Five minutes with Jane

We spend some time with inspirational founder Jane Iredale.Blog image - Janes faves

For those that may not be aware, the jane iredale mineral makeup range began when founder Jane Iredale started the company in 1994 in the US. It was the first brand to supply the cosmetics industry with a line of makeup that also had incredible skin care benefits… which 20 years on is still being celebrated and stocked in over 43 countries worldwide.

Jane was inspired to develop a high-quality makeup range that was good for the skin and encouraged women to embrace their natural beauty. After a career in the entertainment industry where she saw actresses and models struggling with the different types of makeup they were wearing day in and day out, alongside women whose careers depended on a clear complexion, allowed Jane to appreciate how skin disorders and sensitivities can have a huge impact on self-confidence. Jane made it her goal to make products that looked fantastic, felt amazing and offered benefits that were good for the skin.

The jane iredale range is multifunctional – containing vitamins, minerals, natural preservatives and is free from the toxic chemicals found in most makeup products. You can layer them up, or keep it simple, basically the beauty of the range is that there aren’t really any rules and this was one of the key things Jane wanted to achieve with her range. For example, jane iredale mineral powders are a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen in one, plus have the healing properties that are beneficial for the skin. They are all dermatologically tested, sensitivity tested, non-comodegenic and the brand is certified Cruelty-free by the CCCI Leaping Bunny Program.

Here we share five minutes with the ever-inspiring Jane, so you can find out her latest makeup faves, her staple items and some of her key moments for the brand.

We have to let the readers know, what do you have in your makeup bag?

“I always use our PurePressed Base which is a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one. Just brush a little on for the perfect complexion. And it lets the skin breathe and function normally, too.

Although I change up on blush and eye shadows, I never deviate from our Lash Conditioner and Longest Lash Mascara in Espresso. I’ll often put Tantasia on my legs as a moisturiser [sic] and for some colour. I find I wear it all year round.”

What does your daily skin care regime consist of? 

“I use our Magic Mitt and then everything else I buy from my health food store. So I don’t buy by brand. I buy according to the ingredient label and then I test for performance. Once I find something I like, I’m faithful to it for years. I always take my makeup off at night. It doesn’t matter how pure the makeup is, it collects pollutants and toxins all day long and you definitely don’t want to go to bed with those on your face.

What are some of the key skin care products that you would recommend for us to nourish our skin in summer?

“After months of cold weather and dehydrating heaters, the first order of business is to put moisture back into the skin. Start with a good moisturiser applied while the skin is still damp from cleansing.  Next use a generous drop of a moisturising [sic] primer like our Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener.

This will help make up adhere, smooth skin’s texture and provide a hydrated finish to the skin. Wake up your skin with a BB cream that will provide beautiful, even colour without looking heavy. Try to find products that also help you to hold in your skin’s moisture. The more you can hang on to the better your skin will be. Our Tinted Moisturiser [sic] has algae extracts that do just that.”

Since you founded the company in 1994, what are the key highlights/milestones of the brand?

“This year marks our 20th anniversary. When we incorporated, we started with five shades of loose minerals. Over the past 20 years, we have expanded the line to include more than 400 products, and we’re now available in 43 countries around the world. As The Skin Care Makeup, we introduced something unprecedented—makeup that also nurtures skin—and I believe we changed the landscape of the industry. It is our mission to deliver personal, uplifting beauty that is as good for the skin as it is beautiful to wear, and we are committed to continued innovation in the spa category. I know the next 20 years will be even more incredible than the last.”

quote - Jane

We loved Jane’s tips! What a lady, a true pioneer and leader, it looks like we’ll have to keep a close eye on what’s next for the brand, sounds exciting! We wish the entire team at jane iredale every success for 2015, the start of all things new.

If you had a few minutes with this inspiring lady, what would you want to find out?

The beauty of summer by jane iredale

We’re thrilled that summer is finally here! To celebrate we’ve put together a list of jane iredale essentials to help you make the most out of the long hot days at the beach and romantic balmy nights spent out with friends.

During summer, it’s especially important to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. When the sun’s beating down and your time is spent frolicking by the pool or at the beach, you’re much more likely to feel the impacts of the summer sun. It’s a great time to re-consider how you look after your skin… like wearing effective SPF products and keeping your skin moisturised and in top shape.

We’re celebrating the beauty of summer by keeping things simple and embracing natural beauty. Here we talk about the jane iredale products that should be on the top of your summer make up wish list. With Christmas just around the corner, what better time to stock up or pop them on your wish list!

The Beauty of Summer4


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again… to prime is divine! Smooth Affair has anti-aging properties that even skin tone, minimise the appearance of pores and increase luminosity. Prepping your skin is the key to flawless looking foundation.

Coming into summer, Jane is adamant this is one of the must-have products for added skin hydration.


Tinted moisturiser is the perfect alternative to foundation in the warmer months. It’s lovely and light and allows your skin to breathe, but still provides a gorgeous cover that enhances your complexion. With SPF 15 it’s great for summer and also features antioxidant protection that evens skin tone. The light and silky feel makes it almost like you’re not wearing makeup. A must for that barely there make up look, it’s amazing!


This all-natural lip and cheek stain adjusts to your skin tone (like magic!) and provides a gorgeous shade of pink that nourishes, soothes and moisturisers all-in-one. It is also long lasting and provides a custom colour that will enhance your lips and suit your entire summer wardrobe. We think this is a beach must!


Let’s face it, in summer we want to glow like a goddesses and GOLDEN SHIMMER is perfect for that gorgeous luminous look. Its subtle shimmer provides a warm, smooth complexion and the natural formula rejuvenates and hydrates. Wear it alone or paired with your favourite make up or use it in conjunction with a self-tanner like TANTASIA® SELF TANNER & BRONZER, to safely build a shimmering, bronzed goddess look.

The Beauty of Summer3

Now that you have the summer make up essentials sorted just remember to keep hydrated and cool with a few spritzes of our POMMISST Hydration Spray.

A simple summer make up look wrapped up in six easy to use and multi-tasking products. You can always count on us!

jane iredale’s Brush Tutorial

An essential part of well-applied makeup is the proper tools. Here’s our quick makeup brush guide to help you choose which brush to use.

With so many brushes (30 to be exact!) in the jane iredale collection we thought we’d give you a rundown of our top selling tools and how you can best use them.

From brow brushes to stippling brushes and everything in between, here we explain the purpose of each brush, plus some hints and tips on using them correctly. We don’t all need a kit full of 20 makeup brushes for every day makeup, so we will show you which ones are a must for your makeup bag!


Brush Guide

Getting your foundation application right.

The Handi™ Brush – Pressed Powder

The Handi ™ Brush is a flat headed, bristled powder brush made from goat hair and was created for use with our PurePressed Mineral Foundation. The flat head picks up the powder evenly and the softness of the hairs ensures minimum scratching and product wastage. Simply swirl your brush around your pressed powder pan and apply your product in downwards stokes for best results.

Chisel Powder Brush – Loose Powder & Blush

A multi-tasking brush designed for Amazing Base but can also be used for blush, Amazing Matte, PureMatte Finish Powder, Bronzer and general blending. It’s hand-tied with goat hair, which helps you achieve a truly professional finish.

Foundation Brush - Cream based foundations

The Foundation Brush is a chiselled, synthetic brush designed especially for the application of jane iredale Liquid Minerals. Made of taklon nylon, this brush provides an even, well-blended coverage, which means you don’t get foundation all over your fingers! Win-win.

Tip: Use dry for a heavier coverage of Liquid Minerals or wet your brush slightly with one of our facial hydration sprays to apply a lighter layer of coverage.

Blending Brush – Cream based Foundations

Suitable for use with several jane iredale products, this brush screams versatility! Made with a unique combination of natural goat hair and taklon fibre, the Blending Brush can be used for both cream and powder based products. Blend some In Touch Cream Blush into your cheeks or sweep So Bronze over your face with this beauty, for a glorious blended glow.

Want the perfect bronzer brush for a natural looking sun-kissed finish? Look no further…

White Fan Brush – Bronzer

The White Fan Brush is a flat boar bristle brush in the shape of a fan with a long handle. It’s the perfect tool for blush and bronzer application.  Watch this clip to see how it’s done.

Made specifically in a lighter colour, the brush allows you to see how much product you’ve picked up so you don’t need to worry about over-applying.

Tip: Never overdo bronzer again – This brush allows you to control the amount of product you apply and give an even and natural finish for a flawless glow.

Now let’s talk about beautiful liner, this brush is an essential…

Angle Liner / Brow Brush – Eyeliner

One of our faves and the perfect tool for applying liner. Lets you line your eyes with ease and allows for precise application so you can get the cat-eye and winged liner looks just right.

Tip: Use this brush to fill out and thicken your brows too.

If you struggle with getting your concealer right, this brush will make all the difference…

Camouflage Brush – Concealer

The Camouflage Brush is the perfect tool to use with cream based products. Made from taklon bristles, this brush can be used wet or dry and allows for a smooth application in hard-to-reach areas. Especially good for camouflaging those dark under eye circles with concealer! Watch this clip to see how great this tool really is.

Brush Organiser

jane iredale brushes are absolutely cruelty-free, using only natural hair obtained from living animals and all certified cruelty-free by PETA. Our synthetic brushes are made from Taklon, which is durable and easy to clean.

Do you have a favourite makeup brush? Let us know which one you can’t live without!

And for tips on prolonging the life of your brushes, head over to our blog about caring for your makeup brushes.

Party prep for gorgeous bronzed skin

The time for end of year celebrations is drawing near and jane iredale has you covered this party season with a step-by-step guide to make sure you’re looking your best. Ideally, party prep should commence a couple of days prior to your event to ensure your skin is glowing.

Party Prep Model image


A few days before your special event we recommend starting your beauty regime, especially if you’re after that summer glow! Start by buffing off any dry skin. Exfoliate both your body and face and lather on the body oil’s and face serums.


Now that your skin is beautifully hydrated and prepped, get bronzed up with TANTASIA® Self Tanner & Bronzer. Three days before your special event we recommend starting your instant tanning regime.

Tantasia goes on easily, is not greasy and smells heavenly. For a healthy-looking colour that is streak-free and optimal application control, this bronzer has it all, even natural hydration that makes your skin feel like silk. Even better, the sensitivity-tested formula makes it suitable for the face and the body. No nasties in this tube.

Simply apply Tantasia to clean and dry skin in either the morning or evening after you’ve showered.

Application for Face: Squeeze a ten cent coin sized amount onto your finger. Touch the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin to distribute product. Using sweeping motions, start at the centre of the face and blend outwards until you’re happy with the coverage. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly after use with hand soap. You will be surprised at how easy this tan comes off hands, no more orange palms. Build your desired tan and continue to repeat the process daily until you are feeling like a golden goddess.

Application for Body: Squeeze an amount the size of a 20 cent coin in the palm of hand. Rub hands together two to three times to distribute the product across your palms. Smooth on one section at a time until product is absorbed using long, even strokes. Repeat the steps above until the desired coverage is reached. Wash hands with hand soap. Again, build up the colour by applying daily until a your ideal tan colour has been achieved.

To minimise the chance of transfer to clothing, allow 15-20 minutes before getting dressed or hitting the sheets.

Party Prep product image Blog


Your skin should be looking and feeling incredible if you’ve managed to squeeze in our instant tanning regime – now it’s time to show it off!

For the perfect face to compliment your healthy, tanned skin we recommend this fresh faced ‘just got back from Bora Bora’ makeup look.

SMOOTH AFFAIR® Facial Primer & Brightener for flawless, radiant skin. It also has anti-aging properties that help to even skin tone, minimises the appearance of pores and increases luminosity. We also need to mention the bonus staying power this product will give your foundation in the heat.

For complete coverage with a dewy finish and brightening effect, try GLOW TIME® Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream. Glow Time covers blemishes easily, will help to minimizes the appearance of large/open pores, while disguising those dreaded fine lines AKA wrinkles. Just remember, a little goes an incredibly long way. It’s amazing!

Add a hint of SO-BRONZE®  Bronzing Powder to give your complexion a final touch of colour. Brush it on where the sun hits your skin, your cheeks, nose, chin and along your hairline.

JELLY JAR™ Gel Eyeliner is a longwearing party-liner that has a gorgeous inky look and creamy feel. It’s versatile, easy to apply and can be used to create smudgy or precise lines: cat eye or rocker-chic alike. The best part, it won’t smudge!

For a lovely glow and dewy finish sweep IN TOUCH® Cream Blush stick over your cheek bones for a flush that’s soft and natural.

Pink/White HIGHLIGHTER PENCIL will add naturally flushed looking lips to complete your makeup look. Finish with a lick of Bellini Lip Gloss.

And last but not least, don’t forget those golden pins and décolletage by adding some GOLDEN SHIMMER Face and Body Lotion for that gorgeous luminous glow.

Now, all that’s left is to have a great night! Party and repeat.



jane iredale presents top skin care tips for summer

With hot summer days and nights right around the corner we caught up with jane iredale expert Martina Williams to discuss some of the main things to consider when enjoying the summer sun.

There is no question that summer ignites feelings of excitement with beachside holidays, lavish vacations and a golden glow we have been longing for all winter. We just need to remember that whilst it’s great to enjoy the glorious sunshine it’s also important to factor in the vulnerability of our skin.

jessica hart - banner

Increased sun exposure can cause fair-skinned faces to freckle and leave darker complexions open to permanent skin cell damage. Here we share Martina’s top tips to help protect your natural glowing skin this summer.


During summer our bodies lose more moisture than usual through increased heat, causing dry and dehydrated skin. To help replenish your skin to its optimal soft and hydrated state you must increase the amount of water you drink. Water is a direct source of hydration and be sure to pay special attention to the products you choose to use.

Invest in a good moisturiser, your skin will love you for it. The key is to look for a mosituriser with active ingredients and vitamins that will improve your skin’s moisture, appearance and health. For your face, try one of jane iredale’s three hydration sprays, each is rich in antioxidants to help protect skin from the environment’s harsh elements, as well as hydrating and plumping skin cells. The POMMISST Hydration Spray with the added benefit of pomegranate extract is a powerful antioxidant and UV protector, which helps to condition, hydrate and protect the skin. D2O Hydration Spray based on ylang ylang; helps to calm and protect while boosting the skins hydration. Balance Hydration Spray has been formulated to help balance the pH of oily skin with the added benefit of algae extract; orange essential oil and grapefruit peel extract. The added bonus is green tea extract, which is highly recommended for acne-prone skin types.  All of the jane iredale Hydration sprays are certified by Ecocert Greenlife, because we are committed to making products that are clean, natural and environmentally friendly.

One other jane iredale hero product that needs to be mentioned is Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, a skin quenching primer that prepares the skin so makeup goes on effortlessly and lasts longer. This product helps to prevent moisture loss while it nourishes the surface of the skin. If dry, dehydrated skin is your concern, Smooth Affair can make such a huge difference to the final look of your foundation. If you haven’t tried it, treat yourself. Oh and did we mention, Jane often uses it as her moisturiser, it’s that delicious. It’s also won the Allure (USA) Magazine ‘Best Natural Wonder’ Award for 2014, the Academy Awards of the makeup world. We don’t think you’ll use another primer after you use this product. It’s that good!

Top Skin Care Tips for Summer -Blog Image2


Supple, smooth and radiant skin starts with thorough cleansing and exfoliation. The exfoliation process refines the skin surface by removing dead skin cells, resulting in a smooth more polished looking skin. Exfoliating will improve hydration levels by allowing your moisturisers to penetrate the skin more effectively; makeup will glide on easily, look even and last longer. Try jane iredale’s Magic Mitt, a knitted micro-fiber cleansing cloth that gently exfoliates the surface of the skin, buffing away any dry, flaky skin cells while quickly and completely removing makeup using only water. Pack a mitt when you travel to save space and cleansing time.


We’ve all heard it a million times, but never the less, it needs to be said, avoid sun exposure between the hours of 11am to 3pm when the sun’s UV rays are at their strongest and most damaging. Applying sunscreen before exposing your face and body to the sun is a crucial step in preventative skin care. It is important to note that most chemical sunscreens take around 30 minutes to activate, however it only takes a few minutes for your skin to burn. Gardening, swimming and outdoor activities should be avoided during these hours or at the very least, stay in the shade as much as possible, wear a hat, re-apply your sunscreen and wear light-weight cotton clothing to keep cool while protecting your skin. Too much sun exposure puts you at risk of premature aging, sun-spots, dry skin and nasty skin cancers.

To ensure you are leaving the house protected and for automatic sun protection we recommend the jane iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation which gives instant chemical free broad spectrum sun protection and has a high water resistant rating. Because the powders are the top layer, their protection can be reapplied at the flick of a brush. If you prefer a liquid base, try Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream a creamy formula that helps to nourish and protect your skin from UV and free radical damage with a broad spectrum sunscreen – SPF 25. If you are after a sheer coverage mineral foundation, Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser is the perfect option with a broad spectrum SFP 15.

Top Skin Care Tips for Summer -Blog Image


Always been a sun worshipper? Think again! There is nothing healthy about a real suntan. Enjoy being a glowing goddess safely with Tantasia Self Tanner and Bronzer; a light, streak-free formula that works instantly as a bronzer and develops as a gradual tan. Get a natural looking tanned complexion without the harsh UV and burnt damaged skin. No nasty chemicals or after smell. Use it on the face or body, suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

If you are going to bronze up your body, whether it’s a spray tan, suntan or fake tan, remember to add some extra warmth to your face. Try jane iredale So-Bronzer’s in 3 beautiful shades – So-Bronze 1 suits light to medium complexions; So-Bronze 2 is slightly darker with the addition of a quarter moon of pressed gold powder (use it as an eye shadow – divine!) and So-Bronze 3 for the sun goddesses out there, think olive/dark tanned skin tones. Best of all, these bronzers can be used all year round, in summer to add a natural sun-kissed glow over your foundation and during the cooler months, to add definition to the face – AKA Contouring. We all need an oh-so gorgeous bronzer in our makeup kit.


Why you need to become a sunscreen fanatic… this information usually surprises people. SPF ratings are complicated to understand but here is a quick insight into better understanding what factor is a better choice. There isn’t a great deal of extra protection between an SFP 15 and an SPF 50. For example, SPF 20 only gives 2.5% more protection than an SFP 15. SPF 30 only gives 1.5% more than an SPF 20.  There’s an extra 7% protection from a SPF 15 to an SPF 50.  Now it’s your choice whether you want those high SPFs with the increase in active chemicals or whether you’ll settle for a lower dose with fewer chemicals. We include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as our active ingredients. They are classified as ‘physical’ actives and rest on top of the skin (We don’t use nano which can penetrate).  ‘Chemical’ actives are absorbed into the skin before they become an effective sunscreen, but once they have absorbed their dose of UV radiation, these formulas turn into free radicals and become ineffective, hence why you need to reapply ‘chemical’ sunscreen every two hours.

We don’t want to spoil your summer fun, but now you know that there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the sunshine safely. Don’t be tempted to lie in the sun! Keep yourself protected from harmful UV-rays, stay hydrated and invest in good quality, healthy skin care and makeup that nurtures your skin! There’s no excuse this year for keeping the sun off your skin. Use protection, everyday, without fail, jane iredale beauties and have a happy summer!

Jane wins International SPA Association Visionary Award

We are pleased to announce the International SPA Association (ISPA) presented Jane with the 2014 ISPA Visionary Award at the 24th annual ISPA Conference & Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on October 14th.

The ISPA Visionary Award is presented each year to someone in the spa industry who has made significant contributions to both the definition and positive movement of health and wellness over the lifetime of their career.

ISPA President Lynne McNees said, “Jane has been a supporter and leader of the spa industry since day one. She has made great strides in reaching women of all ages and nationalities and working to improve their self confidence.”

Watch her extraordinary humble and inspiring speech here.



jane iredale presents: Where there’s Smoke Part 2…

You should have the smoky eye basics down pat after reading part one of the smoky eye series! (include link to first blog) We’ll now delve deeper into some more key looks that can be achieved with jane iredale’s Smoke & Mirrors colour palette.

Smoky Eye Kit

We’ve spoken to makeup artists from 13 different countries to learn about the signature smoky eye from their region. There’s everything from the Aussie fave, the subtle ‘Pure Smoke’, to the dramatic ‘Layered Smoke’ Grecian goddesses can’t live without.

The Smoke & Mirrors palette is the ultimate smoky eye kit and caters to everyone from makeup novice to experienced artist. Containing eight shades, a dual-ended brush and a how-to book, the palette makes mastering each country’s key look super easy.

Below are some more top tips to help you recreate these fabulous smoky eye looks, not just reserved for glossy mags and international catwalks.


For a simplified version of the smoky eye, use one colour over entire lids and blend upwards, washing the colour out as you go, extending colour just above the crease. Blend, blend, blend.


Create a multi-dimensional look by using a combination of shades. Any combination from this palette will do. Start with nude as the base shade, aubergine in the crease and create a dramatic finish using Sizzle on the outer corners and along the lash line. Again, blend, blend, blend – use a clean eye shadow brush for the final blend. Finish with Champagne on the brow bone.

JI Part 2 - Purple Smoke


Dress your lashes with two coats of jane iredale’s Longest Lash Mascara in Black Ice for full, thick lashes. Concentrate on the roots of your lashes, that’s where the majority of the product should be placed for full va-va-voom effect.


To add some dazzle to your smoky eye, press some 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder onto the eyelid, concentrating on the inner corner to make the eye pop. For a metallic high shimmer effect, spritz your eye shadow brush with one of the Hydration Sprays first. Pat the gold dust over the entire eyelids for high impact finish.


The most universally flattering makeup shade is black, so add MYSTIKOL® eyeliner in Onyx, the black Jelly Jar Gel Liner or Basic Black Eye Pencil to your existing day makeup, to dress your eyes up for a night out on the town.

Part 2 PURE SMOKE copy smaller


Australian Makeup Artist, Celeste Jackson, has been in the industry for more than 18 years and has spent the last six working with jane iredale as a Brand Expert and Educator.

To create the ultimate ‘Pure Smoke’ look, Celeste recommends the following eight steps:

Step 1. Apply EYE GLOSS in Champagne Silk all over the lid with your finger tip.

Step 2. Use the lightest shade from the Sundown PUREPRESSED® Eye Shadow trio on your lid, highlighting to brow bone with the Deluxe Shader Brush.

Step 3. Next, use the medium shade from Sundown on lid fading into crease, extending to outer and inner corners of the eye with
Deluxe Shader Brush.

Step 4. Now apply the medium shade from Black Plus Cream to Powder Eyeliner in outer & inner corners of lid, blending into crease as well as a thin line along bottom lash line with Eye Liner/Brow Brush

Step 5. Use the darkest shade of Sundown along your lower lash line with
 the Eye Shader Brush.

Step 6. Apply the dark shade from Black Plus Cream to Powder Eyeliner on your lash line. You can add depth in outer and inner corner of the eye
with the Eye Liner/Brow Brush.

Step 7. Line the inner corner of your top lash with the black Jelly Jar Gel Liner working into a slightly thicker line towards the outer corner.

Step 8. To complete the look, apply PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner  and PureLash Lengthening Mascara in Jet Black on your upper and lower lashes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this two-part post on the smoky eye!

For more images, information and to stay connected visit:

jane iredale Australia website –
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jane iredale presents: Where there’s Smoke Part 1…

Executing the perfect smoky eye is a skill that requires some insider knowledge. jane iredale has asked makeup artists the world over for their secrets on creating a seriously smoldering smoky eye.

From Mexico to Japan and everywhere in-between, we’ve searched the globe for the hottest smoky eye tips and trends…. And there’s so much to cover we’ll bring it to you across two posts.

Nude Smoke 2

While each country’s signature smoky eye has its own unique flare, we’ve found some recurring tips our makeup artists from across the globe swear by.


To create a smooth and even base and colour use Active Light Under-eye Concealer. Its unique ingredients create a soft-focus effect that conceals and brightens.

Next, prime for staying power. Use jane iredale’s Lid Primer or Eye Gloss as a base before adding shadow. This will stop your eye shadows from creasing and prevent colour change.


The key to show-stopping smoky eye is all in the blending. You can achieve a seamless finish by using the Crease Brush to blend colour effortlessly through the eye crease.

Grey Smoke 2


Add intensity and create a fuller darker lash bed by applying black Eye Pencil into the roots of the top and bottom lashes, then blend using the Mini Dome Brush, perfect for those hard to reach areas.

Line the top and bottom inner rim/water line with black Eye Pencil for that intense, sexy look. Use the Chisel Shader Brush to apply dark intense colour to the eyelid without any fall out. 


The most universally flattering makeup shade is black, add MYSTIKOL® Powdered Eyeliner/Highlighter in Onyx or Basic Black Eye Pencil to your existing day makeup, to dress your eyes up for a night out on the town. Every girl needs a little black dress and MYSTIKOL® Eyeliner in Onyx for your eyes is just that! Designed to create a smoky eye in seconds without any mess.

MYSTIKOL® Powdered Eyeliner/Highlighter provides a rich saturated colour. Use to line the eyes, or apply as an eye shadow that won’t fade, crease or smear.

Using the eyeliner, cover lid with the colour end and gently blend at the crease of the eye. Turn the MYSTIKOL®  pencil around to highlight the inner corners of the eye or brow bone for a soft, shimmery, highlighted look.

Layered Smoke 2


Smoky isn’t a colour, it’s a technique! Experiment with different tones. Apply Double Espresso PurePressed® Eye Shadow over eyelid and blend up towards the crease. Using the Crease Brush, sweep Red Carpet PurePressed®Eye Shadow through crease and merge the shades together. The result equates to nothing short of sexy. To add some dazzle to your smoky eye, press some 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder onto the eyelid, concentrating on the inner corner to make the eye pop.


Enhance the eyes by using Jelly Jar™ Gel Eyeliner; it creates a smooth precise liquid liner effect, without the effort. Use it beneath your eye shadow for added drama and depth of colour. Swap your standard inky eye shadow colours for golds, copper and bronze tones! Try our new jane iredale PurePressed® Eye Shadow Triple in Golden Girl, a sure smoky combo set to make blue eyes stand out! Dress your lashes with two coats of jane iredale Longest Lash Mascara in Black Ice for full thick lashes. Concentrate on the roots of your lashes, that’s where the majority of the product should be placed.

We’ll be back with more ways to perfect the smoky eye in our second ‘Where There’s Smoke’ installment soon!

What’s so special about the jane iredale range of foundation?

Need a reason to try jane iredale’s healthy, multi-tasking foundations? We’ve got a few things for you to consider.

Power of 3 Loose Powders

We all know women are great at multi-tasking and there’s no reason your makeup shouldn’t be the same. jane iredale has a range of multifaceted products including Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream and Dream Tint CC Cream. Each of these foundations are unique because they feature four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and skin care benefits.

Power-of-3-v5Below are just some of the reasons why you should switch to jane iredale if you aren’t already a loyal wearer.  Make jane iredale a part of your daily makeup routine, your skin will love you for it.

1. The products are safety tested, allergy tested, clinically tested and dermatologically tested to ensure nasty ingredients are avoided, in an effort to best to accommodate a wide variety of skin concerns.

2. Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream and Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser  have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation (USA). To be awarded this seal, scientific proof that products sufficiently and safely aid in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin, must be provided.

3. With skin health a paramount consideration, you can rest assured a conscious effort has been made to include anti-irritant ingredients in every single jane iredale product.

4. Where preservatives are needed, jane iredale uses a combination of natural preservatives, always excluding parabens and phenoxyethanol.

5. All minerals are tested under laboratory conditions and results show that there are no nano-size minerals in any of the products.

6. A commitment to no animal testing has always been at the core of the jane iredale brand. Each product is not tested on animals, does not use ingredients tested on animals or sell into markets that require animal testing.

7. The minerals are gentle enough to be applied immediately after a microdermabrasion or a light peel (provided the skin has not been broken). It will not only cover the redness, but the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are known anti-inflammatories that will help to soothe skin after these cosmetic treatments.

8. The minerals are easily removed with a cleanser or the jane iredale Magic Mitt, using water only. This cleansing cloth made from knitted micro-fibers, quickly and completely removes makeup and mascara while gently exfoliating the surface of the skin.

9. jane iredale products use only pure mineral pigment with no fillers such as talc. The foundations and concealers give exceptional coverage that requires minimal touch-ups throughout the day.

10. The foundations form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally. Laboratory tests confirm that all of the products are non-comedogenic and do not block pores.

11. jane iredale has eliminated the top three sensitisers from its makeup; synthetic fragrance, FD&C dyes and synthetic preservatives. Each product has been tested for sensitivity on a 50-person test panel in a laboratory. Findings showed that even individuals with extreme chemical sensitivities can confidently wear jane iredale makeup.

12. jane iredale mineral makeup is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, increasing the longevity of your makeup, along with your confidence.

13. jane iredale minerals can be used harmoniously with your favourite moisturiser. Just wait for it to be absorbed so that you have a smooth canvas on which to work. If you don’t wait, the powders may grab unevenly.

So there you have it, a few things to consider when deciding which makeup to use on your skin. To find out which jane iredale foundation is best for you take our ‘Find Your Foundation’ quiz here.

For more information visit our website here or get in touch with us via Facebook.


October is renowned for being the month of everything ‘pink’ to support and honour Breast Cancer Awareness.

Around the globe, October signifies Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time for people the world over to get involved and raise awareness for a special cause that affects so many. jane iredale has proudly partnered with the McGrath Foundation in 2014, and gifted all our ‘Smell the Roses’ Limited Edition Hydration Sprays to the Sydney Ladies Luncheon.  Every guest will now have the opportunity to experience jane iredale and learn that we are a range that is listed on the breast cancer safe list along with many other factors that set us apart as a range that can be used by cancer patients.

In honour of this brilliant initiative we are choosing to celebrate everything in rosy hues sharing some of our favourite pink products from the jane iredale line…

jane iredale pink celebrate


The QUAD BRONZER in Rose Dawn offers a luxurious glow with a light and airy feel. Three pink tones work perfectly to provide a gorgeous shade across the cheeks, eyes and lips. Alternatively it can be used as an all-over bronzer for natural-looking radiance.

The queen of versatility the 24-KARAT GOLD DUST SHIMMER POWDER in Champagne; can be used across cheeks, eyes and lips for a delicately gilded look. Mix it with a moisturiser for a shimmering décolletage or golden legs!


Pink Silk EYE GLOSS adds a touch of pink to your eyelids for an all day silky and luminous look. We love that it won’t crease or smear and will stay put until you decide it’s time for it to come off.

Pink Bliss PUREPRESSED® EYESHADOW TRIO is a trio that suits most complexions. These pastel pink eye shadows are encased in an elegant rose gold mirrored compact and look great as an all-natural colour palette for green eyes.

White Pink HIGHLIGHTER PENCIL is a jumbo dual-ended pencil designed to highlight the eye area. The white end, when applied inside the eye edge, makes your peepers appear bigger and brighter. Apply the pink side inside the ledge for a soft, radiant effect. Use above your lip line to give your lips a fuller look.

jane iredale pink lips


The jane iredale PUREMOIST® LIPSTICK in Rose blends nourishing natural oils and superfruit extracts for petal‐soft lips that look, feel and taste incredible. Our most popular shade for Spring brides.

jane iredale’s Pink LIP PENCIL, provides a soft colour that works wonders as a filler before you apply your favourite pink shade of lippy. It can also create a fabulous base to help your colour last even longer.

For deliciously kissable lips try the Pink Candy PUREGLOSS® LIP GLOSS. The new and improved formula protects and nurtures your lips with natural ingredients, a treatment for your lips. You will fall in love with the berry fresh flavour too.

JUST KISSED® LIP AND CHEEK STAIN provides both a lip and cheek stain that is long-lasting and pigment enhancing. The Forever Pink shade develops to suit your natural complexion. A great multi-purpose product that doubles as a cream blush. A great travel bag essential.

Finally, Cherish LIP FIXATION®  which was created for the purpose of breast cancer awareness and has been so popular it’s now incorporated as a permanent fixture in the range. This multi-tasker provides a lip stain and lip gloss, combining pastel and pale pinks which complement each other and look great with any makeup look.

For more info on the full range of jane iredale makeup and skincare products click here.

Note: 100% of profits in the USA from the sales of Smell the Roses Hydration Spray are donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer. A foundation that Jane Iredale has supported for 7 years.