Send Some Smoke Signals…


Jane Iredale has done it again with the release of her Holiday Collection for 2015; In The Blink of a Smoky Eye. This two piece collection is aptly named after the central feature of the collection, yes you guessed it, the Limited Edition smoky eye kit; In The Blink of a Smoky Eye. This new kit delivers a fresh modern twist to the standard.
It’s about colour, so go ahead, send some colourful smoke signals this season!


This palette boasts 8 PurePressed Eye Shadows to celebrate your eyes for every occasion and event on your dance card/calendar.
You will discover that these shades are very versatile, mix, match, layer and play, taking you from day to evening in the blink of an eye…


Bone – Pure Gold – Dawn
Rose Gold – Iris – Forest – Double Espresso – Ebony

• Bone – a matte creamy nude.
• Pure Gold – a shimmery luminous gold.
• Dawn – a shimmery rose brown.
• Rose Gold – a shimmery rose gold.
• Iris – a matte cool violet.
• Forest – a matte deep green.
• Double Espresso – a matte dark cool brown.
• Ebony – a matte black.

Blog-Nov14, 2015-#4

This kit comes complete with a fold out insert featuring 5 smoky eye looks to help you on your way to mastering the modern smoky eye.


Nothing completes a smoky eye quite like a red lip. Jane introduces a brand new addition to her award winning family of Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stains, Forever Red. Most of you have come to know and love these unique lippies, which undoubtedly, have become a staple in your lip wardrobe over the years.
Formulated with lip loving ingredients these three lip and cheek stains are designed to work with your own unique body chemistry to create your own unique shade of Pink, Peach and now Red. These stains deliver unmatched staying power for the no fuss individual, beautiful alone or under your favourite PureMoist Lip Stick, PureGloss Lip Gloss or PlayOn Lip Cray… Mirror mirror on the wall, which is my favourite stain of all?

Blog-Nov14,2015-#6 Enjoy everyone!

Strobing, illuminate your skin.

Glow getters are the masters of the new beauty trend called “strobing”
Strobing is a makeup technique that focuses on the use light.
It’s about defining your facial features by playing up where light would naturally fall upon your facial features. Strobing is about exaggerating these areas, the areas that naturally catch the light like your cheekbones, brow bone, Cupid’s bow and the bridge of your nose.


Strobing is a technique that is much easier to master than its sister trend “contouring & highlighting” which requires more product/s and tools to complete the effect. Contouring and highlighting is amazing and delivers amazing results however it’s not for everyone so strobing is an excellent alternative.

Strobing is easy to master. If you have fingers then you have the tools to create and deliver this season’s most coveted skin finishing technique.
Strobing is about creating a glow and a glow such as this is best served by creamy based products, which are very easy to blend with your fingers, such as In Touch Highlighter in Complete.

Here are some simple steps to ensure that you perfect the strobing technique at home.


1. Perfecting your canvas.
Begin by exfoliating and hydrating your skin with your favorite skin care. Then follow with Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener. Remember it’s all about the glow so I recommend avoiding mattifying products.

2. Now for your foundation.
There are two foundations that are perfect for this, Dream Tint or Glow Time and your choice will be dependant on your coverage needs. This technique is about perfecting the complexion so I like to add a dab of Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion; ratio .75 Foundation + .25 Golden Shimmer, stunning finish.

3. Touches of light.
Now you are ready to play-up the light on the highest points of your facial contour with In Touch Highlighter in either Complete or Comfort. Easy as one two three. Just dab the bullet with your finger and gently blend over the area/s.

4. Finishing Touch.
Take your strobing look to the next level by finishing it with a delicate application of Triple Pear Powder, which will deliver an ethereal luminescent dimension. Complexion Perfection!

Happy strobing everyone!

Brushing Up on Makeup Brushes

I am often asked about the tools of my trade and the one’s I just can’t live without. As a makeup artist of over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to experience a few brushes and I definitely have a core set of essentials that I rely on, which allows me to execute anything that’s required of me.

I hope the information shared helps you to tailor your own set of essentials that will assist you in your makeup application routine/s. Customize your makeup brushes to suit your needs.

Not all brushes are created equal; price usually is an indicator to quality, as well as the bristle quality, hand-tied vs. cut-to-shape. You can test the quality of a tool/brush by running it over the back of your hand.
You are looking to see if the bristles all move in the same direction effortlessly indicating a quality design. If you experience a splaying of the bristles this indicates that the brush will offer little control in application resulting in frustration and inadequate makeup results. The length of the brush handle is really a personal preference, I prefer shorter for ease of travel and their ability to fit into a wider range of cosmetic bag options.

Hand-tied VS. Cut-to-shape
One of the distinguishing features of a good quality brush is the standard and type of natural hair used, and how that hair is shaped and attached to the handle by the ferrule. Good quality brushes are referred to as hand-tied. This means that hair is hand-molded to the desired shape and cut at the ferrule end (the metal collar between the hair and handle.) This maintains the integrity of the natural hair with its fine tapered end. All hair naturally tapers off to a fine point as it loses its keratin layers. This tapered effect makes the hair feel soft, picks up powders more efficiently, and disburses and blends them more evenly on the skin.
The type of natural hair chosen, the shape and the density (amount of hair used) all contribute to the performance of the brush and how it delivers the pigment onto the surface of the skin.
Hair that is cut-to-shape, however, results in blunt ends, which feel rough and stubbly on the skin; this also causes powder pigments to fly as they are applied. There is no comparison between hand-tied and cut brushes when it comes to results.

Powder Brush (Chisel Powder)
A long, full, powder brush with medium-density bristles made of goat hair.
• The optimal tool for our loose powders.

Flat/Blunt Head Brush (The Handi)
A flat-headed, long-bristled powder brush made of goat hair.
• The optimal tool for our pressed powders.

Stippling Brush (Blending Brush)
A dual-length brush made from goat hair and Taklon nylon.
• The unique combination of natural and man-made fibers makes it extremely versatile and ideal for use with both powder and cream based products.

Kabuki (Kabuki)
A large, soft, rounded brush made of goat hair.
• Use with our loose powders or bronzers for body application.
• Excellent for touch-powders.
Blush Brush (Dome)
A soft, medium sized, dome shaped, multi-purpose brush made of goat hair.
• Ideal for blush, bronzers, highlighting and contouring powders.

Fan Brush (White fan)
A soft, long-bristled, fan-shaped brush made of goat hair.
• Use for blush, bronzer and shimmer powders.
• Excellent for cleanup of eye shadow pigment sprinkles under the eyes.

Concealer Brush (Camouflage)
A small, flat, synthetic brush made with Taklon nylon.
• Use with any cream-based products.

Shader Brush (Large Shader)
A long, flat, medium-density brush made of pony and ox hair.
• Use for shading when you want a wider stroke of eye colour or to prime the entire eyelid with powder foundations.
Crease Brush (Crease)
A soft, long, tapered eye shadow brush made of goat hair.
• Thinner than the Eye Contour brush, use when you want to make up the eye with more definition.
• Every woman must own one, it will change your life!

Pencil Brush (Mini-Dome)
A small eye shadow brush made of pony hair and Taklon nylon.
• Use for more precise application around the upper and lower lash line.
• Excellent smudge brush for dry eye shadows or cream/gel eyeliners (smoky effect).

Blender Brush (Oval Blender)
A dense, flat, oval-shaped brush made of pony hair.
• Use to cover an area with foundation, with highlight or contour shades or blending eye shadow colours once applied.

Angle Brush (Angle Liner/Brow)
• An angled, eyeliner brush made of Taklon Synthetic.
• Use with cream/gel eyeliners for a thin precise lines or with brow powders.

Lip Brush (Retractable Lip)
A retractable, small, soft, pointed brush made of pony and goat hair.
• Use with all lip products.

I wish you all the very best and makeup application success!
jane iredale-Beauty With Brilliance is Leapping Bunny Approved.

Jane’s Inner Makeup

It All Started With An Insightful Promise.
For 20 years, mineral makeup pioneer, Jane Iredale, has been creating quality products that adhere to the highest standard of integrity for her eponymous makeup line, jane iredale. With a clear vision of the future, Jane created a mineral foundation that would utilize the most current technology available to provide a makeup that looked and felt exceptional and gave full coverage and broad-spectrum sun protection. In addition, the use of pharmaceutical grade and certified organic (where available) botanicals and antioxidants were a further commitment to this quality.


Jane’s Mission
We pledge to provide a product line that has the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women through its effectiveness, simplicity and beauty. We believe that our activities should be governed by the requirements of our customers and our concern for the environment.

Far Reaching Vision
Jane Iredale’s concern for the environment and the requirements of
her consumers guide the principles of her social consciousness and eco-friendly commitments. jane iredale-Beauty With Brilliance is very proud to carry recognitions from ECOCERT, the Leaping Bunny Program, PETA and The Skin Cancer Foundation. Additionally, jane iredale printed materials and retail packaging utilize recycled paper. The jane iredale Beauty Gallery (full line display) is made entirely in the USA out of recycled materials and is also 100% recyclable.

Jane’s mission is the foundation to her philanthropic giving and has directed her attention primarily towards women, the environment, the arts and her community.
• Our environmental organizations include Greenpeace, Wildlife Conservation Society and The Nature Conservancy.
• We are members of the Green Spa Network and long-time supporters of Teens Turning Green. We were one of the first companies to sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.
• We are annual contributors to The Red Cross, Habitat for the Humanities and Construct; these are all wonderful organizations that need everybody’s support.

Thinking Locally
We believe in thinking locally, so we’re meaningful supporters of our local Community Center. Our staff is active in the community and, among others, is on the Boards of the following organizations:
• The Literacy Network, an organization dedicated to providing free education through one-on-one tutoring to residents over 16.
• IS 183, a non-profit community art school encouraging people of all ages, means and skill levels to enrich their lives through hands-on experience in the visual arts.
• The central Berkshire Habitat for the Humanities.
• Our local domestic violence center, Elizabeth Freeman.
• The Operational Committee of ReStore.
Jane Iredale sits on the board of Shakespeare & Company and The Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center. She is also a board member of ICMAD (Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors), our industry trade association for small businesses.
Other organizations we actively support with donations and participation are:
• Women’s Cancer Wellness Fund
• Berkshire Grown (an organization supporting our local organic farms)
• Berkshire Creative (an organization that fosters the creative environment in western Massachusetts)
• Berkshire Botanical Gardens
• Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington
In 2011, we designed and built a playground in our home town of Great Barrington called Giggle Park. Local townsfolk, employees and partners volunteered their time to build the playground. The giggling hasn’t stopped yet.

Passionate About Giving
October 2015 Jane Iredale celebrates her 8th year in partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a national education and support organization whose mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support.
Over the past 8years Jane Iredale has developed 8 Limited Edition
Products in distinctive pink packaging exclusively for LBBC.


Back By Popular Demand!
Smell The Roses is a limited edition hydration spray developed by Jane exclusively for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, which receives 100% of profits from sales. The intoxicating rose fragrance de-stresses while the flower oil and botanical extracts nourish, cleanse and detoxify the skin, increasing blood circulation. True beauty from the inside out – think pink and remember to stop and smell the roses!


Your Purchase Makes A Difference!
“As a nonprofit organization, it would be impossible for us to provide people diagnosed with breast cancer access to free resources at the national level without the support of our corporate partners,” says Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s (LBBC) associate director of marketing and partnerships, Kevin Gianotto. “That’s what makes our partnership with jane iredale so exciting. You provide a funding source necessary for us to develop and initiate programs and services and a platform to introduce the services, as well. It really is full-circle.”

Pink Power:
12 The # of weeks it took for Smell the Roses Hydration Spray to sell out in 2014.

2 IMC was able to double its contribution in 2014 from the previous year from the sale of Smell the Roses.

200,000 The # of visitors to to connect with others sharing their experiences in 2014.

300 The % increase of individual engagement on LBBC’s social media platforms in 2014.

10,000 The # of individuals who were supported through LBBC’s community meetings, webinars, online content delivery and conferences during 2014.

$342,220 The amount of IMC’s contribution to LBBC over the past seven years.

Making A Difference For Over 20 years…
In 2014, Jane Iredale was recognized with the ISPA Visionary Award, an award presented each year to someone in the spa industry who has made significant contributions to both the definition and positive movement of health and wellness over the lifetime of their career.


Jane Iredale is the true definition of beauty both inside and out. I am so honored to be a part of your journey for the past 14 years and I look forward to many more to come!

99% of this post is excerpts from the following:
Celebrating Jane Iredale, a 20/20 visionary – Brochure.
Smell The Roses – Press Release 2015.


A Collection of Colour & Style

The wait is over Canada!
I am so excited to introduce to you Ready To Wear the NEW fall colour collection from jane iredale-Beauty With Brilliance. Ready To Wear is a twelve piece collecting with the bonus introduction to the NEW and improved wand for PureLash Lengthening Mascara.


This season is all about a return to colour, rich jewel tones reminiscent of years past with a twist of the present. Jane Iredale draws her inspiration form the fashion runways around the world, her travels across the glob and the colours found in nature.
On trend but never trendy, Jane’s new collection of wearable colour has something for everyone.

This season’s makeup begins with the foundation to all foundations, Smooth Affair®, the multi award-winning Facial Primer & Brightener NOW available in a revolutionary formulation designed for oily skin. Smooth Affair® for Oily Skinhas all the skin loving benefits of the original Smooth Affair® with added bonus of revolutionary PoreAway™ technology along with state-of-the-art mineral science that:


  • Visibly reduces shine to create the ideal makeup canvas.
  • Noticeably reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Fights blemishes and clogged pores.
  • Creates a smooth, matte finish for an even skin tone.
  • Employs advanced mineral technology that color-adjusts to your skin.

Awesome right? Well it gets better; you can actually reapply it right over your existing makeup for additional oil control, yes that’s right, right over your makeup.
Simply squeeze a small pea size amount onto your fingertips, emulsify it between your fingertips and dab it over the areas you want to re-mattify, Voila!

When it comes to the perfect pout this season its all about a new play on colour with jane iredales NEW PlayOn® Lip Crayons. Where modernity meets whimsy and precision is made practical.
PlayOn® Lip Crayonsare creamy dreamy colour offered in seven luxurious shades.
These saturated shades deliver wearable colour brimming with lip loving moisturizing oils that leave your lips conditioned and soft. The easy-to-apply pencil design makes child’s play of this seasons luscious lip looks, so play on people, play on…


Blissful – shimmering sheer gold nude
Hot – creamy pink red – think Margi Lipstick and/or Red Currant PureGloss.
Luscious – creamy rose brown – think Ashley Lipstick and/or Raspberry PureGloss.
Yummy – creamy sheer peach – think Sharon Lipstick.
Charming – creamy bubblegum pink – think Lucy Lipstick, Cherish Lip Fixation and/or Sugar Plum PureGloss.
Saucy – creamy hot coral – think Devotion Lip Fixation.
Naughty – creamy brick red – think Hannah Lipstick.

Tis the season for smoke signals so create some to remember.
With a return to colour, eyes take centre stage with four NEW PurePressed® Eye Shadow Singles, a collection of wearable colour and style. These pigment rich shades are right on trend yet not trendy, the right shades right now, today, tomorrow and beyond…


Mermaid – shimmery sea foam
Forest – matte deep green
Iris – matte cool violet
Steamy – shimmery pink copper

With the release of these new singles comes the preview of the New Compacts, slimmer, sleeker and light as air, modernity with elegance in the palm of your hand.
These compacts are:

  • Fingerprint-resistant.
  • High-shine finish in an elegant rose gold tone.
  • Decorated with a simple jane iredale ‘i’ logo kissed onto the face of the compact. Inside is a generous mirror to ensure the best possible application.
  • The compacts close with a satisfying ‘snap!’ and reopen with ease with a press-button clasp.

Eyes this season or any season for that matter would not be complete without the finishing touch, the touch of mascara. Now easier than ever, you can dress every single lash, above and below with the NEW Dual-sided Precision Wand in PureLash® Lengthening Mascara. Flexi silicone bristles comb and coat every eyelash creating the look of longer, fuller lashes. The small bristle dress your lower lashes while the longer ones take your upper lashes to new lengths. Take magic into your own hands…



Now this is a collection we can all fall for, enjoy!


Taking Shape – 4 Steps to Beautiful Brows

Beautiful eyebrows aren’t a luxury they are an essential part of your face everyday!
Eyebrows are one of the most important keys to framing your face and of course those gorgeous eyes of yours. In fact, perfectly shaped eyebrows can act as an instant mini-eyelift.
Now your eyebrows have a true purpose for being, aside from in some cases being a constant annoyance, they help to keep sweat out of our eyes, and convey a wide range of emotion through facial expression.
So, in saying this, I believe that your brows should reflect a better more defined version of themselves. If you have never had your brows shaped, have a professional do them the first time, and then you can maintain them on your own. Now be mindful, brow trends come and go and even though fuller brows are in, your brows must suit you. Your brows are one of your best — and easiest to get — beauty accessories, at any age.

4 Easy Steps to perfecting your brows:


1. Maintenance – Tweeze & Trim
After your initial professional brow service daily maintenance is a must.
Now everyone should have two types of tweezers in their brow kits, slant tip and point tip. Slant tip grab and remove the larger hairs while point tip grab those fine delicate hairs with precision and control.
For some of us trimming is required. Remember safety first so please invest in a pair of blunt nose beauty scissors. With the Deluxe Spoolie Brush gently brush/direct your brow hairs upward toward your forehead and trim those that go beyond your natural upper brow line.
2. Brush & Direct
After maintenance brush your brows and direct them into shape prior to applying your brow enhancement products. This will help you to see what you need to do and allow for ease of application.
3. Define
The choice is yours from pencils to powders or even a combination. I prefer the flexibility and control of the colour and depth of colour that can be achieve by using powders. My all time favorite brow kit is the Daytime Eye Shadow Kit containing 5 shades 4 of which you can mix, match or layer and one to add lift and highlight to your brow arch.
Once you have defined with either a pencil or a powder it is paramount to lightly brush over the colour deposit to blend and avoid the drawn look.
4. Tame & Set
Lastly, apply PureBrow Brow Gel to your brow hairs to tame and maintain your beautiful brow shape. Match the shade to your natural colour or go lighter to soften, darker for drama and clear for “au naturel”.
This is perfect product for those who want to mask their natural highlights a.k.a grey’s.

Thanks everyone. Go forth and be browful!


Optical Illusion

3 Easy steps to bigger, brighter, beautiful eyes.

We all have good days and bad where we struggle with the reflection in the mirror. Nothing is more challenging or annoying then eyes staring back at you that look tired, puffy or still asleep. If you can relate, then read on…

Our eyes are the #1 most important element of the face, they can say so much without words and are often referred to as” the windows to the soul.” So if you are struggling or simply want to achieve bigger, brighter more beautiful eyes, it’s easier than you think and can be done in a wink!

Now makeup can only do so much so great makeup begins with great skin care.
The eye contour is a delicate area and possess some of the thinnest skin found on the entire body. Eye care is essential.
Puffy, tired or fatigued eyes will require a gel based eye treatment product that will deliver a weightless calming, cooling and de-puffing effect, while regular days will require cream based treatment products to hydrate, firm and reduce stubborn darkness found around the eye contour.
Once you have applied the appropriate eye treatment product you are ready to begin applying your eye makeup.

Concealer is key to camouflaging, reducing and diffusing stubborn darkness that can plague the eye contour. It’s the instant darkness eraser that delivers an instant brightening effect. There are many wonderful options to choose from so it’s about finding the right fit for you. My #1 go-to is Active Light Under-Eye Concealer.

Now to create the optical illusion of bigger eyes in 3 Easy Steps:


1. Define your eyes.
To create an eye popping affect start by applying depth to your crease and lower lash line. Typically I will reach for a universal shade such as a warm bronze. My favourite of the season is the darker shade found in the Golden Girl Eye Shadow Trio.
Using the Chisel Shader Brush apply it to the full length of your crease creating a subtle wash of the colour over the skin. Next, using the same brush and only the tips of the bristles apply the same amount to the full length of your lower lash line.

2. Line your eyes.
Eyeliner is the key to creating the illusion that your eyes are larger than they appear. It’s all in the choice of colour and where you apply it. It’s about adding light to create brightness that opens up your eyes. Using the dual-ended Highlighter Pencil in White/Pink apply your choice to the waterline of yours eye both above and below.

3. Mascara magic.
Simply the most important makeup item in any woman’s makeup arsenal, need I say more…
Mascara is a very personal product and once you’ve found the right one you are loyal till the end or until its discontinued. Mascara magic is all in the application. When applying your mascara of choice pull/direct your lashes towards your nose so you are actually pulling them straight. If you direct them or pull them outward (away from your nose) they will actually look shorter, I know, right?
To reduce the number of coats and avoid unsightly clumping start by applying PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner, the foundation to all mascara. You have to try it to believe it!
While it is still wet follow with your mascara of choice, in this case mine is
Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Slate Grey. This colour aids in making the whites of your eyes look whiter thus more bright and awake.


The Eyes of Summer.

What you need, what you want, and what really works.
Look radiant with these pretty product picks inspired by tropical vacation days, ocean waves, the suns warming rays and all things beachy and bright…


July15-Blogg Entry2-2015

PurePressed Eye Shadows:
Blue Hour, Magic, Rose Gold, Wink and Caribbean.

Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow: Champagne Silk and Peach Silk.
Eye Pencil: Midnight Blue.
PureLash Lengthening Mascara: Navy



Allover: With the applicator apply a thin wash of Champagne Silk from your lashline to brow.
Lid: With the Chisel Shader Brush apply Rose Gold blending from your lashline to just under your natural crease. Wrap a little around the outer corner of your eye and with the Mini-Dome Brush apply a soft layer along the full length of your lower lashline.
Crease: With the Crease Brush apply a soft wash of Caribbean along the full length of your natural crease.
Lashes: Apply several coats of Navy Masacara allowing each coat to dry between applications.

Allover: With the applicator apply a thin wash of Peach Silk from your lashline to brow.
Lid: With the Large Shader Brush apply a soft layer of Wink over the Peach Silk form lashline to brow.
With the Mini-Dome Brush run Wink along the full length of your lower lashline.
With the Chisel Shader Brush apply and blend a soft layer Rose Gold from your lashline to your natural crease.
Crease: With a clean Crease Brush blend the Rose Gold through the full length of your crease.
With the Mini-Dome Brush apply Caribbean along your lashline starting from the outer corner moving inward and ending half way.
With the same brush apply a soft layer of Magic from the outer of your lower lasline moving inward and ending half way.
Lashes: Apply PureLash Extender & Conditioner and while still wet, follow with Navy Mascara.

Allover: With the applicator apply a thin wash of Champagne Silk form your lashline to your brow.
Crease: With the Crease Brush apply Caribbean along the full length of your natural crease.
Lid: With the Chisel Shader Brush apply Magic from your lashline to just under your natural crease.
With a clean Crease Brush, sweep through your crease to blend.
With the Mini-Dome Brush apply Magic to the outer quarter corner of your lower lashline.
Apply Midnight Navy pencil along your upper and lower water line (inside rim).
Lashes: Apply several coats of Navy mascara allowing each coat to dry between applications.

Allover: With the applicator apply a thin wash of Peach Silk from your lashline to brow.
Lid: With the Large Shader Brush apply a soft layer of Wink from your crease to brow. With the same brush apply Blue Hour from your natural crease to your lashline.
With the Mini-Dome Brush apply Wink along the full length of your lower lashline and with the same brush apply Blue Hour along the outer quarter corner of your lower lashline.
Apply Midnight Blue Pencil along the full length of your upper lashline getting thicker as you move to the outer corner, then apply Midnight Blue to upper and lower water line (inside rime).
Crease: With the Crease Brush apply a soft layer of Caribbean and blend.
Lashes: Apply PureLash Extender & Conditioner and while still wet follow with Navy Mascara.

Crease Brush, Chisel Shader Brush, Large Shader Brush and Mini-Dome Brush.

Just a reminder to practice safe sun fun everyone, cheers!



Shades Around The World

I am going to say right off the bat that I am taking the lead for this post from an article I happened upon while surfing the net:

This article resonated with me for the obvious reasons and then some not so obvious.
So here are my top 3 (not so obvious):
1. Heathrow Airport is, as we know, in Great Britain and Jane Iredale the president and founder of her namesake brand hails from London herself.
2. jane iredale- Beauty With Brilliance has a global presence and is presently available in over 46 countries of the world.
3. Jane has created 24 lip-loving PureMoist Lipsticks formulated with the most lip-loving ingredients to celebrate your lips wherever you are.

With over 400 products, Jane Iredale has created a brand that celebrates women of all ages and nationalities. Jane’s success in reaching women around the world is based on the belief that true makeup artistry comes not from trying to make a face conform to the latest fashion trends, but from enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty and, as a result, allowing her personality to shine. This has had an international resonance.

With colours ranging from flattering neutrals to the most daring brights and finishes from candlelit shimmer to dewy, glossy, creamy and matte, there is everything a heart desires for cheeks, lips and eyes…
jane iredale products have long been a favorite of beauty editors around the world, not just for her iconic foundations, but for the wide range of colour offerings too! You will find them gracing the pages of the top fashion and beauty publications and receiving award wins, year after year. Jane may play with latest trends but they do not rule her and the editors take notice.

In the spring of 2013 Jane re-launched her PureMoist Lipstick category, to a resounding success. The release featured a new lip-loving formula with 18 new shades and 6 fan favorites. Drawing inspiration from all around her, along with her unwavering commitment to women’s health and with 87% of her employees being women (42% have been with the company for 5+ years, another 8% for 10+ years), it comes as no surprise that she has chosen to name all 24 PureMoist Lipstick shades after women.

The sleek and slender tube is designed for easy and precise application and slips into the smallest of handbags, ideal for travel. Net Wt. 3g/.1 oz.
• Formulated with the proven soothing properties of Moringa Oil saturate the lips with vitamins A & C, while Coffee Seed Extract infuses the lips with even more antioxidant protection.
• Orange Peel Wax, plus ultra moisturizing Avocado and Sunflower Seed Oils, protect the delicate lip area and give a luxurious, conditioned and quenched feeling to the lips.
• The luscious infusion of organic Pomegranate and Blackberry Fruit Extracts will stimulate your senses the minute you open the tube.
The formula is 100% clean, cruelty-fee and Leaping Bunny Approved.

Based on the findings in the above mention link, I have chosen 10 countries and 10 PureMoist Lipsticks that are in alignment with shades worn by women in these 10 stylish destinations. The countries chosen are based on where I would like to travel on day…


(PureMoist Lipsticks images are not true to shade)

The 10 countries (in some cases) are represented by their individual city flags and the following list is in-order from top to bottom: Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Beijing, Dubai,
Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Mexico City, New York and Stockholm.

This post happens to correspond with a very important celebration, Canada Day. Canada Celebrates 148 years young on July 1st. Canada in all its stunning glory and diversity from coast to coast is just as diverse in all who call it home. A true multicultural melting pot.
What PureMoist Lipstick shade have you chosen to celebrate your lips with on July 1st?

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

Get Glowing…

There are only 7 more days until June 21st, the official day of summer 2015.
Summer is synonymous with the phrase “less is more.” Summer is the season that we embrace our body beautiful and “dare to bare” just a little more than seasons past. We allow ourselves to let down our hair and the frenetic energy of our daily lives seems to melt away with in the warmth of the sun…

Summer is all about skin finishing. When you consider the number of days out of the calendar year that we are covered up, it’s no surprise that we embrace summer with every cell of our being. So you need to celebrate that skin you’re in.

Skin finishing is about embracing your body beautiful and elevating it, creating your wow factor. Skin finishing begins with an appropriate regime of exfoliation and hydration to reveal the glow that is the epitome of healthful skin. Summer skin in North America is defined by achieving the perfect tan. Our summer days are spent chasing the elusive golden tan, that perfect sun-kissed glow…
Its within reach and at your fingertips with Tantasia Self Tanner & Bronzer. Tantasia is a healthful alternative formulated all natural skin loving ingredients. The tinted formulation provides an instant-bronzed glow allowing for optimal control in application, hence “tint today, tan tomorrow!” A unique blend of ingredients works with your skin to gradually develop a customized, even, natural-looking tan that is uniquely your own. Vegetable-sourced natural Silicone makes your skin feel like silk while the sensitivity tested formula makes it ideal for use on face and body. The delicate citrus scent is uplifting and has none of the unpleasant after-smell often associated with conventional self-tanners.
Once you have achieved your desired level of colour, elevate your glow with Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion. This limited edition lotion creates a subtle veil of rose gold shimmer designed to warm and smooth your complexion. Golden Shimmer is the quintessential skin-finishing product of the season and one would think that Jane has magically captured the light from a sunset and put it in a tube. Irresistible!

Now when it comes to face time don’t be afraid to mix your metals, this is your time to shine. Jane’s metals are fit to flatter creating endless experiences for complexion perfection. Get glowing Canada because the count down is on, only six more sleeps until summer.

(List follows image clockwise from top left)
EYE SHERE™ LIQUID EYE SHADOW – Champagne Silk, Pink Silk & Brown Silk.
MYSTIKOL® – Citrine.
SO-BRONZE® – #3.
24-KARAT GOLD DUST – Silver, Bronze & Gold.

Up your Insta-game this summer everyone and remember to practice safe sun fun.