It’s all in the ARCHitecture

Brows have been a personal obsession of mine ever since I can remember. I was blessed with hooded eyelids framed by a hardy set of eyebrows, well let’s just say that it wasn’t long before I discovered the power of tweezers. Tweezers, as in anything, are not created exqual. I personally use three different styles when performing my brow maintenance.

Any makeup artist or aesthetician will tell you that brows are the frames to the “windows to the soul” and when groomed appropriately, they instantly enhance your eyes. Well groomed and maintained eyebrows are important at any age, specifically when we are looking to look younger. A little extra ARCH-support is required to defy gravity but keep in mind that the perfect ARCH is one that resembles and enhances your natural brow shape. Please take care not to overdo it, sparse and overly manicured brows can add years.
If you remember this industry mantra then you will never go beyond the point of no return.
“Brows are sisters not twins.”

ARCHitecture-brow support

jane iredale-The Skin Care Makeup offers a bevy of beautiful brow enhancing options to support any style of ARCHitecture you desire.

1. PureBrow Brow Fix & Mascara: This colourless gel tames and supports unruly brows while maintaining a very natural look. Use alone or after applying a Pencil or Eye Shadow. Sweep your brow hairs upward and in the direction of your natural shape for a lifting effect.

2. Eye Pencil: This formula is exceptional. Pencils are still my preferred option for filling in and adding shape to brows. Apply with gentle small strokes to your skin below underneath the brow hair. For a natural blend, gently stroke over the pencil deposit with a clean Deluxe Spoolie Brush.

3. PureBrow Brow Gel: Excellent for taming unruly hair and masking those naughty greys all in one step. Use alone or after Pencil or Eyeshadow. Available in three natural shades; Blond, Brunette and Auburn.

4. Bitty Brow Kit: Two in one. Brow defining powder plus a transparent taming wax with itty bitty tools included. Apply the brow powder with the angle brush to your skin below the brow hair following the natural shape and direction of your brows. Follow with the wax applying it with the itty bitty spoolie brush provided.

5. Daytime Eye Shadow Kit: Perfect for those of you who prefer to define your brows with powder. This kit contains four matte shades for endless options; mix, match, layer and blend. The fifth shade, Oyster, is your gravity defying extra ARCH-support when applied just under your arch.

6. PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles: Five fabulous shades for the perfect fit. Apply using one of the following; Eye Liner/Brow, Angle Liner/Brow or the Angle Definer.

Now you are ready to put some WOW into your brows.


The “It List” For Summer

We all want and deserve a little instant gratification now and then. Well that time is now!
Here is my “It List” for effortless summer beauty and complexion perfection.


Bronze Ambition
Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer. This gel-based bronzer for face and body delivers an instant bronzy glow while stimulating your melanoyctes to create your own natural tan. This lightweight formula dries instantly, apply and go!
So-Bronze PurePressed Bronzer. Available in 3 bronze enhancing shades; two with a shimmer crescent for an added touch of radiance for that glow on the go.

Nearly Naked
Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer: Warm Bronze. This featherweight oil-free tint is the epitome of effortless. Now thats instant gratification!

Complexion Perfection
Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream: BB7. This beauty balm delivers the sensorial effect of a second skin while delivering a seamless, airbrushed coverage thats second to none.

Instant Radiance
Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion. Attention all glow-getters! Keep calm and try this limited addition shimmer on. The perfect compliment to Tantasia, add a drop into your Dream Tint or Glow Time, mix and apply…

Colour Theory
PurePressed Blush: Barley Rose. Bold blush adds just the right pop to the summer skin you’re in. Pinks offset all things bronzy so go forth and blush brightly…
PureGloss Lip Gloss: Sugar Plum (not shown). Just the right hint-o-tint for a translucent fresh touch of colour.

“It List” Tips: The foundation of all Foundations is primer. For an added touch of skin perfecting radiance apply Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener under your foundation of choice.
Be sun safe. Try Powder-Me SPF: Golden or Tanned over Tantasia and dust over Dream Tint with the Kabuki Brush.


Jelly Jar 101

Well the reviews are in and you are loving the new Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliners from
jane iredale-The Skin Care Makeup. Jelly Jar’s were released in spring of this year as part of the Magic Hour Spring Collection. Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner is brand new addition to the eyeliner category with two shade options to kickoff this product category, Black and Brown. The Black is deep and rich and the Brown is smoldering with a playful soft & subtle metallic glow that uplifts any eye colour.

Blog Entry- JJ-June 14, 14

Whether you like your lines smudgy or precise, these inky Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliners let you define your eyes just as you please.

Blog Entry #1-June 14, 14

Its all in the tools so here are just a few examples to set you up for success.

Blog Entry#2-June14,14

1 = Detail Brush (Taklon nylon) Ideal to line the waterline of the eye.
2 = Angle Liner/Brow (Taklon nylon) Ideal for crisp, clean defined lines or the cat-eye.
3 = Mini-Dome (Pony & Taklon nylon) Ideal for the soft smudged & smoldering effect.
4 = Camouflage Brush (Taklon nylon) Ideal for the smoky eye or as a primer.

Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliners are the definition of versatile.



The greatly anticipated Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion from jane iredale-The Skin Care Makeup is here. This limited edition skintastic shimmer lotion is just in time for summer.
“I imagined the golden shimmer on the horizon, just where the ocean meets the sky at dusk. I imagined the sweet smells of a tropical garden and of wearing skin-baring warm weather clothes. Those images inspired me to create Golden Shimmer.”-Jane Iredale


This lightweight moisturizing lotion imparts an irresistible veil of rose-like golden shimmer that compliments any skin tone and is the quintessential compliment to Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer for that perfect sunless tan.

Try it on your: decollete, shoulders, collarbone or cheekbones for a subtle enhancement. Whether its a summer fun casual or a little black dress, finish the skin you’re in with Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion.

P.S. – Remember this is a limited edition product so get while the gettin’s good.


Your success is our success

20 years ago Jane Iredale launched her namesake brand with the Amazing Base. This revolutionary loose mineral powder forever changed the beauty landscape. The Amazing Base garners it’s name from the many women who had it applied in the early days and replied, “It’s amazing!”


Education combined with “powers of the experience”; experiencing the difference through application, has been the driving force behind the brand since day one. Education elevates success and when we are successful we are confidant and confidence is empowering.
jane iredale – The Skin Care Makeup commits to your continued success with the innovative integration of QR Codes right into the retail packaging, beginning with the release of the Magic Hour collection. When you open the retail box you will discover a
QR Code on the underside of the flap. Just scan the QR Code with your smart device and it will instantly connect you to a YouTube video on how to apply the product you have purchased, voila!


*Please note: The QR Code technology will cycle into all the retail packaging on a slow and gradual release. Until then/and or, please visit our website where you can find YouTube application/technique videos to assist you in your success.




Under cover…

I am often asked about my favourite jane iredale products, which can be a very difficult question to answer.
I think that many of you that are reading this would agree, jane iredale – The Skin Care Makeup offers an amazing array of innovations to celebrate our beauty and once you have had the “power of the experience” you never look back… Our “powers of the experience” are uniquely our own since we all celebrate our beauty differently.

On numerous occasions recently I’ve been asked what my concealer of choice happens to be and without hesitation I reply Glow Time. I use Glow Time very day under my eyes, over and around my nose and on any other challenges that can pop-up unexpectedly. I travel a lot, it’s my savior.


I love it because of the texture, the skin care benefits and the SPF 25. I love that once I have applied it, it stays put, all day without creasing, traveling or fading. I love that I have an SPF around my eyes protecting my delicate skin and helping to prevent photoaging. Glow Time is a full coverage Mineral BB Cream designed to camouflage a bevy of skin related challenges.

What can I say? It’s all in the “power of the experience” so go forth and have yours.


Monthly Must Have!


Take Comfort in knowing you have the perfect glow. That soft focus glow that you have come to depend on from In Touch Highlighter by jane iredale – The Skin Care Makeup.
Comfort the new In Touch Highlighter, creates a candle-light finish, bathing the skin in rose like golden glow. Try it on your lips, cheeks, brow bone, shoulders and decollete.

Try it over: PurePressed Blush, In Touch Cream BlushForever Pink Lip & Cheek Stain and Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer using the Blending Brush.

Now get glowing…



Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner is a game changer from jane iredale – The Skin Care Makeup. These Jelly Jars contain a featherweight gel formula that delivers the look of a liquid with long-wearing, water-resistant, rich saturated colour. Whether you like your lines well defined or blurred, Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner delivers. Define your eyes as you please with ease…

Precision Definition: Try the new (Ergonomic) Angle Eyeliner Brush
Blurred or Smudged: Try the Mini-Dome.
Smokey Shadow Effect: Start with your favourite Eye Gloss for the perfect            crease-resistant foundation; apply with the Sculpting Brush. Once dry, apply the Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner of choice with Camouflage Brush from the crease to the lash line. Using a clean Crease Brush blend the edge until faded.

Now that’s the definition of versatility…

Crazy for Craze!

Ok, so I am crazy about Craze Lip Fixation from the new spring collection Magic Hour. Craze delivers the quintessential lip look for Spring 2014. So if coral is calling out to you proceed directly to Craze from jane iredale – The Skin Care Makeup. 

LipFix Craze_s_LR

Lip Fixation offers double-beauty duty with two products in one. Each Lip Fixation boasts a lip stain and lip gloss in complementary colours. For the best results please apply the stain to completely dry lips, free from any previous lip products or moisture. Lip Fixation allows for comfortable, buildable coverage without feathering or drying. Once the stain is dry (matte looking) follow with the gloss for a brilliant shine, voilà!

Tip: Apply a very delicate amount of Craze stain to your cheeks followed by a wash of Comfort In Touch Highlighter, simply brilliant…


And the Oscar goes to…

Be gorgeous in gold!

      photo 1

Skin finishing is the order of the day so that you are red carpet ready to attend your
Oscar-themed parties in celebration of the 86th Annual Academy Awards.
jane iredale – The Skin Care Makeup makes it easy for your close-up. Here are just a few Oscar winning options to assist you in skin finishing for that picture perfect glow…

Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer
Moonglow Quad Bronzer
NYC – Just Kissed Lip Plumper
Sangria – PureGloss Lip Gloss

Face & Body Preparation:
1. Exfoliate and hydrate your skin.
2. Apply Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer to any exposed skin to impart a fresh healthy glow. (Apply before bed and then again in morning after your shower).
3. Apply Moonglow our Iconic Quad Bronzer to your lips, cheeks, eyes, shoulders and decolletage. You may blend all four colours together or apply them separately…
4. For that extra skin finishing touch try our 24-Karat Gold Dust in Gold. Apply it with our White Fan Brush or mix it in your favorite body moisturizer for that extra added gilded glow.