gloves, or hard at work, our hands are often the part of our bodies we forget to care for, but with HANDDRINK™ our stunning hand cream you can certainly change that. The non-greasy formula has active ingredients and organic rose essential oils to instantly revive and pamper your hands, providing a much-needed boost of moisture throughout winter and beyond!

Protect your pout…

Dry hands can feel like brittle paper, but there is one thing worse… chapped lips! Windy, winter days can leave lips feeling dry and sore, and our tendency to drink less water is also a contributing factor when it comes to dry lips. To keep your lips feeling soft and supple this winter try a nourishing lip balm like jane iredale’s LIPDRINK® SPF 15 LIP BALM. This luscious, petroleum-free lip balm is an all-in-one moisturiser that works to protect, soften and soothe chapped lips.
Winter skin products

So just remember, staying hydrated is a key component of achieving glowing, gorgeous skin. It’s so important to remember this at all times, regardless of the season! You can beat the winter blues by following these simple tips and filling your makeup bag with nourishing jane iredale products that will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.


How-to: Get Anna Heinrich’s radiant look with jane iredale…

Anna Heinrich_IMAGE

We love Anna Heinrich – this stunning blonde’s beauty looks are always on point and we can’t get enough of that gorgeous smile!

When it comes to makeup, Anna is always glowing, and she’s not afraid to step out with a bold lip! This versatile look works on most people so our resident makeup expert, Martina Williams, has put together this simple guide to help you recreate this glowing look yourself.

Step 1.  Apply a small pea sized amount of SMOOTH AFFAIR® FACIAL PRIMER & BRIGHTENER onto your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and gently massage into skin using the Blending Brush.

Step 2. Even skin complexion using GLOW TIME® FULL COVERAGE MINERAL BB CREAM. Apply a pea-sized amount of BB Cream onto forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, and then blend evenly in circular motions using the Blending Brush.

Step 3. Apply a light dusting of AMAZING BASE® LOOSE MINERAL POWDER in your complexion colour to set foundation and give skin a luminous glow.

Step 4. Using Dreamy Pink PUREPRESSED® EYE SHADOW and the Deluxe Shader Brush, apply a sheer wash over the entire eye lid taking colour up to the crease, then using a clean Crease Brush, blend through the contour of the eye so colour graduates.

Step 5. Use the Crease Brush to apply a soft wash of Oyster PurePressed Eye Shadow to highlight the brow bone.

Step 6. Take Midnight Blue Eye Definer pencil and starting in the outer corner, draw a line along the top lash line about half way across the eye, use the Mini Dome Brush and blend the line to create a soft blurred effect. Draw a line starting from the outer corner underneath the lower lashes and bring inwards, blend line using the Mini Dome Brush. The end result should be a soft diffused smoky edge.

Step 7. Curl lashes and apply two coats of Navy PureLash Lengthening Mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Step 8. Apply the clear wax from the Bitty Brow Kit to keep brows neatly in place, then define and fill in any gaps using the brow powder and the angled brush.

Step 9. Mix all four shades from Sunbeam QUAD BRONZER and dust onto the apples of the cheeks using the Chisel Powder Brush.

Step 10. Add a subtle highlight to the face using the lightest shade of Sunbeam QUAD BRONZER and blend in round circular motions, apply to the bridge of the nose, the tops of the cheek bones, the chin and cupids bow.

Step 11. Dust the complexion shade of AMAZING BASE® LOOSE MINERAL POWDER lightly over lips and around edges of the mouth to eliminate any redness and create a matte base, this is a great way for lipstick and lip liner to stay put.

Step 12. Take Crimson Lip Definer and outline the natural lip line and lightly fill in a quarter of the lip. Take a clean Detail Brush to blend the lip liner and smudge colour in the center of the lip

Step 13. Take Margi PUREMOIST® LIPSTICK and fill in your lips using the Detail Brush, this firm small brush allows you to prefect the outline. Stand back and assess your lips, clean up any feathered edges with a clean Angled Liner/Brow Brush and your Amazing Base complexion shade.

With the weather cooling down, it’s fun to brighten up your look with a bold lip and we think Anna does it perfectly! You could also opt for a darker shade of our PUREMOIST® LIPSTICK for a sultrier look, or go for a lighter shade if you’re not quite ready for a vivid red! Either way, we’re sure this look will make you shine from the inside out. Check out Anna’s instagram @AnnaHeinrich1 to see more of her gorgeous makeup looks and don’t forget to share your pics with us and tag @janeiredale_australia!

Anna Heinrich - May 2015-2

How-to: Achieve breath-taking autumn beauty looks with jane iredale

The change in season is the perfect opportunity to mix up your beauty regime and as the weather cools down, we think it’s the perfect time to turn up the heat with sultry autumn makeup looks using jane iredale products!

Our resident makeup expert, Martina Williams has put together two gorgeous looks to help you add a hint of autumn to your day or night makeup look!


Step 1. Begin by applying a soft wash of Peach Silk EYE GLOSS to the eyelid, take colour up to the crease, and then blend contour of eye using a clean Crease Brush.

Step 2. Sweep Silence shadow from the GETAWAY EYE SHADOW KIT over the top the Peach Silk Eye Gloss, allow colour to blend softly upwards and fade out over the socket bone.

Step 3. Use the Chisel Shader Brush to apply Footprints eye shadow (from the GETAWAY EYE SHADOW KIT) to the eyelid on the outer corner, and then sweep Footprints through the contour of the eye using the Crease Brush.

Step 4. Use Footprints eye shadow to create a diffused eyeliner effect along the lower lash line. Reach up under the lower lashes and blend colour along the lash line using the Mini Dome Brush.

Step 5. Apply White Definer Pencil to the inside of the eye along the water line; this gives eyes a fresh wide eyed look.

Step 6. Prime top and bottom lashes with PURELASH® LASH EXTENDER & CONDITIONER.

Step 7. Add two coats of Black Onyx PURELASH MASCARA to top and bottom lashes.

Step 8. Sweep Awake PUREPRESSED® BLUSH onto the apples of the cheeks using the Dome Brush to create a soft pink flush.

Step 9. Lightly dab and blend foundation, or dust a sheer wash of loose or pressed minerals over the top of lips to softly mute the natural lip colour.

Step 10. Outline lips using Spice LIP DEFINER then blend line using a clean lip brush.

Step 11. Press Forever Peach JUST KISSED® LIP AND CHEEK STAIN onto lips and blend with a lip brush to create a pale pastel peach lip.

Autumn Night Look - May 2015


Step. 1. Apply Brown Silk EYE GLOSS to the eyelid using the Camouflage Brush, then sweep colour through the eye contour using a clean Crease Brush

Step 2. Press Tea On The Porch eye shadow (from the GETAWAY EYE SHADOW KIT) over the lid using the Chisel Shader Brush and then blend crease using the crease brush.

Step 3. Take Starry Night eye shadow (from the GETAWAY EYE SHADOW KIT) and apply as an eyeliner on the lower lash line using the Mini Dome Brush, the line should appear diffused.

Step 4. Line the inside of the eye using the Black from Onyx Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner/Highighter, run colour along the water line.

Step 5. Apply Starry Night eye shadow (from the GETAWAY EYE SHADOW KIT) to the lid on the outer corner of the eye close to the lash line, then sweep colour through the crease of the eye.

Step 6. Curl lashes with a lash curler then coat top and bottom lashes with two coats of Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara.

Step 7. Use SO-BRONZE® Bronzing Powder to warm complexion and lightly contour.

Step 8. Apply Copperwind PUREPRESSED® BLUSH to the apples of the cheeks

Step 9. Dust complexion shade of your mineral powder to mute natural lip colour and mattify skin, this will prepare lips perfectly for the pale nude lip colour.

Step 10. Outline lips using Spice LIP DEFINER and lightly fill in lips with the pencil. Next blend lip liner using a clean lip brush.

Step 11. Press Forever Peach JUST KISSED® LIP AND CHEEK STAIN onto lips using fingertips.

Step 12. Apply a coat of Bellini PUREGLOSS™ LIP GLOSS over the top to create a creamy nude lip.

We love the fact that we can be more creative and dramatic with our makeup in Autumn and the looks we create are inspired by the wonderful natural colours of the season. To perfect these stunning autumn looks at home, all it takes is a little confidence and a few key products, like our Getaway Eye Shadow kit.

jane iredale offers gorgeous gifts for Mum…

Mother's Day Blog ImageWith Mother’s Day just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about the perfect way to pamper mum, and we think there’s no better way to do so than with stunning beauty or skincare gifts from jane iredale!

The gift that keeps on giving, a gorgeous makeup or skincare product can help transform mum’s makeup bag – and who doesn’t love to be spoilt with a brand new shade of lippy or a luxurious and nourishing moisturiser?

Sometimes choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky, and we know you’ll want to get it right, so we’ve put together our top products to help you treat mum on her special day!


The luxurious formula of our new HandDrink Hand Cream is perfect for mums who love to care for their skin. This gorgeous product protects hands from the damaging effects of UV rays while brightening and hydrating the skin. The formula contains botanical extracts, SPF15 and rose oil to nourish skin and replenish moisture, reviving tired hands. HandDrink is also perfect for mums who love their manicures as it protects hands against the UV light used to set a gel polish!


This neat little kit contains five gorgeous PurePressed Eye Shadow shades, inspired by tranquil country landscapes. This kit is designed to help you (and mum), create a relaxed beauty look, which is perfect from weekday through to weekend. With highly pigmented shadows that blend easily, the Getaway Eye Shadow Kit is the perfect way to take the guesswork out of perfecting your eye makeup!

Mother's Day Blog Image-Spoil


If you’re not sure what colours will suit mum best, why not opt for one of our Colour Sample Kits? A jane iredale Colour Sample Kit is the perfect way to introduce mum to a range of jane iredale products so she can experience the jane iredale difference. Each kit includes PurePressed Base, Circle\Delete Concealer, PurePressed Blush, three PurePressed Eye Shadows, PureMoist Lipstick, PureGloss Lip Gloss, and two custom designed brushes to apply them with!

The beauty of the Colour Sample Kit is the convenience of having everything you need in one easy to carry kit. Perfect for busy mums!


For mums who love their makeup, our Smooth Affair Primer is a makeup bag must-have! This silky primer prepares the skin so makeup glides on easily and lasts longer. It also works to even skin tone, has anti-ageing properties and conditions the skin to prevent moisture loss and make mum’s skin glow!


Not just for summer, our hydration sprays are an ideal way to deliver a boost of antioxidants to your mums skin, anywhere, anytime. These handy spritzes hydrate, condition and protect the skin. For mums who love a fresh and fruity scent opt for POMMISST™; the D2O™ Hydration Spray helps to hydrate and plump skin cells whilst the Balance Spray will help balance skin’s oil production and pH. This is also a great gift for mothers who love to travel as it can be carried onboard and applied throughout the flight to refresh and hydrate.


With 25 shades to choose from, there’s a PureMoist lipstick to suit every mums’ pout! These nourishing lipsticks offer a vivid pop of colour and deliver a powerful boost of natural oils and fruit extracts, such as moringa oil, which is proven to sooth and moisturise. Mum is sure to adore the creamy, rich and smooth formula of PureMoist lipsticks!

Mother's Day Blog Image-Celebrate

Whether you’re helping mum update her beauty regime, or introducing her to our products for the first time, there’s something in the jane iredale range for everyone – let us help you spoil mum this Mother’s Day!

Unlocking the Mist-ery of jane iredale hydration sprays…

Facial mists are increasingly becoming a travel and makeup bag essential, as they should be – they’re the perfect refresher post gym or during a long flight! We take out the guesswork and explain what makes jane iredale’s range of facial mists special and how to use them correctly.

We often get asked about how our products suit different skin types, so we’re sharing a quick lesson in hydration sprays and debunking the myth that these refreshing beauties are only for summer!

Who can use a Hydration Spray?

As the name suggests, hydration sprays are fantastic for hydrating the skin, which makes them perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. However, they are suitable for all skin types and with so many different applications there’s a spray to suit all skin needs. If you have dry skin, you can try applying a quick spritz of our hydrating sprays on top of your moisturiser for an extra boost. Keep one in your handbag and apply during the day to deliver a boost of key ingredients and essential oils anywhere, anytime. You can also use our sprays to set minerals and freshen up your makeup throughout the day.

jane iredale has a range of hydration sprays to suit all skin types and we explain how to choose the right one for your skin…

POMMISST - Blog Image - April 2015

Our POMMISST Hydration Spray is a facial spritz with the added benefit of pomegranate extract, which is a powerful antioxidant and UV protector that calms, soothes and aids in hydration – not to mention it also smells divine! Apply a spritz or two of POMMISST to set your mineral base. POMMISST hydrates, conditions and protects all skin types.

Key ingredients include:

▪   Pomegranate Extract.

▪   White Tea Leaf Extract.

▪   Rosemary Leaf Extract.

D2O - Blog Image - April 2015

jane iredale D2O Hydration Spray is a facial mist that helps to hydrate and plump the skin cells. It has antiseptic properties, provides hydration, and also works to calm and soothe the delicate skin of your face. The key ingredients in D2O help to protect your skin and this spritz is great for normal to dry skin types.

Key ingredients include:

▪   Ylang Ylang Flower Extract and Essential Oil.

▪   Chamomile Flower Extract.

Balance - Blog Image - April 2015

Balance Hydration Spray is formulated specifically to help balance the skin’s pH and oil production. It incorporates key ingredients like orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract, and algae extract, which works to calm and nourish the skin. Balance is perfect for those with normal to oily skin types.

Key ingredients in Balance include:

▪   Orange Essential Oil and Orange Peel Extract.

▪   Grapefruit Peel Extract.

▪   Green Tea Leaf Extract.

How to use Hydration Sprays:

  • Lightly mist your face from about an arm’s length away.
  • Use to set minerals and help to conceal pores and fine lines.
  • Use to moisturise oily skin; for dehydrated skin, use after moisturiser and after makeup.
  • Spritz the face whenever the skin feels dry or when exposed to drying atmosphere, such as when flying.
  • Spritz your Hydration Spray throughout the day as a pick-me-up and to keep your makeup looking fresh.

If you’re feeling creative you could also try these unconventional uses!

  • Use Hydration Spray to remove makeup – this is a handy way to remove pesky fallout from eye shadow or any smudges that may pop up.
  • Spritz in the air to keep things smelling fresh, without any nasty chemicals.
  • Mist in your hair to control static.
  • Refrigerate your Hydration Spray in the summer for a hydrating and cooling experience!
  • Spray on makeup brushes to intensify eye shadows and use them as eyeliners.