Summer tips from jane iredale educators!

One of the things I love about makeup is that there are no rules! When you throw out the rules sometimes you may just discover something fantastic about the products you already love. Here are a few no-rules summer tips from our jane iredale educators who use some of their favorite products in multiple ways.


POMMISSTSpray POMMIST in your hair after you shampoo it. It helps maintain the color, because pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant.  Many of us use chemicals in our hair every day, styling products and a lot of heat i.e. blow dryers, flat irons, etc.   POMMIST helps protect the hair from all those damaging products and heat.

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Traveling with your makeup, plus a sneak peek of the NEW Refill-Me Refillable Brush!

Whether you’re taking a day trip to the beach, a long weekend to a close by city or venturing to another part of the world, you’re going to need to pack your makeup. Personally, I despise checking a bag unless I have to. I prefer to have my things (especially my makeup) with me and not have to wait at a baggage claim. This poses a couple of challenges, keeping any liquids within the TSA size requirements and minimize the space my makeup takes up in my bag. Thankfully, jane iredale has me, and you, covered! Keep reading for some of my favorite products to pack on the go, plus a sneak peek at our NEW Refill-Me Refillable Brush, available July 7th.

NEW Refill-Me Refillable Brush


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No-melt makeup for summer

Summer’s here and for many of us that means heat and often humidity. During the summer months I tend to take my makeup down a notch, I want a look that’s fresh, fun and not too dramatic. I also need something that can withstand the summer heat and humidity without melting or becoming shiny. Here’s a great summer look that I love; just replace the shades with what works best for you for a no-melt makeup look that will last throughout the day and into the evening.

no melt makeup


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Not just a pretty face: get gorgeous hands, legs and feet for summer!

The weather is finally warming up and it’s time to let those legs and feet out for their day in the sun!

sexy legs for summer with Tantasia and Golden Shimmer

The obvious place to start is with a lovely manicure and pedicure. Whether you go to your favorite salon or DIY at home, colors this summer are fun and unexpected: deep nautical blue, bright orange, teal and bronze are just a few of my favorites. Our friends at Harper’s Bazaar have a full roundup of the summer polish trends.

But that’s just a start. Nail polish looks best set off against great skin. For hands, frequent moisturizing is a must, and SPF is critical for keeping your skin smooth and radiant. All of our foundations (except Liquid Minerals) have SPF and are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Try smoothing or dusting some on the backs of your hands once you finish applying to your face. Next, be sure to keep some Powder-Me SPF in your purse or car to apply to hands and arms when out or driving. It is amazing how much sun gets through the window. I discovered this once when I noticed a deeply tanned left arm. Yikes! If you like the way tan hands look with your summery nail polish, moisturize like crazy and apply Tantasia to the backs of hands (see below, because it is a must for legs too!).

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Spring trends: Runway makeup you can actually wear, part 2.

There were a number of eye shadow trends on the runway for spring: lids were on parade, from white, to pastel, to cobalt, to metallic. Fortunately, these trends are easy to translate into something very pretty and wearable, and also so easy to do! Here, we will tackle the ones that the majority of people would feel comfortable wearing at work or for an evening out. However, for the brave, please feel free to apply these techniques with crazy shades of blue, violet or white.

pastel eye shadow on the spring 2014 runways

pastel eye shadow on the runway. Visit for more.

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Beauty Lab! Do I really need an eyelash curler?

Curling your lashes before applying mascara creates a wide-eyed, wide-awake look. So many of you are rightfully dedicated to your eyelash curlers. To you ladies, I say carry on, I will not try to separate you from this wonderful tool. But for the rest of us, this is a step we skip (or want to skip) in our makeup ritual, either because it is just one step too many, or the curler fits awkwardly in our makeup kits, or it is downright scary to do (yes, I’ve had a few eyelid pinches). For me it is all of the above. So I wondered, was there a lazy girl’s way of getting around this? I am happy to say, YES!


The results may not be exactly as good as using a curler, but it’s pretty close, and certainly better than not curling at all. Plus it’s quick, easy and there is no pinch! Here’s how: if you use Lash Conditioner, start with that. Then take your favorite mascara and apply at least one swipe to upper lashes, root to tip (or as many coats as you want). Be sure to wiggle the brush at the base of the lashes to deposit the most mascara there. On the last swipe, hold the brush at the base, pushing lashes gently up, for a count of five (one Mississippi, two Mississippi….) then move the brush halfway up the lashes and hold it again for a count of five. Sweep the brush through the tips of your lashes. Apply mascara to lower lashes if you want. And, you’re done.

Let me know if this works for you <3