Power Brows and How To Master Them

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A great brow product is worth its weight in gold. From Audrey’s squared edges to Brooke’s brushed out beauties and Kim’s perfectly polished pair, eyebrow trends may waver but a product that can do it all is a beauty bag staple. Having your eyebrows shaped professionally to suit your features is essential, but once you’ve left the salon, the pencil (or gel, or palette) is in your hands.

Brow Blog Image3If you’ve been naturally blessed with full brows, then a brow gel is a must. jane iredale PureBrow Brow Gel can be combed through the brows to set unruly hairs in place, and the tinted formulas (blonde, brunette & auburn) can be used to match your hair colour between tints or simply to give the illusion of thicker, fuller brows. Brow gels have been known to set quickly and give the hair an almost “crunchy” texture, but our mineral formulas have a conditioning effect on the hair, moving with your brow hair for a truly natural look. PureBrow Brow Gel also comes in a clear formula, perfect for “no makeup” days or for setting your look after using a pencil. Our tip? Brush up the hairs at the inner edges of your eyebrows for a fresh, youthful look.

If your brows are sparse or simply need a bit of filling in, then a pencil is your ideal brow tool. A fine pencil will allow you to physically draw on hairs where you feel you may need them, allowing you to be as precise as you need. The jane iredale Retractable Brow Pencil has a very fine tip so you can really create thin, hair like strokes. The pencil also has a spoolie on one end, meaning you can use it to groom your brows prior to using the pencil, and brush the colour through the brows for a blended, feathered finish. This waterproof brow pencil comes in three natural shades, blonde (warm golden brown), Brunette (reddish brown) and Dark Brunette (Rich chocolate brown).

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If versatility is important to you, be it for the hip pocket or for a lack of beauty bag space, then a regular eye pencil can double up as a great brow tool. jane iredale’s Eye Pencil in Taupe is perfect for filling in the brows on the go, and also doubles as an eyeliner to add subtle, natural looking definition to the lash line.

The GreatShape Eyebrow Kit is a favourite among our jane iredale fans, because its great for those who want to create both shape, depth and texture. First, use the spoolie to brush the brow hairs upward and out to make it easier to work with their natural shape. Use the fine brush to apply the clear wax where you need more depth of colour/fill, then use the same brush to apply the tinted brow powder where you’ve just applied the wax – the powder will adhere to the wax to create a texture that almost mimics that of natural hairs. Finish by combing the hairs to blend the product.

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Brows can do wonders for your overall look, and we can’t stress enough how critical brow maintenance is for preserving your natural brow shape. Our tip, put the tweezers down, book an appointment with a brow specialist and embrace your perfect brow shape, that suits your face, your eyes and your hair colour.

It’s all in the detail – to view our entire range of brow and lash products click here.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts

NEW Pure and Simple Makeup Kit

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Our philosophy on makeup is that it should be used to enhance your natural beauty, rather than as a mask to hide behind. Makeup should be fun, something to lift your confidence, never something to agonise over. An everyday makeup routine should be easy – pure and simple.

Enter our Pure & Simple Makeup Kit. Each kit covers all bases (pardon the pun) and is ideal for everyone – from the woman who has only recently acquainted herself with makeup and wants to build up her kit with the essentials, to the beauty lover who needs products that do their job (and do it well) to streamline her everyday makeup routine.

Photo 20-2-17-2

Each kit includes two shades of PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, a PurePressed Blush, two PurePressed Eye Shadows and a Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain, meaning you can quite literally apply a complete face of makeup using just the one beauty-bag sized kit.

Photo 20-2-17-3

You’d be forgiven for assuming a kit so simple could only create one look, but these carefully curated collections have been designed with versatility at the forefront of the mind. For a truly effortless, natural look, apply the mineral foundation that best matches your skin tone; dust the blush over the apples of your cheeks (can’t find them? Grin at yourself in the mirror – the apples are the fleshiest parts of your cheeks), add a wash of the lighter eyeshadow from your duo over your lids, and then apply the lip stain using your finger to add a muted flush to your pout. To dial it up for the evening, use the slightly darker foundation in your kit to add definition to the hollows of your cheeks, work the darker eyeshadow through the crease of your eyelid for a simple smoky eye, use your finger to apply the lip and cheek stain over your powder blush to add more warmth to your complexion, then finish by applying the stain directly to your lips from the bullet for a more concentrated lip colour.

Photo 20-2-17

Each kit also contains a powder brush and dual-ended eye shadow applicator, meaning you don’t have to haul around a brush roll with your new streamlined beauty routine. Unfold the powder brush to create a fan shape for easy foundation application, then fold it back up and create a denser brush to apply your blush with more precision.

Being able to create a complete look using one kit is ideal for travel, but we get even more use out of it for touch-ups during the day. Our tip? Keep our PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation on hand to top up your SPF. Not only is it packed with active skin care benefits, it’s been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen which means you can dust it lightly over your makeup before heading out into the sun (we make sure we do this before we head out to lunch) for additional sun protection without having to wipe off the rest of our face!

Our Pure & Simple Makeup Kit is available in four universal shades to suit every complexion, featuring different foundation blush hues to suit fair to deep skin tones.

Find your Pure & Simple Makeup Kit shade here.

Words and images by Gemma Watts @gemkwatts

jane iredale how-to: Non-touring!

Introducing the latest beauty trend of 2016… Non-touring.

In 2015 Kimmy K showed us how to accentuate our features with contouring – the face sculpting phenomenon. Next we saw strobing, used to help radiate and enhance your facial features with highlighters and concealers.

Keeping your look radiant and fresh, non-touring is about makeup that looks like your real skin, not heavily sculptured with obvious frost, think fresh, natural and dewy, with just the right amount of highlight to subtly define your features. Similar to the no-makeup-makeup look, non-touring makes you feel and look like you are wearing nothing at all – perfect for day to night! This is wearable and undetectable so your skin looks great in person and will look just as good in selfies.

There are three effortless steps in achieving this daytime friendly look.

Step 1:

Begin by priming skin to create a smooth even base, your primer should suit your skin type, normal to dry skin types will love Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener as it restores moisture and radiance to skin. We recommend Smooth Affair Primer for Oily Skin for oilier skin types; this primer visibly reduces shine and the appearance of pores creating the ideal makeup canvas.

Step 2:

This look calls for lightweight coverage, so try our Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser to even skin tone and give your complexion a dewy soft focus effect, as well SPF 15 protection. Our Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream will cover blemishes and deliver a velvety smooth finish to skin, so it’s a great option for those needing a little extra coverage.

Step 3:

The last step in creating this non-makeup look is to allow skin to capture the light. Apply a blend of the two palest shades from jane iredale’s Moonglow Quad Bronzer, using the White Fan Brush, and gently sweep onto the high planes of the face where the light naturally bounces off the skin – on the tops of the cheekbones and the brow bone, along the bridge of the nose and on the cupids bow (upper lip).

Non-touring is the makeup trend that’s here to stay! Tag us in your non-touring looks on Instagram @janeiredale_australia

Nourish with jane iredale – 8 key products!

In winter, it’s easy to let our regular skincare routine fall by the wayside, as we rug up in layer upon layer and spend more time indoors (Netflix anyone?).

If you do decide to venture outdoors, harsh winds and extreme temperatures can cause damage to the protective layers of your skin, as can huddling by the heater. In winter, we tend to move from one extreme to the other, hot to cold, and this can dry skin out, making it feel dehydrated, dry and even flaky! At jane iredale, we’re dedicated to helping you reveal your most radiant skin (and helping you keep it that way), so we’ve put together a list of our favourite double duty products for winter!

Keep your skin hydrated this winter with these 8 double-duty jane iredale products!


Our Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener is the perfect skin-quenching primer that prepares the skin so makeup goes on easier and lasts longer. It also helps maintain the skin’s youthful elasticity and minimise pores and fine lines while bringing out your natural radiance.

Smooth Affair - New packaging - 72dpi


The jane iredale Hydration Sprays come in three unique formulas; Balance, D2O and POMMISST. Each spray helps hydrate and plump the skin leaving you with a refreshed, dewy look. The facial spritz also assures your makeup lasts throughout the day, whilst helping to conceal pores and fine lines. Your skin will be left feeling protected and smooth after using this product!

Hydration Sprays - 72dpi


The Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream helps cover blemishes, minimises pores, disguises wrinkles and smooths and brightens the skin. The key ingredients include Apple Extract, which is a skin-smoothing antioxidant that exfoliates, refines and rejuvenates the skin keeping your skin feeling hydrated and also looking flawless throughout winter.

GlowTime BB Cream - 72dpi copy


This light reflecting, mineral foundation provides a sheer to medium coverage, whilst also plumping and hydrating the skin. The special liquid formulation helps soothe the skin, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimises pores, and evens out skin tones. The Vitamin C helps reverse UV damage and protects your skin.

Liquid Mineral Foundation - Light Beige - 72dpi


The cream to powder blush can we applied over or under minerals for a natural or more dramatic look. The blush is hydrating and easy to glide on to create a radiant flush that’s soft and dewy. It can also be used on the eyes and lip.

In Touch Cream Blush - Clarity - 72dpi


Winter weather is renowned for drying out your lips and jane iredale’s LipDrink Lip Balm can help quench your lips, whilst also providing hydrating protection. With the combination of waxes and oils, your lips will stay moisturised and also be provided with a protective shield from the cold. Flirt is the newest shade to join the LipDrink Lip Balm family, offering peachy-pink protection.

LipDrink Lip Balm Buff - 72dpi


Condition and extend your lashes with a single coat of this conditioner, before applying mascara. Doing this will help strengthen, lengthen and thicken your lashes, making the mascara twice as effective and also allowing you to use less mascara. It can also be used on eyebrows or worn alone at night time as a lash treatmen

PureLash Extender & Conditioner - 72dpi


This ultra-hydrating, never greasy hand cream is a must-have this winter! It is infused with active ingredients and antioxidants such as Green Tea and Blackberry Extracts that protect, moisturise and replenish your skin. Our skin is our largest organ, so it’s important that we look after it!

HandDrink 1 - 72dpi

Spoil mum with jane iredale!

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend – Spoil her with a gift that she’ll adore.

Here is our top jane iredale picks for you, that we know Mum will love. We’ve got you and mum covered!

Hydration Spray – POMMISST

A refreshing facial mist that is eco certified and suited to all skin types. POMMISST Hydration Spray is beautifully hydrating with the added benefit of Pomegranate Extract, which is a powerful antioxidant and UV protector.

It’ll protect and condition the skin, its easy to use, simply spritz before makeup for added moisture or after applying makeup to set the minerals. Mum can keep this multi-tasking spritz in her handbag to ensure her skin is feeling refreshed throughout the day and while she travels. A fruity and refreshing scent to add zest to her day.

Purepressed® Blush

Make her blush with a beautiful neutral shade of PurePressed Blush. She can use this mineral blush on her cheeks, eyes and lips to create a naturally flushed look, whatever the occasion. Our PurePressed blush shades will have your mum’s skin glowing and are formulated with minerals and antioxidants to soothe and nourish her skin (you might even want to keep it for yourself!).

We love the new versatile Flawless PurePressed Blush to help mum create a perfectly on trend nude makeup look. Let her define and highlight her cheekbones – it’s a perfect essential for radiant looking skin.

Lip Fixation®

Brighten up her makeup look with a hint of colour for her lips. This double-beauty duty jane iredale Lip Fixation will give mum a saturated stain with a choice of high shine if she adds the sheer gloss. With ten colour combinations to choose from, you will be able to pick one to perfectly suit mums favourite lippie shade. Your mum will have beautifully coloured lips that will last her all day!


We are yet to find a mum that doesn’t love this hand cream. It’s ultra-hydrating, fast absorbing and infused with active ingredients and antioxidants that will protect, moisturise, replenish and treat Mum’s hard working hands. Plus, it’s delicately perfumed with Organic Rose Essential Oils and includes SPF 15 to keep hands looking and feeling good, whilst protecting them from harsh UV rays. This is the go-to product for Mother’s Day, she’ll keep it close at all times, we guarantee.

Find your closest stockist here http://bit.ly/1qVWfNX)

Happy Mother’s Day from jane iredale xx

Optical Illusions

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.31.59 amThey say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and can indicate our mood and intentions. There’s no denying that, and this is why we love playing up this powerful feature with a little bit of makeup. Eye makeup is a fundamental beauty step and a simple coat of jet black mascara can bring your eyes to life, while a beautifully blended smokey eye can add a sultry sexy effect to your peepers!

Often when we are tired, our eyes are the first to give it away; they can sometimes appear puffy, small or red and this can leave us feeling a little less glamourous than usual. To help avoid this and accentuate your finest features of course, we’ve put together three simple steps to help you to achieve big, bright and beautiful peepers. Plus, it can all be done in the blink of an eye!

Define those eyes 

For a stunning eye enhancing look, begin by applying some depth to your eye crease and lower lash line. We find that a warm bronze shade usually works perfectly and our favourite for the spring season is the PurePressed Eye Shadow Single in Rose Gold.

Using the Eye Shader Brush, work from the inside of the crease of your eye lid, over the rest of the lid to apply a wash of colour over the skin. Using the Chisel Shader Brush lightly apply the same amount to the lower lash line. Don’t be too heavy handed with this though, we want to avoid panda eyes!

Be an Eyeliner pro

Creating the illusion that your eyes are larger than they appear can be easily achieved with the right highlighting eyeliner. Applying the dual-ended Highlighter Pencil onto the waterline and corners of your eyes will instantly wake up tired eyes and appear to give them a lift.

The magic of Mascara

We love mascara, but beware that you can have too much of a good thing. Nothing is worse than clumpy lashes, so to achieve a flawless finish, start by priming them. A single swipe of the PureLash Lash Extender and Conditioner will add thickness and length to your lashes, while also conditioning and protecting the hairs.

Complete the look with a coat of jane iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara, directing the lashes towards your nose as you apply, as this will make them fan outwards and pull them straight!

Photo credit: Liv Lundelius 

Spring has sprung!

Spring is finally here and at jane iredale we take the warmer weather, sunny days, and the fast-approaching party season as the perfect opportunity to spring clean your makeup routine!

Here are three of our favourite fresh makeup looks to help encourage you to shake things up this season. Using our Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser, each of these looks will have your skin protected with SPF too!

Via @HarperandHarley














Look 1.

The focus of this fresh look is on the vibrant orange lip with a classic black liquid liner, as seen on the stunning Sara Donaldson from @HarperandHarley. With this look, skin is kept looking gorgeous and natural with cheeks revealing a soft peach flush.

1. For a fresh matte look try Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener for Oily skin. Take a 5 cent piece amount and blend into skin using the Blending Brush, the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide colour spheres help even skin tone.

2. Apply your shade of Dream Tint to even complexion, buff into skin using the Blending Brush.

3. Mix the brow wax and brow powder from the Bitty Brow Kit together to form a coloured paste, apply to brows using the angled brush to add structure to brow, fill in any gaps and keep hairs in place.

4. Starting from the centre of your eye, apply Jelly Jar Gel Liner in Black using the Angled Liner brush along the top lash line, extending the line slightly on the outer corner.

5. Coat lashes with Pure Lash Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black.

6. Dust Whisper Pure Pressed Blush onto the apples of the cheeks using the Dome Brush.

7. Perfect skin around the edges of the mouth and eliminate any redness with a light dusting of PurePressed or Amazing Base Mineral Powder in your complexion colour. Next outline lips using the Peach Lip Pencil, then fill in the rest of the lip with Saucy PlayOn Lip Crayon.


Pic via Elle.com.au

Look 2.

This look is all about radiant sun kissed skin! It incorporates warm peach tones and a hint of gold to highlight eyes and bring out your inner bronzed goddess!

1. Start by prepping skin with Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, massage into skin using the Blending Brush.

2. Blend Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser into skin using the Blending Brush to even complexion.

3. Comb Clear PureBrow Brow Gel through brows to groom and hold hairs in place.

4. Using the Chisel Powder Brush apply So Bronze #1 Bronzing Powder to the parts of the face that the sun would naturally kiss the skin.

5. Take Copper Wind PurePressed Blush and dust onto the apples of the cheeks to create a soft peach flush.

6. Mix the two gold shades from Golden Girl Triple Eye Shadow and apply as a wash over the eye lid using the Crease Brush. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with the same two shades using the Mini Dome Brush.

7. Coat top and bottom lashes with Pure lash Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black.

8. Complete the look with LipDrink Lip Balm in Buff.

9. Finish with 3-4 pumps of POMMISST Hydration Spray for an antioxidant boost.

Cara Delavigne via http://www.vogue.com.au/beauty/makeup

Pic via vogue.com.au

Look 3.

You can achieve Cara Delavigne’s sexy, sultry look in no time. It’s perfect for the upcoming party season!

1. This look calls for perfectly matte skin, so start the process with New Smooth Affair for Oily skin, incorporating Pore AwayTM technology, this fast absorbing formula creates a smooth matte finish.

2. Blend Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser into skin using the Blending Brush to even complexion.

3. Dust a light layer of PurePressed Powder Minerals over the entire face using the Handi Brush.

4. Groom Brows with PureBrow Gel in your appropriate colour.

5. Draw a line of Dark Topaz Mystikol Eyeliner along the top lash line and then smoke it out using the Chisel Shader Brush. Next line the inside of the eye and just under the lower lashes using the same colour. Smudge the Mystikol under the lower lashes and blend using the Mini Dome Brush.

7. Sweep a soft wash of Supernova PurePressed Eyeshadow over the top of the Mystikol all the way around the eye using the Crease Brush to create a soft diffused smokiness.

8. Apply two coats of Black Ice Longest Lash Mascara to top and bottom lashes for full thick lashes.

9. Add a soft wash of pink to the cheeks with Awake PurePressed Blush using the Dome Brush.

10. Finish by giving lips a soft pink stain with Milan Just Kissed Lip Plumper. Dab onto lips then blend with fingers so there are no hard edges.

11. Finish skin with a refreshing spritz of Balance Hydration spray!


jane iredale’s top makeup tips for glasses wearing glamours

Glasses have fast become a must-have accessory – gone are the days of geeky stereotypes – but for many of us, wearing glasses extends far beyond our desire to make a fashion statement and is an essential part of our daily life!

Glasses image 1

Wearing glasses can dramatically change your appearance, and with so many shapes, colours and styles available we invest a lot of time in selecting the pair that suits our personal style, and of course our face, but what do we do about our makeup?

For those who are new to wearing glasses, you may find that your usual tricks may not be working as they used to – adjusting your makeup routine to suit your specs can be daunting for newbies and regulars alike so we’ve put together five simple tips to ensure that you’re able to accentuate your eyes and shine from behind those frames!

Glasses - ji products

1. Lighten up

Glasses can unfortunately cast a shadow underneath the eyes, especially those styles that have a thicker frame. To avoid eyes looking dark through your lenses, keep your favourite concealer handy and dab on when you feel that your eyes could use a freshen up. Our ACTIVE LIGHT® UNDER-EYE CONCEALER is perfect for this! With an easy brush designed to fit into the recesses around the eyes and nose, ACTIVE LIGHT® helps disguise those dark areas under the eyes. This miracle concealer also doubles as a face highlighter and is perfect for when you’re on-the-go, making it your new BFF.

2. Focus on lashes

Glasses lenses tend to accentuate what lies behind them and the simplest way to highlight those peepers is by applying mascara. Curling lashes first can help make eyes appear more open, and is also a handy hint for those with long, straight lashes to stop them from hitting the glass. When it comes to glasses and your lashes, length isn’t always best; to avoid your lashes hitting the inside of your lenses opt for mascara that adds colour only, not length. Our PURELASH® MASCARA, comes in Black Onyx and Agate Brown, and is formulated to condition your lashes with a blend of seaweed lipids. This mascara is resistant to smearing and flaking and is the perfect choice for sensitive eyes.

For extra volume we recommend a coat of our PURELASH® LASH EXTENDER & CONDITIONER under your mascara and again before bed to help treat and strengthen your lashes naturally.

3. Stay neutral.

If you wear bold frames, you’ll want to avoid clashing your eye shadow with your glasses, especially if you choose to wear a bold or brightly coloured pair. To be safe, wear neutral and natural shades on your eyelids as these lighter colours have the added benefit of making your eyes appear lighter. Try our PUREPRESSED® EYE SHADOWS in dreamy pink or supernova.

If you must go bold, try accentuating your eyes with dramatic eyeliner instead! Our soft and creamy JELLY JAR™ GEL EYELINER can help you achieve a precise line or smudgy look, and will help define your eyes behind your lenses. We love the new Espresso shade as it adds dimension without being as heavy as a traditional black liner. Think grey brown and perfectly suited for blondes. Read more about perfecting your eyeliner on one of earlier blog posts, jane iredale eyeliner tutorial.

4. Define your brows.

Just as your glasses frame your eyes, your eyebrows are a frame for your glasses and defining them can help to draw attention to your eyes, especially for those who wear glasses with smaller frames. Use our BITTY BROW KIT® to perfect your brows, anywhere, anytime – perfect if you’re one of those people who puts on their glasses half way through the day. This compact brow kit includes a water resistant brow wax and brow powder to help keep eyebrow hairs in place and perfectly shaded.

5. When in doubt, perfect on your pout.

A bold lip is a simple way to add glamour to any look (glasses or no glasses), and is an ideal way to draw attention away from your spectacles if you’re self conscious or just want to mix up the focal point of your face. If you love a gloss, our PUREGLOSS™ LIP GLOSS will soothe and hydrate lips, whilst adding a pretty pop of colour. To add dimension, try filling in lips with one of our liners and follow with a gloss. If lipstick is more for you, our PUREMOIST® LIPSTICK is vibrant and nourishing and will take you from day to night in a flash – we’re loving a bold red, Margi or Anette for Autumn.

Remember that the general rule still applies here – play up eyes or lips, not both!





jane iredale eyeliner tutorial

Whether you’re an eyeliner rookie or a winged-tip-wearing-goddess, we all know that a simple liner can dress up your eyes in the most flattering way, if done right.

ji eyeliners

Considering we spend so much time ensuring our clothing and hair style suits our body shape and face, it’s surprising how many women don’t realise that eyeliner placement can make all the difference to your eye shape and over all makeup look.

After all, eyes are the windows to the soul and should always look beautifully presented. Read on for tips and techniques for lining your eyes to suit your eye shape.

Before we get started, let’s recap on eye care. The skin around our eyes is incredibly soft and delicate, and therefore vulnerable to lines and ageing from the elements, stress and the harsh application of make up. We have some tips to help you make your eyes appear naturally radiant without much effort…

Get enough sleep!

We are told time and time again that sleep is the secret to weight loss, to increased energy levels and to help combat bad moods. So it’s no surprise that sleep is also the answer to bright eyes! A good nights rest will make sure you don’t wake up looking drawn out or have pink puffy eyes in the morning. If you aren’t getting enough sleep and spending way too much time behind a computer or phone screen, invest in some healthy eye drops to nourish those eye balls and make them sparkle.

Drink, drink and drink some more…water that is!

Rather than go by the traditional eight cups a day, make sure you always drink a glass first thing in the morning, and add a dash of lemon too.  Have a drink bottle with you throughout the day so that you can guzzle down easily. A few litres a day will keep you alert and ensure that your eyes don’t droop from tiredness or dry out.

Treat your eyes like tissue paper

Eye makeup can be tough to remove but scrubbing the skin around your eyes will only tear and stretch the delicate fibres of your skin which will accelerate the ageing of your eye area. Not all Make-up removers are made equal, cheaper brands can often contain ingredients that dry out the skin and cause more damage than good. If you haven’t already heard how fabulous our makeup remover is, let me introduce you, the jane iredale BOTANICAL MAKEUP REMOVER is free from chemicals and is ultra hydrating, effective on the toughest makeup (think jane iredale Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner – boy is it long-wearing), it’s vegan and gluten free! Yes every girl should own a bottle of this!

So, how do you determine your eye shape and the right eyeliner for you? Let’s start our eye shape & liner lesson ladies…

Round Eyes

Round eyes are, well round ;-) large and wide with white visible above or below the iris. They may seem unbalanced because eyelids appear much larger than the brow bone area. They can also be referred to as ‘prominent eyes’.

TIP: To elongate round eyes to a more oval shape, line all the way around the eye, including the inner corner. The line should be thickest at the outside corner and slightly lifted.

Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes sit deep into the eye socket and create a prominent brow line.

TIP: Apply eyeliner to the outer 1/3 of the upper lid, winging the line at the outer corner and lifting towards the brow. Next, line the outer 2/3 of the lower lid, leaving the line thicker at the outside edge. Blend. In some cases, it can be best to leave the eyeliner off altogether.

Close-Set Eyes

If the area between the eyes and the bridge of the nose is narrow, then you have close-set eyes.

TIP: Line the outer 1/3 of the upper and lower lid with complementing eyeliner and place highlighter between the brows and blend.

Wide-Set Eyes

The complete opposite of close-set eyes, if the area between the eyes and the bridge of the nose appears visually far apart, you have wide-set eyes.

TIP: Use eyeliner around the entire eye. Lining both upper and lower lids.

Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a small fold of skin that droops over the crease line making the eyelid appear smaller. This usually appears when we age but you can also be born with hooded eyes. The good news is that the smoky eye suits you best. When applying eyeliner, lift the liner upwards at the outer corner and keep the lower lash line almost bare. A taupe or neutral dry eyeshadow using a small Detail Brush is best for this area. Creates a shadow and softly frames the lash line.

If you aren’t very confident applying eyeliner, especially to the top lash line, try drawing small dots along the length of your lash line and connecting them to achieve a professional look, easy to do with our Liquid Liner. And remember your eyes are delicate and cannot be replaced! Take a closer look at the products you are using and opt for hypoallergenic, clinically tested and stay clear of synthetic preservatives and other nasties. The jane iredale range of liners won’t disappoint with real staying power and designed for even the most sensitive eyes. Buttery soft eye pencils, sensitivity-tested liquid liners, soft smoky mystikol liners and water-resistant gel liners; you’ll find your perfect eyeliner in our gorgeous range!

celebrity eye shadpes

What’s your go-to jane iredale eyeliner?

jane iredale launches our new exciting Country Weekend Collection


We recently launched Country Weekend Collection, the latest products to join the jane iredale range. To celebrate the launch of this stunning new collection we held an intimate blogger event with some of our fave beauty and lifestyle bloggers in Melbourne. During the evening we also unveiled our new, exciting HandDrink Hand Cream, the first hand product to be released in the jane iredale range.

The evening was a great opportunity for some of Australia’s top beauty bloggers including the stunning Oz Beauty Expert, Bonnie Gillies, to learn more about jane iredale and experience some of the latest products from the range.


International jane iredale makeup artist, Julia Kur, used the new products during a live makeup demonstration and explained the features and benefits along with covering the latest trends this season.

For 2015, the Country Weekend Collection and HandDrink Hand Cream are the first of an exciting line up of new products planned to launch throughout the year.

The Country Weekend Collection includes:

  • Limited Edition Getaway Eye Shadow Kit
  • Espresso Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner
  • Forever Peach Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain


We love the Country Weekend Collection for its subtle shades that help you set a sophisticated makeup tone that can take you through from day to night.

Make your eyes mesmerising with hues inspired by tranquil countryside landscapes; choose lighter shades for daytime, and deepen them for evening events.


The Limited Edition Getaway Eye Shadow Kit offers five enchanting PurePressed® Eye Shadow shades, sized to fit recommended application – with a generous base shade, and perfectly sized detail shades so you can perfect the look suitable for your occasion.

Enhance your eyes with the shimmery Espresso Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner, a brown-grey shade, which glides on smoothly for a defined or smudgeable line that stays just where you want it. We recommend the Angle Eyeliner Brush for precise application on the lash line.

For lovers of our famous Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain, we are excited to announce a new shade, Forever Peach; offering a peachy, orange/pinky hue, which looks like it was individually created for each wearer. The non-drying, long-lasting, all-natural stain adjusts to an individual’s own chemistry for an irresistible peach shade that will flatter each skin type’s unique undertone and enhance natural colouring. Add to your cheeks and lips for a bit of peachy fun!

And our go-to hand product is our all-new HandDrink Hand Cream - a favourite thanks to its incredible SPF protection, which guards hands from UVA and UVB! Infused with active ingredients and antioxidants, jane iredale HandDrink helps protect, moisturise and replenish tired hands. Green Tea and Blackberry Extracts offer nourishment and antioxidant protection, and fruit extracts, such as apple, bitter orange and grapefruit, work to condition the skin whilst brightening and evening skin tone.

The unique formula incorporates ingredients high in vitamin E, and green tea extracts to create a luxurious moisturiser suitable for even sensitive skin types. Vitamin E has been found to increase the effect of sunscreens, whilst green tea is said to have a myriad of health benefits; both of these key elements enhance the SPF properties of HandDrink, making it an ideal protective barrier for those fond of a gel manicure, which exposes hands to UV light.


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