How To: Work Coral Lips

jane iredale presents one of this season’s trends; vibrant coral tinted lips to refresh your look for the warmer months ahead. A vivacious, coral lip stain is a makeup look that transcends seamlessly from day to night.


Below we’ve broken down how to perfect both the everyday look and night time glam style. Try out our tips with jane iredale’s new ‘Craze’ Lip Fixation shade, which boasts a gorgeous vibrant golden coral hue.


Keep the eyes subtle

A fresh look requires simple and elegant makeup, so you can make your lips the showstopper. Ditching the jet-black mascara and eyeliner will immediately freshen your daytime look. Instead, curl your lashes with a lash curler and apply brown mascara like Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara in Espresso. Finish off by grooming your brows to perfection with PureBrow Brow Gel to suit your hair colour.

Sunkissed cheeks

Add a subtle golden tone to your complexion using So-Bronze Bronzing Powder as an all-over bronzer and blush. Remember to dust it down your neck so that your face and décolletage are well blended.

Vibrant Lips

Using the Lip Fixation stain, cover your entire lip paying careful attention to the outline. You can line your lips at the same time if you apply the stain carefully. Allow the stain to dry completely and then apply the gloss to create a gorgeous sheen to the lips. Fuller, bolder effect. jane iredale’s Lip Fixation, offers the perfect moisture and colour combination. Application and reapplication is effortless.


Clean and Concise Eyes

Enhance your day makeup by using eyeliner. For an after five look that makes an impression, we suggest a winged eyeliner. This is an easy and sophisticated way to take your look from day to night and can be achieved with the NEW Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner and the right tool.

Once complete, apply mascara. We suggest using Purelash® Lash Extender & Conditioner before applying your mascara. A single coat of this conditioner before mascara application will help strengthen, lengthen and thicken your lashes, making the mascara twice as effective.

Keep it in the family

Keep your blush and eye makeup in the same colour family, otherwise your whole beauty look could clash. If you’re after something different, golden or copper eye shadows, like Dreamy Pink, RoseGold or Supernova PurePressed Eyeshadows will complement coral lips. With your blush, opt for peachy or pale pink tones like Whisper or Copper Wind PurePressed Blush, and always remember to work with what suits your colouring.

Lush Lips

Come night time, your lips should still be a key feature. To keep your pout eye-catching, simply layer the ‘Craze’ lip stain to build the intensity. To create the perfect outline, try using a lip brush. jane iredale’s Retractable Lip Brush with defined point, makes application on-the-go easy and precise.


jane iredale Makeup Workshop with Liv Lundelius

Blog Society and Eat Read Love recently teamed up with leading makeup artist, Liv Lundelius, to run an intimate makeup workshop using jane iredale products. The event catered to all makeup lovers from beginners to experienced makeup enthusiasts.

The casual, hands-on workshop was held on the afternoon of Saturday 9 August and saw bloggers and people with a keen passion for makeup come together to learn about the ins and outs of makeup application.

Liv Lundelius 1

jane iredale was thrilled to be involved as a sponsor supporting the event by providing makeup sets for the budding makeup artists to use while practicing the new artistry techniques they picked up from Liv.

LIV event 6

Event attendee, Brooke Jackson, said “It was a fantastic opportunity and meeting makeup artist Liv was a great experience.”

LIV event 1a

Brooke also had a chat with Liv to find out why she was inspired to run the workshop.

“There’s not many ways people can learn about makeup, unless you go to a counter at a department store, even then it tends to be quite sales-driven, and you don’t get much of a independent, professional opinion.

“I often have women coming to me with makeup questions, looking for advice and guidance, which is why I decided I wanted to be involved with an event that offers this sort of advice to women, in an environment that’s friendly, accessible and genuine.”

Liv went on to explain why jane iredale was selected as a key makeup partner.

“When using makeup daily it’s really important to consider what your applying to your skin. jane iredale is a high-end product that combines quality makeup with amazing skincare benefits, and it features stunning packaging.

“The jane iredale brand is versatile and is effective for professional and every day use. There are not many brands that are suitable to be used on the skin day in day out, but jane iredale is one of them.”

LIV event 2

When asked what Liv’s go-to jane iredale product is she couldn’t name just one, citing Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner, POMMIST Hydration Spray and Longest Lash Mascara as her top picks.

The feedback received was fantastic and we can’t wait to do it again! Watch this gorgeous video for a bigger sneak peak of the event.

LIV event 5 LIV event 3

Documentary images by JK Blackwell, a portrait photographer specialising in pets and their people © JK Blackwell /

How to: Pack Makeup Essentials

At jane iredale we understand that traveling light isn’t always easy, whether you’re jet setting across the globe or just enjoying a weekend away. We have made packing a little less complicated and compiled a list of must-have makeup essentials to stow when you are on the go.




Why squeeze four products into your makeup bag when jane iredale offer some amazing multi-tasking foundations that do the trick in one easy step. Introducing your new travel buddy, Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream – this all-in-one primer, moisturiser, sunscreen and foundation, will keep your complexion looking healthy, totally covered, protected and hydrated with almost no effort at all. Don’t go anywhere without it!


Mascara is the staple in every woman’s makeup regime. The quickest way to freshen up tired eyes, enhance your eye colour and lengthen your lashes; is to simply add mascara.

When traveling, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected, after all you never know where your next adventure may lead you. We recommend jane iredale’s Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara… its resistance to smearing and flaking means that if you’re climbing The Great Wall of China or lounging by the hotel pool, your lashes will be luscious, long and oh so glam all day long!


A good quality brush is another travel companion every woman needs in her makeup bag. Cue, jane iredale’s new Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush. This fancy piece of makeup equipment provides a mess-free and easy way to apply your loose powder while giving you exceptional coverage. It’s easy, just scoop your favourite loose powder shade into the self-contained dispenser and away you go. It’s even got a locking mechanism that prevents spilling making it a perfect tool to have in your hand bag.


You’ll want your lips to be in tip-top shape while you travel. We all agree that dry, cracked lips look ghastly. For a quick and easy lip treatment, be sure to pack the dual-ended Sugar&Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper. Keep it close; you can’t over use this handy lippie. One side exfoliates with brown sugar, a quick lick and you are ready to switch to the other side to smother your lips in a hydrating plumper with a hint of colour. Soft lips are yours for the taking.


‘Dot the i’ Makeup Remover Swabs are a lifesaver, particularly after a long day exploring! They’re individually wrapped and are so easy to use. Smudged eyeliner can be cleaned up easily with one of these high-tech buds. The makeup remover is stored in the stem, a simple crack at one end will release the remover straight through to the other end, saturating the cotton tip. Genius. Packaged in pouches of 18, these nifty little guys save you space in your makeup bag, that’s for sure. Who needs a bottle of makeup remover when you can throw in a pack of jane iredale Dot the i Makeup Swabs.

Video - Makeup Application: Dot the i

Now that you have rid your makeup bag of any unnecessary items, you will have room for that extra pair of heels you were contemplating leaving behind!

Happy trails!

How to: Care For Your Makeup Brushes

At jane iredale we know nurturing your skin is more than simply making a choice about the products you use. Glowing, gorgeous and professional makeup is just as much about the tools you use to apply it, but they must be cared for properly to ensure your skin is the best it can be.

Using makeup brushes day in and day out means the natural oils from your face, makeup residue and other dust and debris builds up, which is why cleaning your brushes on a regular basis is so important.

To keep these nasties from being transferred onto your face, washing your brushes should become a regular part of your makeup routine. It will increase the longevity of your favourite makeup equipment too!

We take you through our step-by-step routine for maintaining clean and healthy makeup brushes.

Warm wash
Run your brushes under warm water, rinsing out all of the residual makeup. Gently massage the bristles of the brush from the bottom up. Avoid getting water underneath the metal clasp of the handle as this can loosen over time.

Fill a shallow bowl with warm water and add jane iredale Truly Pure Shampoo & Conditioner. Softy swirl the bottom tip of your brush in the water. If the brush is particularly product heavy, add some more shampoo into the palm of your hand and lather gently into the bristles.

Remember, it’s just as important to clean the handle of your brush; it can carry germs and bacteria if not sanitized properly, so don’t leave it out!

Rinse the brush tip and handle under running water once again. Repeat the shampooing process until the water runs clear from the brush when rinsing. Use a cloth to wipe your brush clean, reshaping the bristles as you go.

Once clean, lay your brushes flat on a cloth to dry. We recommend you do this process at night so the hair has enough time to dry out, ready for your morning makeup application.

Aim to dedicate ten minutes once a week to give your brushes a deep clean. It will make a huge difference to your makeup application and save your skin from pesky breakouts due to dirty brushes.

Professional Tip for Makeup Artists
After each use, makeup artists should ALWAYS spritz their makeup brushes with a disinfectant spray before using the brush on their next client. Try jane iredale Botanical Brush Cleaner which effectively dissolves the buildup of grime, makeup and oil on both synthetic and natural hair brushes within seconds. A makeup brush sanitizer like no other, in a base of quick-drying alcohol and witch hazel, enhanced with grapefruit oil and seaweed extracts.

Are your brushes in desperate need of a scrub? You have no excuse now.

To see how it’s done click this link to watch a short clip.

jane iredale brushes


How To: Create The Perfect Canvas

At jane iredale we know that to achieve healthy, radiant and flawless looking skin it all begins with the first step; following an effective skincare routine. Makeup will only look its best if skin is prepared properly.

Summer Foundation 1

Start by thoroughly cleansing the skin and remove any makeup, oil, dirt or other residue.  Makeup won’t adhere to product build-up on the surface of the skin and uncleansed skin can make your foundation appear patchy and uneven. We recommend using jane iredale’s Botanical Makeup Remover, it’s moisturising and soothing and contains no drying ingredients; the sea minerals, soothes, nourishes and aids in hydration. Next follow with jane iredale’s Magic Mitt, the specially knitted microfibers completely remove all traces of makeup using warm water only, it also gently exfoliates skin. This cleansing process is simple, effective and gentle even on the most sensitive of skins.

For makeup to apply as evenly as possible, skin needs to be smooth, so the next step is to exfoliate. Regular exfoliation is a must; removing surface dryness will improve your skin’s texture allowing your moisturiser to absorb into the skin more effectively making the application of makeup effortless. Skin is now refined, polished and smooth.

Hydrate and plump skin cells with a spritz of one of jane iredale’s Hydration Sprays. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants to calm and protect, skin is conditioned and ready for makeup application.

Summer Foundation 2

Next moisturise skin with a good quality moisturiser and allow time for moisturiser to absorb into the skin before applying foundation.  For normal to dry skin, use Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener as a moisturiser. It’s amazing!

If you plan to wear concealer around the eye area, an eye cream is a must before applying makeup too, so hydrate the delicate eye area with a good quality eye cream.

Add extra luminosity and radiance to the skin with jane iredale’s Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, if you haven’t already used it as a moisturiser. This skin quenching primer minimises pores, disguises fine lines and wrinkles as well as smoothes, hydrates and nourishes skin, allowing makeup to glide on effortlessly and last all day.

Products Foundations

Now that skin is at optimum condition, the need for excess amounts of foundation isn’t necessary, the goal now is to even out the complexion with a light application of foundation. jane iredale caters for all skin types, coverages and finishes. Dream Tint AKA CC Cream (Colour Correcting) is a lightweight mousse-like formula and offers a sheer to medium coverage with a semi-matte finish. This tinted moisturiser can be layered to build more coverage.  For really easy coverage and a beautiful finish try one of our loose or pressed mineral powders, multi tasking at its best and an instant chemical free broad spectrum sun protection. For a velvety finish and full coverage which is also buildable, try Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream, AKA Beauty Balm, this foundation retexturises skin and evens out complexion, skin is perfected, looks polished and flawless with one layer. Liquid Minerals offers medium coverage and a luxurious blend of skincare ingredients. This clever formulation will treat all your anti ageing concerns with its state of the art liposome technology. Packed with active ingredients which are slowly time released into the skin, skin is transformed, the result = hydrated, plump, even skin that feels weightless and looks flawless.

jane iredale makes it possible for you to maintain your skin’s natural radiance using appropriate products each step of the way to give you the look and feel of a healthy complexion.

Info graphic

Beauty For Every Era

jane iredale celebrates beauty looks from times gone by, with key makeup trends from every era.

20’s – Great Gatsby Glamour

20s Gatsby-1

Bobbed finger waves and powdered faces, the roaring 20’s is a timeless classic, and recreating this striking look is simple.

Face:  choose a translucent mineral based powder to give an all over coverage. Try to keep your base as matte as possible, you want to create a doll-like complexion.

Eyes: cover your lids with a medium to dark eye shadow color such as plum, or taupe, shape your shadow to a rounded doll-like form keeping the look modern, but still hinting towards Gatsby glamour. 

Lips: Choose deeper shades for your lips, such as jane iredale’s ‘Lauren’ copper based PureMoist Lipstick. As for the shape the 20’s were super pointed at the cupids bow, make sure you line your lips before adding lip color to ensure a longer lasting shade.

50’s – Marilyn Monroe 

50s Monroe-1

The 50’s defined doll-faced makeup through icons such as Marilyn Monroe. Comprising of a milky white complexion, cat like eyes and bright red lips.

Face: Pressed powder was the star of the era! Create that smooth and milky complexion with PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation. To ensure your powder holds apply a primer first.

Eyes: Winged eyeliner is an imperative part of the decades look. It is best to work with liquid eyeliner to create a smooth line. Your brows are just as important; use an eyebrow pencil to sharply define and thicken your brow lines.

Lips: Start with a Crimson Lip Definer around the natural shape of your lips, and then fill with a bright red gloss lipstick. Your luscious lips should get heads turning and be the focus point of the look.

70’s – Big, bright, blue eyes 

70's Big, Bright, blue eyes-1

Don’t be hesitant, a royal blue smoky eye is as glamorous now as it was then, just steer clear of pairing it with neon disco pants and you are good to go!

Face: Start by preparing your entire face with primer including your eyelids; primer helps ensure the eye shadow won’t crease. Then add a smooth mineral base, your eyes will be the focal point so leave your foundation as clean as possible.

Eyes: Using an eye shadow brush, apply jane iredale’s Blue Hour PurePressed Eye Shadow over your eyelid from your lash line to your brow bone. Finish by applying a mascara to define the lashes against the bold eye color.

90’s – Grungy Chic 

90's Grungy Chic-1

The 90’s were all about a having a natural base matched with heavy eye and lips – smudgy but sexy!

Face: Keep the look as matte as possible, you want to create the illusion that you are wearing nothing at all, so use a simple jane iredale Full Coverage Mineral BB cream to cover your base.

Eyes: The grunge statement was made with the eyes. Don’t be afraid to be a bit heavy handed here. The idea behind the dark eye was to create the infamous ‘heroin chic’ look. Typical colours used were blacks, browns and yellow to circle the eyes from the inner corner right to the lower brow.

Lips: 90’s lips were perfectly penciled – it was the era of lip definer. Start with a dark plum lip liner, and then the idea is to lightly fill your lips in with a similar shade while keeping the lip line more prominent.


Get The Look: Navy Smokey Eye


Navy Smokey Eye Blog Image

Let’s talk coloured smokey eyes – A look that takes skill and the right tools, a look that we adore at jane iredale. This winter we are loving the beauty and simplicity of a navy smokey eye using our gorgeous PurePressed Mineral Eye Shadows, like Blue Hour and Caribbean; and liners in Midnight Blue and Lapis Lazuli.

The key to this look is to keep your lips natural and subtle to allow your eyes to be the focus. Follow these simple steps to create this fresh winter look.

First, apply eyeliner to accentuate the eye. Apply Midnight Blue Eye Pencil above the upper lash line, drawing the line thicker in the middle of the eye.

Navy Smokey Eye1

The key to a smokey eye is all about blending the colour at the bottom of your eyelids. Start with the Lapis Lazuli Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner and line the bottom of the eyelid, then smudge away – feel free to use a bit of Blue Hour PurePressed Eye Shadow to get the full smudge effect.

The Midnight Blue is the go-to eyeliner for the navy smokey eye effect. The jane iredale Eye Pencils are so soft they won’t pull on your delicate skin and the natural pigments give you a long-lasting colour that stays put, allowing you to look your best all day or night.

Next apply a light coloured base like Bone or Allure and then add a light hue of blue PurePressed Eye Shadow like magic over the lids to your brow allowing it to naturally pair with the darker blue you will apply next.

Navy Smokey Eye2

Our PurePressed Eye Shadows are simple to blend, sensitivity-tested and they stay put for gorgeous, crease-free, long-lasting eye color.

Now it’s time to blend in your darker blue, using an eye shadow brush blend in the colour starting at your lash line, blending upwards. Transform your smokey eye by blending the Blue Hour PurePressed Eye Shadow into the lash line, ensuring the eyeliner disappears.

To complete the look coat your lashes with mascara, starting from the base of your lash line. Our jane iredale Mascaras are natural and nourishing, leaving you looking your best with flirty yet sturdy lashes! We’ve swooned over this look before, Keira Knightley at the Los Angeles premiere of Jack Ryan. So hot!

Navy Smokey Eye3

Keira Knightley

Makeup for Cool Nights

Step out in full bloom on these cool nights with a clean and natural look that will see the night through, no matter the weather. At jane iredale we understand after five makeup can be tricky to perfect, especially on cooler nights with those harsh winds and fog in the air.

We have set out some simple steps to ensuring your makeup will last through the night and keep you at your natural and beautiful best.


Natural base.

A natural looking base is the key to mastering your makeup look. Add nourishment to dry skin by applying Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener with your fingertips all over the face in the morning to give longer wear on your foundation. Apply your foundation over the top and set with one of our botanical hydration sprays. Come five o’clock, a quick touch-up using your powder foundation and a Flocked Sponge is all you’ll need. Saving you time and product.

Statement eyes.

To ensure your eyes are the focal point of your evening makeup look, define them using PurePressed Eye Shadow. Simply apply a neutral shade of Cappuccino to your lids working your way from the inner corner right to the crease. The Chisel Shader Brush is the prefect blending tool for an even finish. Add a stroke of Black Gel Liner along your lash line to outline the eye. Next, get your lashes looking naturally thicker and longer using Jet Black PureLash Lengthening Mascara, formulated with triple-length cellulose fibres to add length and definition.  And finally, don’t forget your brows! A quick comb through using a PureBrow Brow Gel to tint and define your brows, will draw more attention to you eyes and make them ‘pop’.

Naturally Cheeky.

Bring life to your complexion by highlighting those cheekbones with PurePressed Blush. This lightweight blusher powder is formulated with nourishing antioxidants and minerals leaving you with a subtle, soft-washed look. Apply with the jane iredale Dome Brush, gently blending towards your temples. The best part is that it can also double as an eye shadow – you won’t find any chemical dyes or irritating ingredients in this product. We’ve also worn it as a rosy lip stain; simply apply with a wet brush and voile!

Long lasting lips.

When wearing a bold lip colour on a night out you want it to last, with no faded colour. To ensure the longevity of your product, line your lips with a matching shade of lip liner. Our jane iredale Lip Definers will create a durable long-lasting base to the colour you layer over them. Be daring, choose a darker shade of PureMoist Lipstick to finish your evening look. With 24 versatile colours to choose from, there’s a shade perfect for your completion.


Winter Fashion

20 Steps to Amazing Eyeliner


1. If eyeliner is the only eye product you’re going to wear, start with clean dry

eyelids, devoid of any product or make up remover residue.

2. Oily eyelids can cause your eyeliner to smudge, crease or transfer. To avoid this,

blot the eyelid with a loose or pressed powder to ‘mattify’ the skin.

3. If adding eyeliner to your existing make up, apply over eye shadow and

before mascara.

4. Tools are the trick of the trade; you can’t get a precise application if you’re

working with splayed brushes, your eyeliner will have feathered edges and

looked crooked and uneven.

5. Try these eyeliner brushes by jane iredale: Angle Liner/Brow, Angle Eyeliner, Eye

Liner/Brow, Angle Definer, Smudge & Detail Brushes.




6. If using an eye pencil to line your eyes, make sure your pencil is sharpened; you

won’t achieve a fine and precise line with a blunt pencil.

7. Assess the shape of your eye and determine what will be the most flattering eye

lining technique for you. Consider thickness of the eyeliner as well as placement.

Will you line the top lid, the bottom lid or both?

8. As a general rule, the thickness and the intensity of the eyeliner should correlate

with the size of your eyelid, the larger the eyelid area, the thicker the line can

afford to be.

9. Consider the texture of the eyeliner. Eyeliner typically comes in a pencil, a liquid

form, a gel base or cream.

10. For a smooth fine line, a gel or cream applied with a brush or liquid liner is best. These

tools allow for precise application and allow you to reach close to the lash line.

11. You can also achieve a liquid liner effect using any colour eye shadow and

angled brush. Add a spritz of D2O Hydration Spray to your brush and create a

liquid liner effect.

12. If you want to achieve a more smoky and diffused look, you can use an eye

shadow, eye pencil or gel liner and smudge with a soft brush before the product

has had time to set. The jane iredale Mini Dome Brush and Chisel Brush help to

achieve this look.



13. When creating the traditional liquid liner look, tilt your head back slightly so you

can see your lid, this will ensure you reach the roots of your lashes.

14. For precise lines, hold your brush or pencil on an angle, this will allow your tool to

hug the skin and glide smoothly without creating bumps. The highest or sharpest

point of the brush will always face the corner of the eye, whether it is the inner or

the outer corner. This allows the brush to hug the natural contour of the eye.

15. Start from the inner corner of your eye and line towards the centre of the lid, then

start again from the outer corner and work inwards, joining in the centre. Be sure

to get as close to the lash line as possible, avoiding any gaps between the liner

and the lash line.

16. To start, keep the line as thin as possible, then build up the thickness if necessary.

The inner corner should be thinner; the thickness can increase towards the outer

corner of the eye.

17. If the outer corners of the eyes slant downwards, simply lift the outer corners in

an upward and outward motion, this will give the eye a more lifted appearance.

18. To create the eyeliner wing or the tail, consider the following to ensure your

eyeliner is symmetrical and is in balance with the eye shape: look at the very outer

corner of the eye and the space where the top and the bottom lashes meet each

other. Draw a line extended slightly out and upwards from that corner, this will be

the guide you will use to create the tail of your eyeliner. Using the very tip of this

tail or flick, bring the eyeliner back in towards the centre of the eyelid. You may

have an empty space, which needs to be filled in with eyeliner, do this, and your

top lash line is complete!

19. Lining the lower lash line can create the illusion of a larger more open eye, or a

wider more elongated eye. Liner on a lower lash line is traditionally softer and

more diffused, as opposed to a definite liquid liner effect.

20. Kohl pencils and eye shadows help create a softer more diffused look as they can

blend easier and don’t ‘set’ as fast as gel and liquid eyeliners.

jane iredale rosie huntington whitely

Create Your Look – Glow Like A Goddess

Here’s how to Glow like a Goddess; apply jane iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion to your body. Squeeze an amount the size of a dollar to the palm of your hand and rub your hands together two or three times to distribute the product across your palms. Apply to any exposed skin, one section at a time, until the product is absorbed. Layer for desired coverage and glow. Wash hands, and allow product to dry completely before dressing.